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22nd April 2018

Hahaha. & a question
I had a bug identical to that in a hotel in Vung Tau. Although against my buddha nature I had to do it in - no way was I sleeping with that thing running around. Lol. I can't imagine that you will get this but if you by chance do, do you know of any particular destinations to check out on the interior heading south from Dalat besides the iron triangle?
23rd April 2018

Hey Jason, and thanks for your message here. As we are well settled back in Norway now, it is nice to see that our blog still can give people som tips on what to do and what not do do. We must also admit that we don't remember all our destinations, but if you read through what we wrote, it should at least be som tips there :-) Sorry for not being of any more help on that side Øyvind
22nd April 2018

6 years later I am doing the trip in reverse. Lol.
Hi - I just happened upon this blog. I am currently in a coffee shop on the se coast of Mui Ne waiting on my motorbike to get a new piston. so I can either, A) turn back to Saigon and not risk it; B) Head on to Dalat and hope for the best. Haha. Your info on Nha Trang and the area around Ninh Chu seems about right and will save me the trip. My first experience in Mui Ne / Phan Thiet was also the strip at night and I seriously questioned what I was doing. I can't wait to read more about your trip. I think I will head to Dalat for a few days and then probably head back to Saigon and fly to Hanoi and get another bike for the trip south. Looking forward to reading more of your travels. Cheers, Jason
23rd April 2018

One thing
Hallo again, one thing we can say - as long as you get of the beaten track, you'll be pretty good. there is so many places to go, and so many great people to meet, and we only had time for a tiny piece of it all. As you an read, we had nothing but fix and repairs on our bikes, but it was all so worth it when getting to a new place with great people. So no mattter what direction you choose, enjoy, and safe travels! :-) S&Ø
22nd November 2013
Boats in blue

Magical place!
How wonderful that you have the wisdom to see true beauty and the generosity to offset the complaints of narrow-minded travelers! Great photos and wise reflections--happy travels!
22nd November 2013

Nice Tour Travel
Nice post!!! giving beautiful sight to Gili Meno. :) Please also give some sight to Trip To India
22nd November 2013

We can completely believe the complaints the locals were telling you about and it's something we have often commented on in our blogs. We feel like saying to these grumpy people, why bother travelling if you get no joy from it or enjoy experiencing different things?! It doesn't take much to say hello back to someone but somehow people don't do's very rude! Regarding the best time for a run, we'll have to disagree with you - for us, it's around 7am, so peaceful with not too many people around and just before it gets too hot!
21st November 2013

enjoyed all!
both commentary and pix gave the true picture of Gili Meno...especially liked the thread about truly cherishing paradise and accepting all the inconveniences as part of the trade-offs. in fact, i feel this way every day on calle buenos aires...not exactly paradise, but i feel rich... having more--- with less!
2nd November 2013

Traveling is tiring
Our friends who have not traveled much chuckle at us when we talk about how tiring it can be. This was the perfect place to end this leg of your journey. Life will present you with plenty of options. We found that it took about a year of re-thinking all of our experiences to absorb ...all of it. You've had a wonderful experience that will serve you well moving forward. New Zealand will wait for you. Counting fish and turtles is a fantastic way to spend a day. Now you can follow others and reminisce and get ideas for your next adventure.
31st October 2013

What a rich reward to cap off your trip...
and completing your blogs about the fantastic trip you had. I remember meeting a Danish family at Railey Beach in southern Thailand. They were on their second three month maternity leave...their children were six months and three years old...and rather than "recuperating" at home they traveled the world. I don't know whether Norway has the same benefits as Denmark, but here's a possible plan for your next trips! And while you wait, please blog about life in Norway...I'm of Norwegian descent and have been there many times, but miss hearing about the country.
31st October 2013

We have returned home...
but as we hit the ground running, our blog activities came to a sudden stop when we returned to Norway. However, there are still a few more experiences to share from the rest of our trip, and hopefully we will be able to post the last bit of it shortly. We do hope to travel more, with or without kids (whenever we get to that point) and as the benefits are equally good here in Norway, chances are good that we get to travel a bit at that time to. Some Norwegian travel blogs is possible, there is so much to see and experience here to, so its just about us getting our mind set to it. We are still happy to share our experiences and happy that they can be apreciated.
8th May 2013

Job Done!
Well, you made it safe and sound AND sold the car...good work, anyone making that trip's got to be pleased with that. Picked up on your blog just as you left Perth and thought, hmmm, that could be an interesting adventure at this time of year!! So it proved but despite the ups and downs it sounds like you've had some magic moments and awesome memories. I've been through Halls Creek twice, both times at night and both times the town has literally been on fire... bit of a rough spot! Have a great trip through Indonesia on your way home, but do keep your promise to come back to Oz some day... the Gibb River Road really is all it's cracked up to be when it's dry!!!
11th May 2013

A great experience
Thanks for your comment, we surely had some challenges on our way, but the experiences that were positive was much bigger and better. We know we didn't choose to travel from Perth to Darwin at the easiest time, but it was a now or never kindda thing and we don't regret it. We are looking forward to getting back to see some more of Australia and do the Gibb and the red center, but all in good time ;-)
7th May 2013

Australia is one of the most beautiful place on earth!
Finally you guys did a review of Darwin, I've been there myself last year and it was an amazing experience.
7th May 2013

Finally moving on
Thanks guys, we had a great time with our car, Bernie, and if we could we'd take him home. Hopefully it will get a lot of more time on the road with its new owner
24th April 2013
Bernie and the stars

Stunning! This image truly captures the heart and spirit of back-country camping. Thanks for sharing.
22nd April 2013
Wangi Falls bird

i found a treasure this morning.
WAW! i found your blog so many beautiful photography the beauty of the world is an infinite road ,i am for beauty all the way how wonderful you guy are doing To have found each other to do what you are doing, the world is big place i am glad that you guys are grasping all those beautiful places . STAY safe and love each other every minutes of your life,NOW. take care alys schipani
23rd April 2013
Wangi Falls bird

We are enjoying it all
Thank you very much for your comment. We are very lucky and happy doing what we are doing. We do all we can to stay safe always on our travels, and so far we have been done that very well ;-)
22nd April 2013

You are having a real back roads adventure
Our time in NZ and Australia were filled with amazing skies at night. This brings back some wonderful memories. Certainly glad they didn't give you a fine. Happy travels and looking forward to reading more.
23rd April 2013

very true
We have enjoyed the skies the whole way, and we know we will keep on doing so for as long as we can. We are very happy that they did not fine us, that would be a sad end to that part of our trip

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