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16th March 2013

Glad to know you are on the road
I reckon the best part of Australia are those areas outside of the cities. The immense spaciousness and the rugged beauty of the dry continent are very special. Are you planning to head to the Northern Territory, in my opinion that is my favourite part of the country. Also (you may have already heard this) avoid driving in many places at dusk, for that is when the kangaroos become active and they are highly unpredictable in their movements - they are known to jump into the path of oncoming cars. I've driven around Australia and had a couple of near accidents involving kangaroos.
14th March 2013

øyvind, "swing a long" is a are the sunsets...and i love the twin-shots on the boat... "the entire dish can be different from place to place, all depending on who makes it and, basically, what their mother thinks is the best way to make it"... and the "low-key feet-in-the-sand type of place" are signature one-liners, thanks sadie c. thanks to both of you, i'm there! in paradise! eating! with my feet in the sand!
14th March 2013

never saw one of my comments 'live' time with that's a title i like! tell it like it is: beach bum that's me. guess i'm a perfect candidate for getting "lost there for months, island hopping to your heart's content and not really making a dent in your budget." so get back to work miss chatterwin!
12th March 2013

Those are lovely sunset shots! Btw, the dog missing his friends make me cry :-(
14th March 2013

Thanks :)
Hey liliram, glad you liked the shots... yeah, the dog made us kind of sad too, but we were all really friendly to him still... maybe the guy who was there before was giving him special treats? ;)
11th March 2013

next time with mom
you can just leave me on the write and dream...i love all this local color and you sure eat yummy and enjoy every bite, food and tastes, flavors and joy--- oozes out of the comments sadie! well written and so inviting. sadie chatwin.
11th February 2013

KL and Sing...those cities ... i see it but i still don\'t believe it! so many of us ants living are giving us all a real dose! thanks to both of you.
10th February 2013

love it! and love to see YOU on the road...
6th February 2013

shopping and eating
at least the food you can eat and---it's gone! but the souvenirs are so gorgeous, endless temptations, where do you stash it? or are you able to judge what can fit, weight, etc.? really, i would be overwhelmed, such beauty all around and the desire to collect... i guess one has to carry memories of the mind...
2nd February 2013

Very nice Pic and blog
I love those pic very much, thank you for sharing..
5th February 2013

Its our pleasure
We're glad that our writing and pictures is appreciated by others. Sharing our wonderful experiences is also a great thing for us so thank you for letting us know
1st February 2013

I love the pictures. I remember Laos, what a place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, of course, the people!!!!!
5th February 2013

Wonderful Laos
It is true, the people and the country is unbeatable. A wonderful place to travel, as long as one can avoid the Chinese destruction. We are glad you like the pictures and that we can remind you of the great country
31st January 2013

Muang Ngoi
this entry took my Jalapa love story was so similar...even my first sight onto the dry land almost matches yours ! no paved roads ! no electricity ! lush, jungley, river water and Sadie, remember, "Compra pie ! Compra Pie !"... people's faces and smiles and the food ! you are always eating and drinking coffee --- i can almost smell it. btw, it would be fun to know/see exactly WHAT it is you're eating... "food is forever" and it's fun to know the ingredients !
24th January 2013

great writing! "crunching locomotive"...loved it!
and some of those shots Øyvind, are in a class by themselves!
23rd January 2013

good to have you back!
what was in the most depressing breakfast of all time???
17th January 2013

love your photo's!
Hi Sadie & Oyvind, Though Hoi An and Vietnam both seem like ages ago, we only got to reading and seeing some of your photo's today, in New Zealand... Love the photo's; really great to see! Hope your travels are going well. Happy & Safe Travelling! Rob & Jeroen
24th January 2013

Thank you!
Hello again to the both of you. It is true, Vietnam seems like a very long time ago, but where as you have changed continent - we're still in SEA and enjoying it all. We still have a few weeks left before we move over to Australia so before that we'll be busy enjoying every part of what's left for us here. Thank you for the comments on the pictures, that makes us both very very happy to hear. Hope you are enjoying every part of your travels in Oceania and safe travels to you to S&Ø
10th January 2013
Stay in line

Some of the pictures can't be viewed
Hello Sadie and Øyvind! Here we are in our English class talking about your amazing experience and looking at the great photos. Who is the artist? I feel really jealous when I see hom many wonderful places and experiences are you living. Today some of the photos can't be viewed (22 i.e.), maybe something is wrong with the uploading process. On the other hand, I have a problem with your mom. I'm trying to convince her to meet you somewhere in Southasia, but she always find a lot of excuses (vaccines, i.e. can you imagine?). This is a once in a lifetime experience and she must do it!! She use to be a hippy, and look know she has become a bourgeois... Anyway, I will continue to work on that... We don't know the next steps in your trip, so I would like to suggest you to spend some days in South India (Tamil Nadu and Kerala regions). I have been there with my daughters last summer and we had one of the most amazing trips we ever had. Moreover, Kerala was once the favourite sanctuary for the hippies (I'm not joking :) :)) Best regards!! JL & the former hippy
24th January 2013
Stay in line

hmm strange
Thanks for the comment, we have split the work so Sadie is doing the writing and Øyvind is taking the pictures, but of course there are a bit of a mix both ways. When it comes to the hippie-ness I (Øyvind) wont comment much on that, we're just enjoying everything we can and if someone came to meet us it would be fun, If we could know excactly where we would be at what point in time - but everything is possible. When it comes to the pictures that cant be seen, its a bit strange. We have checked it on different computers and it's all showing here. Maybe its the cache on the computer you are using that's the problem? All the best Ø
9th January 2013

You did it again!
Another gorgeous photo! It looks too good to be true. Good job!
10th January 2013

Again - thank you
It really is all about being at the right place at the right time. I just try to make the best out of it whenever
7th January 2013

what a bus adventure!...suspenseful...a bit...scary?
the word, btw, is 'border' in crossing the border... a 'boarder' is someone who rents a room. sorry, i just can't stop being an english teacher, can i?
10th January 2013

The blame is all mine, as Sadie is doing the good writing in the blog and I am doing all the faulty comments on the pictures ;-). Øyvind
5th January 2013

of course;-)
we should always write truth about our experiences, great or horrible...I am really glad you had a great time over there;-) Beata

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