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A Family Traveling to Italy to find their roots and enjoy the trip of a life time

Europe » Italy May 29th 2011

Sunday Morning We all awoke early, ready to head to the Milan airport for our final trip home to Atlanta. I am sure we were all ready to arrive home, but the end of anything is always bitter sweet. Rich and I had planned this trip for sometime with the hope of creating lasting memories with our children and their wonderful spouses. It proved to be all that we hoped for and so much more. We hope that this book will help keep the memories of this adventure alive for many years to come. May we always remember the importance of creating memories. Love forever and always, Mom and Dad 2011... read more

Europe » Italy May 28th 2011

Our flight from Brindisi to Milan was due to leave at 1:55 pm so we awoke and enjoyed our final cappuccino. It was bittersweet to be heading home and leaving such a beautiful part of the Italian countryside. We certainly made many life long memories and experienced some amazing events. We were excited about spending the evening in Milan, to add the big city experience to our Italian adventure. We set off in the van for the airport, with a few euro's left in our wallet. We felt confident that we would find some Petro to allow us to actually ARRIVE at the airport, at least one of us was confident the rest of us not so much ! So with Rich at the wheel and Jared at the GPS, we headed on our adventure. As ... read more
Pizza and Beer

Europe » Italy May 27th 2011

As we awoke on Friday Morning to another beautiful day in Italy we could not help but continue our conversations surrounding the wonderful family we had met in the "old" country. We had a quiet day planned for our last day at our villa which included massages by the pool for the ladies. After all it was hard work thus far and we certainly deserved our rewards. Our masseuse was due to arrive at 10:00 am and since we were all exhausted, Laura was kind enough to go first. Talia and I followed as the guys enjoyed some much needed rest as well. As the day wore on and we continued to eat, drink and be merry we decided it was a great time to take a family picture for our annual Christmas card. We all ... read more
Unique Lounge
Living the Life

Europe » Italy May 26th 2011

Thursday May 26, 2011 was a day that had been long in the making. In fact I am not quite sure if the planning didn’t begin many years ago maybe even way back to 1955. As some of you may know Rich is half Irish and half Italian and he really did not know too much about his heritage other than his father’s parents had immigrated to Woburn, Massachusetts before his father was born in 1917. So when we started planning this trip to Italy to show our children their heritage he took on the mission of finding his ancestors. I have to tell you I joked with him quite a bit about the chances of finding anyone that would remember his grandparents that had left in the early 1900’s but he was determined. He ... read more
Town Hall

Europe » Italy May 25th 2011

Today we planned a quiet day and evening. We planned on heading into the local market that travels from small village to small village in the area to find some fresh vegetables, cheeses and meats. Of course since we were still living off the meal that was made for us days before we really did not need too much but somehow we still managed to purchase some great fresh food. Once again the roads were a bit tricky and we were all thankful for Rich's driving skills, that was until he headed down a one way street in a van the size of a small bus. Before we knew it we were learning all kinds of Italian words most of which you will probably never see on Rosetta Stone. Rich proceeded once again to perform a ... read more
Gifts for Friends
Fresh Foods

Europe » Italy May 24th 2011

I know I have been less then prompt with some of my posts, trust me we have been so busy trying to fit everything in that sometimes it is a little difficult to sit by the computer. Of course the amounts of wine we have been drinking and the beautiful villa may have something to do with it as well. This truly is an oasis even if it is surrounded by some unruly folks at times. Today we had the Truilli of Alberobello on the agenda. This area which is about 45 minutes from our villa is the only real tourist trap we decided to take in. Our caretaker warned us there would be bus loads of tourists and once again she did not steer us wrong. First a little history on the Trulli these are ... read more
Jared and Laura
Adam and Talia

Europe » Italy May 22nd 2011

Day Three We all awoke with excitement thinking about our journey to find the Crescenzi family heritage. One of the main reasons we choose this area for our family trip was that our villa is located within 300 kilometers going in different directions to visit both the Crescenzi and DeLuca family heritage. This was all unknown until a few months ago when we began planning this trip, kind of spooky maybe Rich and I were destined to find each other. Or maybe we would find out we were related From our research we knew that the town of Castle Denova Della Duania had a population of 1,600 people. We have all probably been to sporting events with more people in attendance that this entire village. I had memories of a picture I had seen for many ... read more
The Village
Town Hall

Europe » Italy May 22nd 2011

Day Three We are quickly becoming adjusted to the Italian life style, slow and easy. We awoke around 9am and enjoyed Cappuccino, prosciutto and mozzarella underneath the trellis overlooking the pool and garden. We have lots of geckos that enjoy the patio with us. On today’s agenda was spending some time at the Adriatic Sea along the “sandy coastline”. We all piled into the travel mobile with towels and sunblock in hand. Our first stop was the closest beach and it looked as though it belonged on the movie set of The Road in other words it looked like the end of the world. There were three men in suits and we decided maybe they were dumping the evidence of the last person that drove up the wrong drive. So we headed to the next beach ... read more

Europe » Italy May 21st 2011

Day Two After a wonderful first day we all settled into our rooms, the decor of each room is beautiful and looks over either the beautiful pool or garden area. As we all snuggled into our beds it became apparent that the mattresses must be made at the local marble quarry. Talia assured Adam that they did not pull the shortest straw and that all the beds felt the same because she and Laura had tried them all. We were all so tired that we fell asleep rather quickly anyway. With no early plans for the next day we could all sleep in. That was of course everybody but Rich and I since his phone that was lost suddenly woke us up at 5:30am. So with one item found this may turn out to be a ... read more

Europe » Italy May 20th 2011

So true to DeLuca style we head off for our Italian adventure to show our children and their spouses thier roots. We leave Atlanta for the airport with out any incidents, no laptop left in the turn about, no irons left on. We are good to go. Our driver heads to the airport and we hit normal Atlanta traffic but we have plenty of time to catch our flight. We all take our seats and set up camp for the eight and half hour flight. Of course Rich proceeds to go through his usual check list, pens, pencils, protractors, paper, calculator (did I tell you I married a GEEK) and we are doing well until he gets to PHONE! You guessed it we have not even left Atlanta and we are down one phone. I was ... read more
Safety !!

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