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26th March 2013

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25th December 2012

Description out of stupidity
What u read till now is just framed badly and disgusting... They don't know how to enjoy a new place and culture... Its a heaven as whole world feel... Just come and have ur great moments here
1st February 2012

Questions about Adam's Peak
Hey guys. Sounds like quite an adventure you had! I will be in Sri Lanka in about 3 weeks and plan to climb the Peak as well. I just wanted to check if you had any tips or advice about getting to/from Delhousie, or possibly about the actual climb itself. It took you about 4 hours to reach the top? After Adam's Peak, I'd like to go south from Hatton (to Unawatuna/Galle). Is there any direct way of doing that trip, or would that require a return to Colombo first? Thanks for any help you can give! Enjoy the blogs!
1st February 2012

Adams peak
Hey Travis. Yes it took us about 3.5 half hours. We started at 2:30 and reached the pick around 6am, just before the sunrise. But we went slow - and that is what I recommend. The hardest part is at the end, so don't burn all your fuel before :) In any way you will have to go to Hatton and from there either to Colombo / Kandy to reach Galle. I recommend you avoid the Hatton - Kandy train - it is slow :) Check out our last blog with info about the beaches and Galle and about a scam they run at Adam's peak. Jan
24th January 2012
Sacred tooth temple

Great picture, so simple yet so impressive.
24th January 2012
Sacred tooth temple

Thank you!
it is just a the camera i took it with broke soon after :(
22nd January 2012

Sorry about your G12
some of that beach sand must have clogged the cam -- same thing happened to my friend's g12. Anyway, I'm off somewhere in Spain come March - April. All of 2 months!
22nd January 2012

hope that that is really all it is. they should be able to fix that - i hope? spain? two months? i will be home by that time and will be following your blog. maybe add slovenia to the mix :)
20th January 2012

Don't we just love our G 12!
nice blog, great photos. Where are you guys off to after Sri Lanka?
20th January 2012

off to India in a weeks time and that will be that. we are flying home on 17th of march. to be honest it will be time. we are slowly getting very tired and it's getting harder and harder to excite us. g12 is now in colombo and i really hope they can fix it. if they have to change the lens they need almost a month to get the part for singapore - which is not ideal :(
9th January 2012

Great Experience
Thanks for sharing your great Sri Lankan adventure!! You have offered some great tips and advice. Cheers
9th January 2012

Thanks for checking out our blog and your feedback. If you need any more info about Sri Lanka, feel free to message us. We are still here and loving it...and there are still 3 more weeks to come :)
23rd November 2011

so sad i was just 2 days in Vietnam, wanna go to Hoi An too...
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18th November 2011
Flooded streets of Hue

So sweet :)
This picture is fantastic! Love the mood it captures. Makes me wish I was there! Keep 'em comin'!!!
18th November 2011
Flooded streets of Hue

Thanks. The kids were loving the floods, they were probably the only ones.
15th November 2011
Hue Citadel

hello dear, hope you are fine...enjoy reading your travel blog :)
14th November 2011

Hi Polona & Jan
It's nice to read about your trip. And hear your voice on the radio. Have fun!
13th November 2011

Hi Jan and polona
guess what- I'm in Ho chi minh ! Just having fun with old friends....going home Tom. Hope you are both doing fine. happy travels!
20th October 2011

Polona, you really should shave your legs more often :)
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17th October 2011

Pai sounds amazing, i hate you both. And i will have you know that i did get the hang of rafting in the end and was allowed back to the front of the boat!!!!!
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17th October 2011

I'll take a massage :-) and Jan i hope the cooking lasts...you owe me!
16th October 2011
Waiting for the sun rise

Getting better!
I can tell u are getting better with your camera. Nice shot!
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14th October 2011

Thank you!
Thanks mate, appriciate it. Need to be more specific about which shot. Photo wise this book is really worth reading: Bryan Peterson - Understanding Exposure....
From Blog: Pai in the sky
13th October 2011

Love it guys.. awesome... you need to send me some tips for camera manual usage Jan! That macro shot is unreal :)
From Blog: Pai in the sky
12th October 2011

You're cooking now!
hi there, you two. Been busy lately and not much time sneaking in here to read up others' blogs. You guys are doing well-- cooking and all. I'd be going to Bangkok in December on my way to, and from Bhutan. Excited to eat my pad Thai! Polona shd teach me how to do it. Hey, take care---safe travels!

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