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5th May 2011

all the best dude
so, you make malaysia as the first country to visit in your south east asian trip.. FYI, i'm malaysian n here is my recommendations, just in case you didn't make any plan yet.. for the beach = Perhentian Island is the tourist-must-visit area if you are looking for sunshine n sunbathing, situated at the south east peninsula Malaysia... 2) Pulau sipadan, a world class diving site, is a place that u can experience the underwater lives, located far away to the west Malaysia, in Sabah state.. but it is a worth place to visit temperate weather = in case you want to feel back to your home atmosphere, and away from high temperate areas likes KL, Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands can fulfill your wish... it is just 2hours drive from KL. historical sites = Melaka/Malacca and Georgetown/Penang has been established as UNESCO historical sites, you can learn about Malaysia history at these place and sightseeing the old classic building.. situated south to KL, 2-3 hours drive Eco-tourism = go to National Park, at the border of Pahang and Kelantan state, can be reached by east coast train... this is one of the oldest tropical forest in the world...if u are lucky, u can meet uncle tiger and Bro Sumatran rhino in this place... ouhh, in West Malaysia, there is a Wildlife Protected area for the orang utan (jungle man) and proboscis monkey (long nose monkey) which are close to extinct wildlife animals.. better go there before they vanish from the earth.. Food = Penang and Melaka are the place where all races and cultures in Malaysia meet... means u can get to try a variety of food... try roti canai, air batu campur n also teh tarik... Nasi jandar is a specialty in Penang, very spicy, indeed.... Traditional lifestyle = Due to some issues, Kelantan state has been ignored by federal government in development plan... so people in this place lives in a traditional way and you can get a feeling how Malaysia looks like 20-30 years ago.... Wish u have a safe journey in my country...
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4th May 2011

Beans, corn and Peanuts...I don't even want to SAY what that connocation reminds me of... Sounds like you're having a wicked time so far though! Can't wait to hear more :-)
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26th April 2011

Just to clarify
Where is it you are going again? and how long for?
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21st April 2011

Good luck!
Have an absolutely amazing time, look forward to keeping upto date with your blogs however jealous it is likely to make me. Jan, gonna miss you in Ibiza this year dude - stay safe and keep in touch. All the best Scott
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