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3rd October 2011
Erawan National park

SOOOO jealous. Now I know where calendars come from :))
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11th September 2011

Hi there
Hey, that looked like a very relaxing massage! I should try that when I get there in December! Take care, you two!
20th August 2011

you had awesome experience in Jogya.
25th July 2011

Ja bom vprašala Grega, če ima tvoj naslov...jaz ga nimam. Drugače pa mam jaz FB profil normalno pod Maja Kocman...nič posebnega...tko kt js :)) he he No, upam, da se najdemo še tam. Lepo potujta še naprej, vidim, da je nova objava....veselo na branje :) LP, Maja
From Blog: Miko's wisdom
24th July 2011

uh yeah!
thanks so much for mentioning my name! lol we really had a great time together, rite? cant wait to see u guys come back to jogja -seriously- :D enjoy ur next next trip, jan and polona. we miss u so much here! xoxoxoxo -vista (and im not onion girl, anyway :p)
24th July 2011

To my cousin:)
Lol, I guess you would probably die laughing seeing me getting down the jeepney's roof. Jan almost did. I am glad you 2 are reading the blog- will save me loads of time explaining about the trip when coming back home:)
24th July 2011

Hmm, cudno, na FBju je moj google naslov, pa poskusi se enkrat. A ti si lepo pod svojim imenom, a si kaj bolj skrivnostna? :) Me veseli, da uzivas v branju, obljubim, da sledi se vec:) Pozdravi vse!
From Blog: Miko's wisdom
21st July 2011

Se zafrkavam in trudim, da bi prišla na vajin FB, pa ne gre in ne gre. Kakšen imata naslov na FB? Tud sporočila vama nisem mogla poslat, zato zdaj tu pišem. Kaj češ....moj brat je za računalnike, ne jaz :) Se priporočam za slikco ja...Hvala. Uživam v branju in komaj čakam na nove objave. Uživajta še naprej. LP, Maja
From Blog: Miko's wisdom
19th July 2011

Greetings from Slovenia
Hey cousin, hey Jan. I love reading your blog and the fact that you're enjoying yourselves so much. I wish I'd seen Polona climbing down from the jeepney. Keep having fun and I'll come see you when I win the lottery :P
14th July 2011

Hi, thanks for the 'spell check', I fixed it to 'Balut' :) Sorry that we didn't manage to see each other again, but please don't feel bad about it. When you do go up north, you really should check Batad, its is incredibly beautiful! Especially if you need some quite time :) Hope to see you again, either in Europe or in Asia. And yes, i do think i will come back to Philippines one day. Not just because of the whale sharks.
14th July 2011

You got there before I did!
see.... you reached Batad, Banaue and Sagada even before I visited the place. Glad you enjoyed your time there. I can't imagine you doing the "topload" (riding on top of the jeepneys). And it's BALUT not Batuk. :)) Hope our paths cross again. who knows? Maybe you'd come back and meet those whale sharks after all. And eat the lumpia (egg and seaweed roll). Safe travels!
30th June 2011

hej, ce zelis jo lahko dobis na mail in si jo sprintas :) pridejo pa kmalu nove slike iz el nida :)
From Blog: Miko's wisdom
29th June 2011
The view

Tok sem not padla v vajin blog...ej sam zdej tole slikco pa morm pohvalt :))) js bi jo kr za tapeto na steni imela. Vidim, da se imata super in uživata. Kar tako naprej. Uživam v vajinih objavah, v slikah pa še bolj :)
From Blog: Miko's wisdom
26th June 2011

We are just waiting for a night bus now to go to Banaue. We spent the last two nights in Manila because of the weather. We will be back in a few days and will give you a call. We went back to the dumpling place today as the "whole in the wall" was closed. Just our luck to be there twice and both times on Sunday :)
24th June 2011

Hi there
You must be somewhere up North by this time. Hope you are enjoying/enjoyed Banaue and Sagada, notwithstanding the weather conditions. Stay safe, you two. You know how to reach me.[photo=6192039]
9th June 2011

Nice Meeting You!
Hello, It was nice meeting you in Binondo last Sunday with Tita Lili Ram. Hope you enjoy your tour in our country. Have a safe trip always. And hope we can still see each other before you fly to your next destination. Cheers for more travels, darwin http://trackingtreasure.net
3rd June 2011

Hej, slisim da prihajas v Borneo. Je res lepo in se da ful uzivat, sam se pa splaca planirat in kaksne lete rezervirat v naprej. Ce hoces npr v Mulu national park lahko tja samo letis. Pa se par drugih destinacij je, kjer je podobno. Ce pa rabis se kaksen nasvet, pa le vprasaj. Jan
2nd June 2011

we are the cave people.... :)
2nd June 2011

We now both look hip and trendy...LOL
Love the 'buuuu' pic - looks like a movie cover for a film about aliens attacking the world
2nd June 2011

je tole brat... Oba pišeta res doživeto in z zanimanjem prebiram. Hkrati pa zasipata s polno koristnimi informacijami, ki nama bodo prišle prav že čez teden dni.. Komaj čakam nadaljevanje.. :D Pozdrave.. POlona
15th May 2011

I am more in a not giving a damn mode than anything else. football wont ruin my holiday. thank god the season is over :)
From Blog: Doing nothing
9th May 2011

Arsenal destroy stoke
What game were you watching?!... you must be feeling woeful about the football? - or maybe not giving a damn because you get to mooch about the world and not do any work! ;-)
From Blog: Doing nothing
6th May 2011

pa mislim, da se moze. obstaja FB like gumb na blogu...a steta je, da se ne moze komentirat i likat posameznih slika...uzivaj!
5th May 2011

steta sto se ne moze lajkati nista na blogu... otherwise bi bio jedan big thumb up za cijeli backpacking :) A malo sam i ljubomorna... :) Uzivajte!!!
5th May 2011

Thank you so much for all the tips. We are in Cameroon highlands at the moment and its amazing. more to follow.
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