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7th June 2010

awww...your shout out to your parents made me tear up :) love you! have a safe trip home!!
5th June 2010

Dublin Trip
So happy you had another wonderful travel adventure and very happy you are safely back in Cork. See you soon at LAX. Love, Pa
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25th May 2010

Good Luck!!
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17th May 2010

Thank you
Hey you!!! Thank you for thinking of me on Mothers Day. We have loved following you through you adventure. We are so proud of you. It seems you have made the most of your time in Ireland. I do hope that when you return to the states you will consider coming for a visit to norcal. We would love to have you. You could bring your mom and dad if you would like. Thank you for staying in touch with us all. God Bless you, Diana
17th May 2010

Thanks Bekah!
9th May 2010

Irish Adventure
It is nice to have you back on the blog and to hear of your travels. I had read the Cliffs of Moher are spectacular but I guess after seeing the Canyon or the cliffs of Big Sur it may be disappointing. Enjoy your last month and we are all looking forward to your return. Love, Pa
26th April 2010

Safe in Cork
It was such a relief to get your Blog telling us you were safely in Cork and then today to read about your journey. Jesus was walking alongside of you and you and Kasey were making smart decisions. The boat will be ready for a trip to the lake. It is great knowing you are safe and getting back to normal. Love, Pa
17th April 2010

ahhhhhh! be safe! i love you and im praying for you!
6th April 2010

cobh looks amazing! thanks for posting all the pictures! i love looking at them during this boring class! it just brightens my day and i imagine i am there with you enjoying all that beautiful country has to offer! praying for you and your travels. enjoy your "study" break :) -Mel
31st March 2010

I enjoyed your study abroad post. My blog is looking for some good travel photos. If you have time check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
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30th March 2010

sooo im once again reading your blog while in class. i hate this class. i wish i was in Ireland. booooooooo. no one understands what this prof is talking about im pretty sure. everyone looks confused. im reading a book called captivating. its about how as women we want to feel beautiful and adored, and how God wants to give us that feeling. How our relationship with him can be a love story. its super good. just thought i would share. i want nothing more than to get out of this class right now. i feel like im being tortured. just thought i would share that too ;) have fun enjoying your vacation!! what is it exactly? like a long spring break or summer? llove youuuuuuuu
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29th March 2010

you are going to paris the day after my birthday. can we have a joint "me and bekah are 21 and macy almost is" bday dinner this summer?? hehe. your life is so exciting! im excited for april to get here just so i can hear your stories!! love you
24th March 2010

Busy with Studies
We love you and wish you all the best with your tests. Stay calm.... we know you are busy. Love, Pa
24th March 2010

freak out! i definitely sang that in my head as i read it. good luck with everything bekah! you will do great!!
22nd March 2010

Hurray for AVATAR. I have seen it twice now and want to see it again. I too want my very own jelly fish to fly around me. The whole move was so overwhelming for me. I know the 3D in the cinamax theatre was really good too, but I would have still loved it without all that. As I always say "apples don't fall far from the tree". It's no wonder you are MBR. We will go see it together when you get home and when it comes out on DVD I will get you your very own copy. Love you and study hard. My prayers are with you always. Nanny
20th March 2010

So much fun
Rebekah, It is so fun to read about your journey. You do a great job. I am sure this will be a season you will never forget. Take care, no more cimmoman!!!! Love, Diana
11th March 2010

Thanks for all your wonderful stories and sharing your adventures. What is yadsendew? Love, Pa Connell
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27th February 2010

hey girl! good luck at the christian church, i cant wait to hear how it went!!!! so im sure youve heard of the huge 8.8 earthquake in Chile. hundreds died and trapped, super sad! but it triggered a tsunami headed toward hawaii today (saturday) they said that 11am CA time that it would hit hawaii in 2 hours, but now it is 4pm CA time and we havent heard anything yet. so because of the earthquake, Obama made a speech this morning on TV saying that we are prepared to help Chile and for Hawaiians to prepare themselves, etc. He also warned the west coast (as i am staying with my parents this weekend about ten feet from the pacific ocean..GREAT) of ridiculously large waves. no one is allowed on the beach as far as i know but pretty much all we are getting here is large waves, nothing too dangerous. i hope all is well and that you feel better soon! i am feeling the sore throat coming on. good ol california weather, sunny one day pooring rain the next. :)
26th February 2010

O and your grandma style of crocheting! It makes me smil!
24th February 2010

St. Finbarr looks awesome!! I'm so jealous! And Jameson's looks really cool - now I really want to come visit! My dad's kissed the Blarney stone before! How exciting was that? I'm glad to see so many smiley pictures of you!
24th February 2010

Jameson's the only way to go (according to the various matriarchs of the family) and Buschmill's just should never be acknowledged as existing! Your meal sounds exquisite! I'm seriously jealous of your food experiences!
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19th February 2010

Don't forget the knitters mascot: The Frog (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it) : o Silly Nanny! Glad you are doing this while it's still cold. It sounds beautiful. Also, I was hoping Emma had arrived by now. She sailed last week. Booked her passage on the UPS Shipping Lines. Must have taken a side trip to China by now. : ) You have had me on the intenet the past 2 days looking up all the paintings you saw in Italy. You are so right, they are all amazing even on the computer. Can only imagine the feelings seeing them in person. No wonder you were so moved. I love you BR, and you keep having fun.
18th February 2010

sounds amazing! i had a great ash wednesday. we took the middle schoolers to the traditional service at CPC. i decided to stop biting and picking at my nails..bad habit and it will be ridiculously hard for me so win win for lent! and im also writing a letter to God everyday for the next 46 days. i think it will be interesting to be able to read them back on easter and see how much i've grown and what i've learned or struggled with. so yah! yay lent! what are youre plans?
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17th February 2010

Sunshine in Cork
It's great to share in your excitement about Art and your wonderful adventures. Glad you are safe and back on your blog !!! Love Ya, Pa Connell
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16th February 2010

i read this all in class. so i have no idea what my prof is talking about but i learned a great deal about art! lol this was amazing! love you bekah!

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