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Sue & Eric


Summer holiday in Tasmania

My lovely hubby and I are in the process of planning a trip to Tasmania with a few days in Melbourne at the end. We live in Cairns, Queensland and have been to Tasmania only once before, in the winter of 2007. We took that trip to decide if we would like to live in Tassie, and the answer was an unconditional yes. Since then we have been working steadily through bringing out the best in our lovely old Queenslander house in preparation for selling it and making the move. I was born in Cairns and have lived here for 40 years and Eric has been here for almost 30 years, and we are longing to be in a very different climate. This trip will be our first experience of our new (future) home state in the summer. We have observed that Tasmania summer temperatures are almost the exact equivalent our the Cairns winter - ranging roughly from 12 to 25 degrees most of the time! A couple of years ago we read someone inexplicably referring to the "long, hot summers of Tasmania" and we have been laughingly referring to them this way ever since.

As will become clear as this blog proceeds, we are enthusiasts and we are particularly enthusiastic about food and weather.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Northern Beaches March 2nd 2012

Friday June 22nd - Fly Cairns to Auckland, arriving in Auckland late afternoon and staying at Auckland Harbour Oaks apartments. Dinner from Sarge's piecart in Britomart: img= Saturday June 23rd - Breakfast (and foraging for supplies for dinner) at the Farmer's Markets in Britomart. Yum Cha Lunch at Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant. Sunday June 24th - Cruise to Waiheke Island, picnic lunch of provisions gathered at the markets the previous day. img= read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands » Yungaburra August 21st 2011

A fabulous weekend in Yungaburra, complete with platypus Took my beloved away for a belated birthday celebration weekend. Although our destination is only an hour from home, we rise pre-dawn and drink tea, giggling quietly and excitedly. I finalise our packing while Eric enagages in the now familiar ritual of cooking pasta and heating the stunning spag bol sauce he has cooked for many hours the night before, and packing it into prewarmed thermoses for a roadside breakfast, with little containers of extra virgin olive oil, grated romano cheese, chilli flakes and Maldon salt. We began this ritual onroute to the Wallaby Creek Folk Festival at Cooktown last year, eating spaghetti not long after dawn at a lookout with a view across the splendid, strange, sparse forest that covers that part of the world, looking ... read more
Ross and Locke on the Mulgrave River
Whistlestop Cafe
Yungaburra in grey

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Bicheno January 24th 2011

Up and out for another walk on the beach. Still windy but all shiny and blue today. There are lots of jellyfish washed up on the beach and the sun is sparkling through them to the sand underneath them. We see a tiny dead penguin on the beach - strange and sad sight. We walk all the way along the beach round to the impressive breakwater. The harbour is choppy and a little dinghy anchored out there is half full of water and looks fascinatingly close to sinking. I love walking out on it and enjoying the waves breaking against it, but at the same time I keep getting images of it being pounded and submerged in a wild storm and that freaks me out a bit and makes my feet hurt. We come across the ... read more
I love jellyfish!
My dashing companion
Breakwater Bicheno

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston January 23rd 2011

Sunday 23rd January - Launceston to Bicheno via Evandale Markets and Scottsdale Up early and into the fantastic spacious, sparkling clean, well equipped kitchen at the hostel to cook a Pasta Carbonara breakfast! Leftover cooked spaghetti carefully kept from the Crayfish creek spag meal, bacon, eggs and cheese all prepared last night (I like things to be simple in the morning, especially when I am in a communal kitchen!) Then we get everything packed and head eagerly for the Evandale markets, via a strange, circuitous route in ever decreasing circles through Launceston following the street direction signs. Eventually we break free! The markets in Evandale are a wonderful, very large country market which we were pleased to see have changed little since we enjoyed them on our last trip. The real difference was that there were ... read more
Evandale markets
Evandale markets
Getting familiar with a new hat bought at the Evandale markets -at Bicheno

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston January 22nd 2011

Launceston - in the sky and on the water - Saturday. Our first destination this morning is Cataract Gorge - this is an incredible enclave of beautiful forest, rocks and water only 5 minutes from the heart of Launceston. Last time there, the expanse of beautiful lawn at the "First Basin" was thickly coated in crunchy white frost. This time, all green and glowing in the morning sun. We head straight for the chairlift that travels from the first basin up to the little cafe further up the hill and start our visit by floating gently high above grass, rocks, and water and taking in the spectacular views. I would prefer it if chairlift cars had more than one attachment point! The ride concludes with a glide narrowly above a thick forest of treetops, where I ... read more
We are putting on brave faces but this coffee is ghastly!!
Picnic shelter with concrete "trees" Cataract Gorge
Suspension bridge, Cataract Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston January 21st 2011

Happy return to Lonnie/ Launie Woke to a lovely grey rainy day this morning. Couldn't find my shoes (no it was not a big night last night, either!) so walked to the amenities across the tiny sharp gravel barefoot - confronting start to the day!! Smooth packup and on our way. We stop in at Boatharbour Beach just to admire it again, and then drive towards Launceston with one eye on the inland countryside to our right. It is stunning! I like it even more than the land we have been looking at the last couple of days. Gentle, civilised, rolling green pastures, very reminiscent of our beloved Atherton Tablelands in the hills behind Cairns. We make fairly directly for Launceston, where we had several splendid days on our winter trip a few years ago. Launceston ... read more
Launceston Backpackers
My fella, outside our hostel in Launie.
This is Fuji, resident large, lazy, lovely resident cat from Launceston Backpackers

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Wynyard January 20th 2011

A rare day with no 10am checkout. Chilli beans for breakfast. Watched some coverage of the ongoing flood catastrophe all over the country, negotiated the "pay as you go" showers (3 mins for 40c, 6.5 minutes for $1....hmmm). Gathered some supplies for Spag Bol dinner in Wynyard. Our main mission in this corner of Tassie was to assess whether we would like to live here, and the answer is yes. All good. Today we drove in around Flowerdale. This country is actually even prettier than the stuff we saw yesterday in Irishtown and Scotchtown. We are looking inland although we would love a water view because (a) it is highly unlikely that we will be able to afford waterfront land, even in the very reasonable real estate climate in Tassie, given that one of the strong ... read more
Our "pitched roof" van at Crayfish Creek
Amenities at Crayfish Creek
Use brush if necessary!

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Smithton January 19th 2011

Smithton to Crayfish Creek Started the day with a cup of tea and hot spa. Special day! Reluctantly packed up in the company of the little Blue Wrens and some very small dark brown wallaby kinda critters (Pademelons. Lovely!). This has been a gorgeous, secluded accommodation and we already can't wait to return. We take a drive around some areas inland from Smithton that we are considering as an area we might like to live. One of them is called Irishtown, and is very pretty, but unfortunately the local football team are called "The Irishtown Canaries"...! (How are we supposed to get behind a team called that?) We make our way to Edith Creek and Scotchtown also. All good. A short drive back down the road and we are back in Stanley. There are many wonderful ... read more
Killer crayfish, Stanley (Hursey's seafoods)
Our caravan, Crayfish Creek
Lovely lighthouse, Stanley

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Smithton January 18th 2011

A stunning seaside drive through "our bit" of Tassie - Devonport to Smithton For the first time this morning, turned off the alarm and went back to sleep so had a leisurely rise at 8.30am. Lovely collaborative breakfast - I made stewed mushrooms, boiled eggs and Turkish toast, and Eric made grilled tomatoes with vine wrapped cheese, reheated some of last night's leftover potatoes and carrots and fried some slices of Polish sausage- is this the first time I have eaten carrot for breakfast? It was delicious! Reasonably speedy pack up, (hindered only slightly by having to fashion a sink plug out of the foil lid from a tub of yoghurt). Off to the supermarket for a few more supplies - bought four different types of apples and 2 punnets of gleaming, immaculate blackberries! Berries remain ... read more
Prettiest wooden church ever! Penguin
Beautiful cold southern waters!
Warning signs on poppy crop

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Devonport January 17th 2011

Central Plateau - strange and weird! (New Norfolk to Devonport) Another early rising and a delicious cup of tea, then out into the town to seek breakfast. Choices seem to be Banjos (a bit underwhelmed by our Banjos breakfast yesterday) and a cutesy little cafe called "The Cake Lady". Lotsa yummy looking homemade cakes but also toasties, rolls, pies...proprietor was extremely chatty and in no hurry to take our order. Eventually she drew a breath and I interjected "we would like to order a bacon and egg roll"! I had a perfect chicken cheese and tomato toasty. Eric had a bacon, egg and cheese roll, found the bacon a little too crispy but otherwise good. Tea was splendid also. I take back all the disparaging things I have previously said about English breakfast tea, as I ... read more
Bush Inn, New Norfolk
View from Pulpit Rock, New Norfolk
Field of poppies

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