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So, it's been a long time between entries on this blog. There are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, when we left Hungary Ibi and I were so busy fitting in as much sightseeing as we could that I didn't have time for internet, preferring to enjoy the cities and cram in as much as possible than to sit in an internet cafe. Secondly and the main reason. As fate would have it something pretty bad happened. My grandpa (who we brought with us to Hungary and who stayed with relatives as we went to enjoy our tour) passed away. Here, in his birthplace, Hungary. This was a huge shock to us and something we could never have prepared for. I am very close to my pa and so is my Mum. She visits him ... read more
Ibi & Pa
Ibi, Pa & Terike
Beautiful Day

Europe » Poland May 11th 2010

After lugging our suitcases down 7 flights of stairs and up 2 to get to our meeting place, we were exhausted before our tour had even begun! Our friendly guide, Carlos, introduced himself, although I'd already recognised him from the brochure. We jumped on our bus with Laura, our very cool bus driver and headed through the lovely Czech countryside. Past fields of bright yellow canola, rivers, green mountains and pointy roofed houses nestled in cute little towns. We did some "speed dating" on the bus to get to know our fellow passengers and everyone seemed pretty cool. Our first stop was the unsual and slighlty freaky Church of Bones then it was on to Olomouc where we stayed for our first night. We did a walking tour through the town, had a group dinner then ... read more
Czech through the bus window
The Trippy Church of Bones
Chandelier made with every bone in the human body

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 6th 2010

After taking the comfortable 7 hour train journey from Budapest to Prague, Ibi and I found ourselves staying in the loft of a charming little pension not far from Wenceslas Square. We headed out into the cold, damp night to try some local fare and enjoyed comparing Czech style beef goulash and dumplings to Hungarian. After such warm and lovely weather in Hungary the long boots, scarves and coats came out in Prague. And the umbrella. And the rain jackets. And the gloves. It stayed that way for the whole time we were in Prague. Cold, wet and mostly rainy. Fully prepared though we hit the cobbled pavements to explore and experience. I visited Prague 11 years ago so was keen to see how much it had changed. Not really much at all - still a ... read more
Ibi on the train to Prague
Tyn Church
Prague Castle

Europe » Hungary » Budapest May 3rd 2010

Here are some photos of Beautiful Budapest...x... read more
The Parliament at Night
The Chain Bridge
St Matthias Church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda May 3rd 2010

Beautiful beautiful Budapest...Gosh this city is amazing. At night it looks like a fairytale land and takes my breath away with it's majestic buildings bathed in golden lights. Do I sound sentimental? Of course! This is Hungary...the other half of my heritage...that now all fits in to place in my head and in my heart. Ibi and I have been in Budapest since Saturday night and we have spent 2 days walking. And walking. All around the city - well both cities - Buda and Pest. We have admired all of the buildings, a few times over, as I keep dragging Ibs back to see them again and again! Her little legs have been holding up well as I have traipsed her all over both sides of the Danube in search of the monuments, gardens, buildings, ... read more
Terike's Place
Hungarian Goulash

Oceania April 27th 2010

Finally...we are heading to Europe! Volcanic ash threatened to leave us in Melbourne but now it is time to hit the skies. Ibi (Mum) and pa flew out yesterday and are currently relaxing with family in Budapest, Hungary and now it's my turn. Last minute frantic organising and I am about to head to the airport to board my flight to Austria. A slight change of plans and schedule due to aforementioned volcanic ash but I am ready to roll now. Not sure how I am getting from Vienna, Austria to Budapest but will sort that our on arrival. Hope to be in Budapest late Wednesday or early Thursday to start travelling with Mum. we're hoping to trace a little of our heritage, stuff ourselves stupid with goulash and find the best deep red paprika we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne July 2nd 2009

I can't believe we made it. What a journey. 5 days of travelling, 2 cancelled flights, lost baggage, zero sleep. But we're home, safe, sound and happy. Our flight from Caracas was cancelled and we spent a long, boring day in the airport waiting for an evening flight that went via Lima to Santiago. At 5am in Santiago we discovered they had lost our backpacks and of course we had left Venezuela in the searing heat wearing shorts to arrive amidst the beautiful snow capped mountains of Santiago, Chile. Nice. Luckily we had our fleeces and our little Vi made travel blankets but not much else. We crawled into our room and fell asleep fully clothed shivering like mad. That arvo we were pretty bummed about our bags and lack of warm clothing so we consoled ... read more
Irish in Chile
Santiago, Chile
View from the Sheraton, Santiago

40 hours, 3 buses, 3 taxis, 2 minivans, a hitched ride with a volunteer red cross vehicle, countless searches from security guards and we finally crossed from Colombia to Venezuela and arrived at our first Venezuelan destination "Ciudad Bolivar". Not the prettiest, safest or most interesting of towns but a necessary stop for our trip to Canaima National Park to see "Salto Angel" (Angel Falls) the world´s tallest waterfalls. I have been wanting to see these for years so it was pretty exciting... We jumped on a 3 day tour to the National Park and were surprised to find ourselves on what must be the smallest plane in the world - a tiny 6 seater Cesna - that took us and 2 crazy Italian guys we met at our hostel on the 1.5 hour flight over ... read more
Scenic Flight
The Lagoon
Rainbow & Waterfalls

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta » Taganga June 17th 2009

Again, a bit of a lapse in time between entries. Once again due partly to the fact that the bloody parasites came back with a vengenace and wiped me out for a few days and also cos we have been running around up and through Colombia seeing as much as we can in just 2 weeks. I have absolutely loved Colombia! It is so fantastic. Actually I think Bogota and Medellin are Plastic Fantastic! Colombia is not only famous for itś drug cartels, guerillas and coffee. Itś the plastic surgery capital of South America and Stacey and I were quite amazed at the girls in the cities with the big plastic titties. And plastic bums! Almost every chica has implants in her breasts or butts and a hot little Colombian dude hanging off her arm. And ... read more
Chiva at the Fort, Cartagena
Trumpeter, Cartagena
Playa Blanca

South America » Ecuador » North » Mitad del Mundo June 1st 2009

Ecuador, where the Northern and Southern hemisphere´s meet at the Earth´s centre, the Equator. Quito, the Capital, is actually made up of two words "Qui" meaning "centre" and "To" meaning "land" - therefore Centre of the Land or World. How cool is that? Obviously we went to visit the Equator if for no other reason than to check the theories about water in the loo flushing in different directions on the opposite sides of the world. We jumped on the metro bus for the 1.5 hour journey to La Mitad Del Mundo, (the Middle of the World). A big monument marks the spot and and orange line marks the Equator. We took all our silly pics with body parts in both hemispheres but we knew this wasn´t the real Equator (cos we are ultra studious travellers ... read more
The "Real" Equator
Trying to balance the egg

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