Jeff & Shae Sala


Jeff & Shae Sala

Yes, that’s right…the 7th best waves to surf in the world had Nikki’s name written all over them! On Wednesday morning, we drove into the surf town of Dominical where we had arrangements made with Dominical Surf Adventures for Nikki to take surf lessons; Nikki was visibly excited as we approached the shop. Below is an excerpt from her journal about the experience: “On Wednesday we woke up very early to go to surf lessons. When we got there we got checked in and went to the beach. The instroctor arrived with the surf board, his name is Ezekial. He showed me how to get up on the board. Then we went into the water with the board. We waited for the best wave, when it came I started to paddle. Then I got up and ... read more
Catching wave numero uno!

Our 5 days in Dominical were full of rest and relaxation on the verandah overlooking the ocean and poolside, though we did manage to adventure some in the area too. We spent several evenings on the beach watching the sunset and boogie boarding. One day included another horseback riding trip for Mom, Dad, Jeff and Nikki; this time Nikki rode her own (Din was his name), out to the Nauyaca Falls near Dominical. Shae spent a few hours swinging in a hammock at Las Rocas, which is an adventure in and of itself here in the the jungle ; ) ... read more
Mom the natural horse rider
Costa Rican landscape

We had arrangements to stay at the Mango Moon for only one night, as doing so would break up our drive to the next destination. It would also allow us an opportunity to spend some time in a particularly popular Costa Rican park, Manuel Antonio National Park, where much wildlife is known to be seen. In the morning, this was our destination. Here is where we encountered more tourists than anywhere else on our trip. Most of them were with guided tour groups delivered by the myriad of buses and vans that were stopped at the park entrance. We quickly realized how grateful we were not to be a part of the cattle herd, just not our style : ). Instead, we chose the self-guided tour which allowed us to stop and go whenever and gaze ... read more
White Capuchin Monkey - the first of many photos taken by Nikki in this entry : )
Shelter from the Storm - AMAZING jungle meets ocean retreat!
The storm is coming...good thing we're under "Shelter" : )

“Pura Vida” is a common figure of speech here in Costa Rica which means “Pure Life”. It’s used much like “This is the Life”, “Life’s a Beach”, or even “Hang Loose” back home. We’ve found ourselves using this phrase quite a bit in the last couple of weeks as, in its entirety, this trip has been absolutely incredible and each day leaves us feeling like this is in fact life in its purest form. As you may have noticed, we’ve been unable to update our blog in the last several days. We’ve experienced a hiccup in being able to connect to the wireless network. While in part this has been a bit disappointing, as we’ve enjoyed being connected to our friends and family back at home, it’s also come as a welcomed relief. In the absence ... read more
Swingin' fun!
Mango Moon Hotel - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Marveling at the electric display over the ocean

We enjoyed a lazy day in Carrillo today: Jeff, Shae and Nikki went for a short drive south and discovered a small secluded beach area with big, black rock and crashing Pacific waves. It's here where Shae and Nik collected a couple dozen seashells; each with a unique color, shape and size. Dad spent a good portion of his day reading, while he did manage to venture off a time or two in hopes of finding the perfect subject to photograph. He was rather successful down at Playa (beach) and Puerto (port) Carrillo where he found a few native birds and some fishermen and their boats who were coming and going. Mom enjoyed the sun, laying on a lounge chair with a large glass of ice water with fresh lime, played Nikki in several rounds of ... read more
Playa Carrillo sunset
Batch 3 598
Batch 3 599

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Guanacaste » Samara February 11th 2010

Zipping above the canopy with ocean views you could only imagine. For today, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves...... read more
Canopy Tour for the day!
The Sala's
...the OTHER Sala's

The next 5 days will be spent in a small Pacific beach town called Carrillo. We are staying in a home we found on VRBO: ... read more
Batch 3 239
On the look-out for Howler's.
There they are!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal February 9th 2010

Nikki has been writing in a journal each night, she captures the activities from the day that were most memorable to her. Here is her entry for this particular day: Sunday 2-7-10 “We woke up and my dad brought me to the barn. I milked the cow and collected chiken and turkey eggs. I went to the restaurant and dropped off the eggs. Then we went to breakfast. Then we went on a horse ride. My horse was Hittanna. We went over hills and down hills. Then we swam in a waterfall my grandma slipped on a rock, and was hanging from her bathing suit. We all laughed. On our way back I found snake skin it was cool! I got to steer the horse back. Then we saw a three toed sloth. We went back ... read more
Cinco Sala's en caballos!
Wow...look at her go! ! !
There it is...

Day three journey: How surreal it was to wake up in a canopy of trees in the heart of the Costa Rican rain forest! The many sounds surrounding us were mesmerizing; the highly vocal Howler monkeys howling, Toucan birds croaking "RRRRRRRRRRRRRK", insects clicking, and more. As a result of this "music" we all awoke rather early and excited for the day. After being served a delightful breakfast (fresh cut papaya, mango and pineapple, banana stuffed french toast and guava juice) we jaunted North toward La Fortuna, which is at the base of Mount Arenal - - and near our next destination, Leaves and Lizards Cabin Retreat. Along the way, we decided to stop for a visit at “Souvenir Leo”, as recommended by Mark the Tree House hotel-keeper. Mark mentioned that this particular shop is where ... read more
It's Leo!
Mount Arenal
'Slippery Slope'

Day two journey: Our day began with a fantastic Costa Rican breakfast at the Pura Vida Hotel with Berni. After our rental car was delivered by Hevor (a fluent english-speaking, amazingly friendly, informative young man) , of Vamos Rent-a-Car, we hit the unfamiliar and slightly intimidating roads of Costa Rica. Fortunately, we received a 4-wheel drive Land Cruiser which we quickly realized is an absolute necessity on our journey across the country. While many of the roads are paved and decently marked, there are potholes that nearly reach the core of the earth that could swallow a vehicle in a moment and times when the road is ridiculously rough (though Shae and Nikki love these unforeseen adventures and you'll hear them hootin' and hollerin' from the back seat for more). We drove for approximately 3 1/2 ... read more
Las Iguanas restaurant - Muelle, Costa Rica
One of the several dozen iguanas seen at Las Iguanas restaurant
The Treehouses Hotel

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