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19th July 2010

Hello Nepal
Thanks for your compliment.
19th July 2010
The A Team

Hi, From Nepal
looks nice view with excellence a couple
8th July 2010

I'm warm toooo!
Ah! Lovely,nice here too....temp about 1000 degrees, wine nice and chilled,(but outside a mere 4 degrees, In fact its getting so warm,I'll have to turn the heating down. Ha, just tricking! had you there for a mini though? The sunset photo is just great PP,you are some photographer,and the blogs are fabulous.Thankyou.What an absolutely beautiful country! Be Safe, miss you. xoxo
4th July 2010

New Norcia
Peter and Rhonda We had two great days back to Perth thru Geraldton and New Norcia and intend catching up with old friends , shopping and repacking the van for the train trip to Adelaide. Geraldton is a lovely historical port town with a great foreshore and downtown area. The ocean here is not the wild seas we expected but a quiet backwater with a huge industrial port. A quick tour around the bays and inlets and a night at the Comfort inn was just what we wanted after a 430 Km trip. Today was a deviation along Hwy 116 to New Norcia. This historical town founded by the Roman Catholic Redemptorist order from Spain in 1846 is a treasure trove of 19th century religious art and churches monasteries and convents that were established to assist with the natives? and re house aboriginal children from all over the state as well as schools for the farmers of the region. It is a unique place however probably seen better days as the church was closed to this catholic when we visited and so was the other things that interested me such as the old bakery and the winery olive oil buildings. Maybe the order which also runs spiritual retreats and a friends centre is short on new blood who have the skills to make the place a real place of visitation and enjoyment. Perhaps it also is an indication that the original goals of the founders of the order and that of the demands of the current time are not iin sync with their overall goals? Whatever the reason I think professional assistance to open the original building not in daily use by the current monks including the church and people to open and operate the winery and bakery for the public would be a good idea. It is worthy of World Heritage and is a unique tranquil place that is worthy of a half day only 160 Km from Perth. Next few days for sightseeing and shoppingand then onto Adelaide by the Indian Pacific. How did the Whale? Sharks go
29th June 2010

End of JUNE!!
Ah!! those words sound so different this year. My first official end of June with NO stocktake!! Never thought it would happen Skin.... How we both have moved on, thanks for all those fun times.Hey? I will have a toast to us tomorrow,and hope you can both do the same. Soak it all up..xoxo
28th June 2010

looks great!
I am really enjoying the Blogs Peter,keep up the good work. Love all the photos of the beautiful rock formations,nature is an amazing thing hey? Enjoy the warmth over there...its so cold here,but all is dandy! Talk soon,xoxo
6th June 2010

looks good tom was 2 this week and amy was37 so busy mum is down and has been in bed as she has hert her back hope to get her home tuesday she is going to judis on the 19.alan birthay he will be 68 so i hope she gets away i am well we have had good rain the last 2days
3rd June 2010

Cocklebiddy Caves
No. We stayed at Caiguna instead. Another time perhaps.
1st June 2010

How special!
Just an amazing beach! It looks so so will have to take the oysters and wine there for the sunset on the way home!!!! Enjoy, and thankyou for sharing this great country with us. Be safe..xxxooo
31st May 2010

Hi Anne. Leonie already on the list.
30th May 2010

looks good
could news to leonie love anne
26th May 2010

Hi John. Fish photo on previous story 'Elliston'.
24th May 2010

Oh Skin...
I'm so proud of you you didn't clean it? Sounds like you are having a great time, enjoy! xxoo
23rd May 2010

Hi Pete and Rhonda, sounds like you are having a ball! Peter have you been doing any fishing? and I need to see some photos of Rhonda riding her bike, keep aeay from those post's that jump out in front of you though! Just some onfo from Peninsula Golf Club all the greens on the North Course as of Tuesday will be open! Just trying to get excited about something! Ide rather be sight seeing too!! Anyway got to get back to work, take care and look forward to your next lot of photos hopefully there will be some fish in that one! JB
23rd May 2010

hope you get this libbyand iare planing a trip to cofen bay do you think we will like it i hope tnis works
19th May 2010

Fishy story
Hi there. Don't believe it . You got it at the fish shop. Thanks for the photo's they are all great and interesting. keep on enjoying LOL.
19th May 2010

Hi Guys
Great to hear from you. Stay in touch.
19th May 2010

One day at a time!
We're just testing the water. I think Nylma's team will have something to say yet! Lizzy's keeping her options open. Uncle suggests that Tigers are good.
19th May 2010

You can do it!
Linda, take charge!
19th May 2010

I look forward to recieving your blog, they make me very envies.
18th May 2010

Congratulations Rhonda...great fish, we LOVE salmon!
18th May 2010

On the road again!
Hello there, So good to receive your BLOG...we love reading them and seeing all the beautiful photos! Good to hear you are back on the road again...have a wonderful trip and hopefully we'll catch up along the 'wallaby trail' sooner than later! Love Virginia and Keith
18th May 2010

Great lizard!
Hi there, Great blog...we have our Grandson Harry with us this week, we flew him down from Brissy with us yesterday as he o do a caravan trip with Nannie and Par up to Brissy next Sunday...then we will be Queenslanders! Harry just LOVED the lizard photo also he had a little chuckle at the truck-houses! Sounds like you are very happy to be back on the road, I think the same way as you folks! Until you get back on the road again, you sort of forget how great it is...we all know it is great but it is really wonderful isn't it? I often feel rather sad for the folks who don't do road trips with a caravan in tow...they don't know what they are missing do they? Keep having a ball...Love Virginia and Keith
18th May 2010

I see lots of water and pictures of fisherpersons, but where are the fish ?. Did you forget the fishing rods ? or has Rhonda forbidden fishing on this trip ? The blogs interesting, keep it up !. Have fun Bob H
13th May 2010

No broken bones this trip
What a beautiful baby congrats to everyone Mark and I will have four by the end of the year so we know how proud you must be ,enjoy her but also enjoy your trip cheers to all Kerrie

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