Michael & Kelly Greene


Michael & Kelly Greene

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York September 29th 2012

We arrived in Heathrow around 7am and went to Kings Cross train station via the Picadilly line. Our train didn't leave until 10:30am so we had plenty of time waiting to leave for York. Kings Cross is where in the Harry Potter book they leave from a non-existant platform, they have a luggage cart for a photo-op that looks like it's disappearing into the wall. We stayed in the Hazelwood B&B, just outside the Gilygate near York Minister. The city inside the old walls is easily walkable which is what we did for the next two days. We joined a "haunted" walking tour at night just as an excuse to stay awake to fix our jetlag. We started day 2 walking the south end of the wall as we had walked the north (old Roman area) ... read more

Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC... read more

Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 5th 2012

Seattle Space Needle Experience Music Project and The Science Fiction Museum Pike Place Market Underground Tour Harbor Cruise... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Santa Monica September 10th 2011

Santa Monica Hollywood... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 17th 2010

Shinkansen to Tokyo Station Our final destination, Tokyo. Getting off the Shinkansen we found an information desk that helped us with the subway system to get to the stop nearest our hotel in Akasaka (not to be confused with Asakusa). The subways in Tokyo are easy to navigate for both Asians and Westerners, the color coding with numbering system made things very easy. The most confusing things about the Tokyo subways system is that there are three major lines, all run separately needing a different type of ticket. From the main Tokyo station we picked up a subway map and easily made it to our hotel. Walking out of the subway we were greeted with skyscrapers and buildings all around and was a little difficult to find our hotel among them but we lucked out and ... read more
Meiji Shrine
Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Tower

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto September 15th 2010

Arrival in Japan At the time I booked our flights home in and out of Tokyo (Narita airport) I had planned on visiting Kyoto. The easiest way to get there is by the Shinkansen, the "bullet train". I didn't think of it right away, I planned on going to Tokyo first then do a round trip to Kyoto but instead I finally figured out I could just fly direct to Kyoto, or rather the nearest airport, Kansai Intl. outside of Osaka. Saved us over $300 going this route except a shuttle ride to our ryokan (hotel) was $40/pp. Already feeling the extra expenses over China! I had reserved us a Ryokan, comparable to a bed and breakfast as I wanted to try something different though we had to pay cash for both nights up front, ~$300 ... read more
Nagomi Ryokan Yuu
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Asia » China » Shanghai September 14th 2010

Shanghai, the largest city in China and the most populous in the world. Shanghai was hosting a World Fair, we had seen advertisements in the other cities we had visited and were far more numerous here. We were told it was geared for Chinese tourists who have little chance to travel abroad and also the lines just to buy tickets and get in could take hours so we had no intentions of trying to visit. Because of the Expo, most hotels were booked so we stayed in one further away but since it wasn't far from a subway stop it didn't take too long to get into town. After lunch we figured out the subway system (you had to pay more the longer you traveled, a whopping 4 Yuan each one way) we got off the ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou September 12th 2010

Arrival, Day 1 Hanzhou (pronounced like Han joe) was not originally on our itinerary. We had to fly in and out of Tokyo/Narita (Skymiles) from/to home so we had to get to Japan from China somehow. We had tentatively planned Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Hong Kong - Tokyo. My aunt lived in Guilin and had helped us with a hotel and plans for the two nights we would be there but we would have had to leave Xian the day we arrived and the worst part was from Hong Kong - Japan, around $550pp flight (one-way!) and it would have been an all day ordeal so at the last minute we re-did the trip to go from Xian to Hangzhou as it was on the way to Shanghai (for our flight to Japan) and ... read more
West Lake
Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an September 11th 2010

Terracotta Army We awoke a couple of hours before we arrived in Xian by train. The countryside was beautiful with mountains and deep gorges (bad farming practices leading to erosion?), I wish I had gotten video's of that. The primary reason for going to Xian was to see the Terracotta Army. When looking for tours in Beijing to set up an itinerary I noticed quite a few offering day trips to Xian typically with an overnight train there and back to Beijing but I figured I could do it myself one way - once we got to Beijing I wanted to maximize our time and did manage to schedule a private tour to pick us up at the train station and they were flexible to modify their tour to what we wanted to do...almost. Just a ... read more
Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army
Shaanxi Museum

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