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North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow June 13th 2010

As promised here are some photos of the Moscow Farmers market. There is not much produce this time of year, especially with the terribly rainy spring that we have had. The best time to go to the farmers market is from July through October when they close. But, if you are looking for handmade gifts and jewelry, then this is a great time to visit. Speaking of produce, going to make some huckleberry jam tomorrow from huckleberries picked right here in Idaho on one of our camping trips. If you ever get a chance to go camping in the mountains of Idaho in August, don't forget to look for our huckleberries. They are delicious and made great shakes, jams and pancakes. They grow on small skinny bushes and there are only a small number of berries ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Lewiston May 31st 2010

I was taking pictures of some of my pins and buttons the other day to show one of my readers and I thought I would show them off on my blog. This is a collection from the last 6 years of pins from Disneyland, as I buy one for every trip that we take. There is only one year that I didn't get around to buying one and that was our one Christmas visit that we made in 2007. There are some others on the lanyard from the Jungle Book movie release, Disney Vacations and Disney Movie Club VIP pins. You will see that the current lanyard is full and I will be starting on my second lanyard this December for our next trip to Disneyland. The other lanyard that I have on my wall is ... read more
Most recent Pins collected from our three trips from this year.
Close up of some of the buttons

North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow May 30th 2010

Yesterday was our first trip of the season up to Moscow Idaho for the Farmers Market. For those that do not live in the area, Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho (of which I am an Alumni of). They are also host to some great festivals and the largest farmer's market in the area. They close down a parking lot in downtown and have 6 rows of farmer's, ranchers, vendors and food to enjoy. They also usually have some form of entertainment available during the market (runs from 8 am to Noon). During this time of the year, most of the produce available is in the form of plants for your garden, later on they have everything that you can think of that is grown in the region. It is nice to get ... read more

Our final day at Disneyland was our best by far. The clouds rolled in and it was chilly and spitting a little rain, so we all got to wear our Disneyland sweatshirts all day. The day started out with a trip around the Magic Kingdom on the Disneyland Railroad. It was the first time that we had been able to ride it this trip and it was pretty empty when we got on. For those that know any of the History of Walt Disney, you know that the Train was one of his passions and it is one of two places in Disneyland that I feel really connected with my role model. The other place is standing in front of the fire station on Main Street and paying tribute to the candle in the window of ... read more
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

North America » United States » California » San Diego May 28th 2010

Saturday morning started with a bus ride on the Grayline to San Diego. We have booked with Grayline before on a trip to Universal Studios, so I thought that I would try them again to make the trip to San Diego easier. It was also cheaper to go this way as compared to renting a car and driving down by ourselves, as we booked the bus ride and the tickets into seaworld through Alaska Airlines Vacations we also got a discount. It was also nice not to have to pay for the gas, the rental car to sit in the hotel parking lot or the ridiculous amount that SeaWorld wanted to park your car in the parking lot. At 8:30 in the morning we were picked up right in front of our hotel with other vacationers ... read more
Shamu Show
A Hidden Waterfall
Feeding Bat Rays

Day Two at Disneyland was a struggle to be honest. I am not sure if it was the first full day of walking around or because the small crowds that I was hoping for grew before my eyes. Usually in the middle of May the park is relatively quiet and easy to get around, but this year it was as bad as a day in the middle of June. I was reminded of one of my own park tips that I broke when planning this trip and it is to make sure not to just visit on the weekend, if you are looking for a lower attendance at the park. You need to have weekdays in there also. The perfect timing would have been all weekdays and friday so that you can get not only the ... read more
Mr Potato Head greeting us
Some of the Hidden Scenery at California Adventure
Some of the Hidden Scenery at California Adventure

I apologize that I did not keep up with my blogging during my vacation. What am I saying? I didn't just not keep up on it I only did one blog....LOL. Do I have an excuse? Absolutely. I love Theme Parks and when I wasn't in one of the Theme Parks I was sleeping so that I could get ready to go back and spend more time in the theme park later. That and my ebook on my website decided to do a disapearing act and I had to re-write and revise it so that I could get it back online. So now that the excuses are out in the open, I can now post-blog the rest of the trip. I will make a separate post for each of the days that we were down there ... read more

After getting up at 4am and travelling until 2pm, we finally arrived at our hotel across the street from Disneyland. After a brief rest and unpacking we are finally on our way to the park. Unlike all of our other trips for the last 6 years here, we do not hop on Pirates of the Caribbean first, instead we find a bite to eat. My husband and I going back and forth about what to get we ended up in a place that we have never eaten at before, the Riverbelle Terrace. There are many places that we have not eaten at because we have our favorites that we like to visit when we are here. But, I am glad we stumbled across this place. While is was a bit pricey ( 12 to 13 dollars ... read more
River Belle Terrace

North America » United States » Idaho » Lewiston May 1st 2010

The first of May is a great day to start a new blog. While I have had plenty of other blogs in the past, I wanted one that was specifically tied to my travels. I hope that you enjoy the free tips and experiences that I provide through this blog and I hope that I am able to help you have a great vacation yourself. Happy Travels.... read more

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