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3rd April 2013

Congratulations for this blog, regarding the chicha de jora is made from the fermentation of corn (jora) and is sweet great taste ;-) xxx
8th June 2011
The indigenous stone piles

H Miracle Review
With excellent description in you articles, I want to thanks for your blog providing a large amount of knowledge and enlightenment..H Miracle Review
1st May 2011

I can't remember the name of the hotel. I arranged the hotel from the bus station and booked the tour from the hotel. Just make sure you haggle as there's a lot of competition and you can get cheaper prices
19th April 2011

Tour company
Hello again, Luke! Wondered this time if you could recommend your tour company for the lake or any places to stay in Puno. Headed there from La Paz. Much appreciated!
10th April 2011

tour info
Hi, I booked the tours while I was there. I booked the Huayna Potosi mountain climb through my hostel, Wild Rover. They were reasonably good. I booked Salar de Uyuni in La Paz with Honey Tours including the train to Uyuni. It's probably cheaper and just as easy to book it when you arrive in Uyuni - there is no need to do it in La Paz. I booked the mine tour in Potosi with Koala Tours when I arrived - I would recommend them. Enjoy! Luke
10th April 2011

Bolivia Advise?
Hola Luke Stablefo, Looks awesome! Currently headed to Bolivia myself and would so appreciate your tour company info for your tours! I also have a blog on this site: QVK 3 mos LOA. Thanks so much!
8th April 2011

welcome home
Luckily the sun came out the day after you got home and it's been wonderfully summery here since. Thank goodness..... x
20th March 2011
Witches Market

that's hideous Luke.... like nightmares are made of
From Blog: Bolivia - La Paz
20th March 2011
Witches Market

o that's horrible....
From Blog: Bolivia - La Paz
20th March 2011
Che sculpture

Great piece of work!
From Blog: Bolivia - La Paz
2nd March 2011

You're right, your mother would love it! It sounds absolutely fantastic xxx
1st March 2011

Great blog Lukey, you're clearly still enjoying every minute. Not so sure about the alpaca though! And as for the "chicha" how do you know they're not spitting in it :) x
27th February 2011

Lucky you! by now your Spanish is better than mine!
27th February 2011

Good Times!
Nice one Lueke!!! Gettin all caught up on your blog! Nice pics too!!! I'd love to have copies of some of the time we shared together.... as u know ur pics are superior to mine. Many blessings on the rest of your journey! Alegria
27th February 2011

Just had another look at your video Luke. Very impressed at your progress, the footwork looks really hard. Hope you can make another one when you start classes again in Cuba. Amazing!! xxx
6th February 2011

you got da riddum
fluid dynamic dubstepz skywalker
1st December 2010

Nice - good job! That looks quite complex! You've definitely improved a lot since you started...
20th November 2010

fucking awsome mate. you've got the moves.
12th November 2010

That's entertainment!
Wow. You almost had me fooled with that Colombian body double of yours in the video, Luke. What gave it away was there were no close-ups of your face. That and the part when your double twirls the girl in the air a la Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Great video, though! Here's another dance instruction video for your enjoyment:
12th November 2010

Blimey Lukey, is that you? Excellente, hope you're gonna teach me some more when you get home (not the falls and lifts I hasten to add). Fantastic progress since your first video inCuba. xx
12th November 2010

Wish I had something similar to show from my time in Cali and Medellin. Just another reason why I have to go back! Thanks for sharing, Tracy
12th November 2010

good skills maye, i'm impressed but smile dude!!!!!
12th November 2010

Look at you!
Wow! That looks awesome! Well done Lukey. xxx
4th November 2010

The farming methods in latin america are mainly depressingly destructive to the land - usually cutting down all the trees for timber and then burning the land, then intensively farming crops, and leaving the ground barren and eroded. there are permaculture and sustainable movements but most people are decades behind Europe
4th November 2010

Don't know. It is part of a collection all over the city. I'll have a look on the internet

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