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21st September 2009

thanks for checking out my blog, i'll have a look at the link you sent asap. best wishes.
21st September 2009

thank you, it's especially nice coming from someone who knows the country so much better than i do :) best wishes
21st September 2009

I like the bit at the end 'leave two empty seats on the flight home'. I've really enjoyed your blog Lu, it's so good and not that big a fan of travel writing.
15th September 2009

Great Blog!!
Great blog!!! If you like, come back and visit mine: Thanks, Pablo from Argentina
30th August 2009

Very Nice. From a Nigerian living in London
13th August 2009

Dr Shashi, I'm sorry this response is so late, i am not sure if you'll ever read this, but thanks for your message and thoughts. I too am surprised that Bidar features so little on India's well established tourist circuits. There are so many little visited gems that foreigners miss, i feel lucky to have seen a place like Bidar and was amazed that it was so quiet. My husband and i are English, and you asked about recommendations of places to visit in our country - i'd say the Lake District, Stonehenge, Oxford, London and my homeland of Yorkshire, which has beautiful landscapes. Many good wished, Lu.
From Blog: Bidar
3rd August 2009

30th July 2009

Turkish Prisons
You "At Cascades DOuzoud"- So innocent looking about whats to come! haha. Looks nice there, how was the hash? :P
30th July 2009

I love how I can read the first and last paragraphs of your blogs and feel like I read the whole thing! Your style is obviously very refined, and this is before reading all the juicy details in the middle. That dune sunset looked timeless!
30th July 2009

Ive heard nothing but good about Ghana
I like the soothsayer. And that food looks good!
30th July 2009

SOLD! To the man in the white robe
Looks like wildlife soup. I mean literally you could make soup from those ape heads! I wish I could experience lightning so close!
16th July 2009

13th July 2009

nice read
Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs F.C is the name of the local soccer team from Cape Coast. I believe their team bus raced past you!
9th July 2009

Great Post Lu!
"Chillin in Hohoe" = FUN! "Red Red and Plantain" = DELICIOUS!! "Chillin in Jukwa" = HOTTIE!!!
3rd July 2009

coooooooooooool trips
2nd July 2009

I am very happy browes this site.
6th June 2009

thanks Linda, for reading my blogs, and ganbatte to your husband .... if hes at Uwajima hes doing well, not too far to go and some great temples coming up... best of luck to him p.s eleven to seventeen includes some nice temples too, twelve is pretty dramatic isnt it
28th May 2009

Thank you!
This is such lovely writing that gives a great sense of your experience. My husband has just arrived in Uwaijima today, and I'm in Sydney and only able to communicate by text message, so it's great to be able to get a vicarious sense of participation in the experience via blogs such as yours!
18th May 2009

heehee we laughed a lot about this cat!
18th May 2009

W BRYL, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for your comments.
28th April 2009

I love the vampire cat photo!!!
9th April 2009

hi kishore thanks for reading my blog, so glad it was a little helpful.
From Blog: Bidar
3rd April 2009

Thanks 4 d info
Hi LuBarnham..When i was thinking of visiting Bidar and started googling about it..i came to know lot of information abt bidar from your blog...Thanks a lot for visiting and sharing the experiences....Regards,Kishore
From Blog: Bidar
17th February 2009

Good luck!
Hooray, now that I've subscribed to your blog, I can't wait to hear about your African Alphabet Adventure. Let me know when you get the manuscript of the pilgrimage into action, that is something I want to check out someday for sure. Keep us all updated!
14th January 2009

Hello :)
It was my hard luck that i saw ur blog so late :(.. It gives me immense pleasure to write to u . I m local from bidar pursuing my masters in USA , I have been born and brought in Bidar, The experience of urs wat u have shared here is very true and best. Bidar is not projected on the tourism scale where it really belongs, The city holds many amazing structures with a lot of histroy behind it .but there r no guides to explain all to thr ppl lik u who come all the way down here to witness the place. I wld like to know frm which country do u ppl hail from. and also tell me abt any places to visit in ur country thanx a ton fr ur sweet and heartly writing. Regards, Shashi ,,, :)
From Blog: Bidar

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