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11th April 2010

Re:Good Job..!!!
You're Welcome..!!! :)
11th April 2010

thanks Gaurav, I'm very happy to say that I should be in India for a week this summer, and I can't wait! I do not have long, but hope to visit the Ellora and Ajanta caves from Mumbai. It'll be my fourth time in India and it's a country I have become so fond of. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Best wishes, Lu.
10th April 2010

Good Job..!!!
I was just surfing through and found your page....really I was facinated by the pics here and your blog. I couldn't resist reading all about your trip to India. But I think you missed some great places. (one always misses its so much to see here ;) ) Anyway... Good Job...!...and When are you planning next trip to India? ...whenever...You're most welcome :)
8th April 2010

very good
when i got to know that we are making a trip to bidar i felt it would be reallyb bad trip but it was the best trip i had ever had.
From Blog: Bidar
27th March 2010

Thanks Bidarian/Imran, for your kind words. I'd love to visit Bidar again, and spend even more time there. There were many things we didn't have time to see, and it's always nice to get more of a chance to soak up the atmosphere. It sounds as though lots of changes will be made, and perhaps soon more tourists will discover Bidar. Best wishes and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Lu.
From Blog: Bidar
26th March 2010

Dear LuBarnham.. Howdy.. thanks for such a nice post. An artist knows an art. Bidar is wonderful place to take birth, live and enjoy, i tell you. I hope Sleeping ASI recognises this and places it on top destinations to visit. A commissioner deputed to bidar, is making all efforts to make bidar more wonderful. Hence would like you to visit again. I elevated after reading ur post, i am gonna refer this to my friends so that they know abt my place.
From Blog: Bidar
12th March 2010

Red Red
If anyone has a red red recipe, I'm dying to get my hands on one. I volunteered in Cape Coast over the summer and was never able to get a red red recipe before I left....
10th March 2010

old memory
i am study bidar poly tecnic collage guru nanak dev .i am feel lucky to visit bidar again
From Blog: Bidar
8th March 2010

BIDAR is one of the important historic place the history of karnataka evevr produce.Getting the honour of being the capital of Badamis in the late 18th century.
From Blog: Bidar
17th February 2010

Thanks Zia, for your comments and for reading my blog. I really hope I do get a chance to return to Bidar some day. It's very interesting to hear that it has changed a lot since I visited in 2008. Best wishes to you - Lu
From Blog: Bidar
12th February 2010

18th January 2010

Cheers, Azore. I'm so envious of you, living in Bamenda. Never a dull moment out there, and I swear that area was one of the most beautiful of all the places we saw in our six months in Africa. Watch out at Metchum Falls - we were told several times that the falls are dangerous - enchanted, even - and suck people in - ! Very beautiful though. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Lu
17th January 2010

Great travel piece there, captivating with all the "squelchy" descriptions! I got itchy feet too and actually live and work in Cameroon, but have never been beyond Bamenda. My next trip is surely going to take me to Menchum and Nyos! Oh, Bribe Capital indeed, you could be more accurate. Cheers
14th January 2010

Your comments is very informative. I like it very much. Keep up the good work. webroyalty
11th January 2010

Thanks for reading my blogs, Josh. Best wishes to you. Lu
11th January 2010

Hi Eb Roell, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your well wishes with my writing. It is indeed a tough industry, and a lot of good stuff doesn't get a publisher or falls out of print quickly. Some of the most captivating and specialist travel writing is print on demand. I'd be really interested to know more about your book, may have a glance on Amazon... you are right, we didn't get a chance to visit Uganda, i would love to someday. You were there at such an intense time - I was reading about Amin recently, in Kapuscinski's 'Shadow of the Sun'... almost impossible to believe what people are capable of... so glad it is a different story these days. Best wishes to you. Lu.
11th January 2010

Conquering Continents
Agadir caught my eye, because Debbie and I passed through there on our honeymoon hitchhiking tour through West Africa. You've had a great trip, indeed, and worth sharing with the broader public in a book. I trust you will have more luck finding a publisher than I did. Unless your name is out there on TV or in print already, there is little hope. It's Catch 22 - you must have been published to get published. I finally published my book through a print-on-demand publisher, and while it is on Amazon, I hate every copy they sell because the toner that is used for that type of publishing (rather than ink) wears off the edges, and my cover is mostly black. I had a first-class outfit redo it in quantity, but that took some bucks. Anyway, all the best. By the way, it seems you missed "the Pearl of Africa," as Churchill called Uganda. We lived there for 5 years right after Amin. A great country with lovely people. But the poverty at the time was unbelievable, and it was dangerous living, especially with my family. AK47s abounded and sometimes bullets flew. Six of my friends were killed. But times have changed and today it is a lovely place to visit - my most favorite place in the world, and I have been all over. Keep it up, and God bless you. Eb
11th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009 in the Africa/adventure category
Check this out, :)
2nd January 2010

Love The Story
I hope that some day Africa is able to heal its wounds and that the rampant problems of civil war, aids, and poverty become its past rather than present. I have not been yet but your stories and posts rewet my travel appetite and resolve to someday visit. Thanks. [url=]Joshua[/url]
23rd December 2009

Frank, thanks for your message, and i'd be happy to answer your pilgrimage questions/offer any advise that would be useful. if you use the 'private message' function, you should be able to send a message that is forwarded to my emai and i'll be sure to respond. cheers. I'm sure you'll love Shikoku.
18th December 2009

A very inspiring and awesome read
Hey Lu, just stumbled across your blog, while collecting information about the Shikoku trail. I'm planning to go there next May, but only have 3 weeks for the journey. Aside from reading about your problems with the blisters, I'm wondering if I could tap your experience and ask for some useful hints regarding accomodation along the first 22 stops/temples. Thanks very much in advance. And all the best for your trip to Africa. Cheers *frank
15th November 2009

Bidar fort is very wounderful place in karanataka.this palace is builded some years ago.
From Blog: Bidar
27th October 2009

Hiya Stephen - i think Namibia should be your next big adventure! After Chili, that is - have an awesome time. All the best, Lu.
26th October 2009

I've always wanted to go to Namibia and this blog tells and shows me why! *sigh....
15th October 2009

I call that a good reason to avoid the Gabon. :D

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