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5th October 2010
Etosha National Park

Super, I do not know a thing about pics, but this is a superbly done job!!!
3rd October 2010
Bahmani Tomb, Ashtur

i like photo
i am from bidar i like all the photo
From Blog: Bidar
3rd October 2010

good photograph collection
good photograph collection,I like it.
3rd October 2010
Bahmani Tomb, Ashtur

Its Awesome
I love Bidar forts,, we should be Proud to be Born in this state,,,,,,,,,..............
From Blog: Bidar
29th September 2010

Cheers David :)
29th September 2010

Hi Zoe B, thanks for the message - that's really nice that youve been following my blogs. I'm hoping to get a chance to add some China ones (from where i have just returned.) thanks for reading. - Lu -
15th September 2010

Hi Lu I am looking forward to reading the rest of your trip as it sounds like you are having a really good time and seeing some fascinating places. David
6th September 2010

You're back! Great - been looking forward to reading about the new adventures :) (after being an avid African A to Z blog follower!)
19th August 2010

hi im shantayya swamy bidar
From Blog: Bidar
17th August 2010
Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur

traditional temple
this temple is very traditional .the kolhapur is famoues for mahalaximi temple.
From Blog: Into the Deccan
28th July 2010

Barisal is my Heaven....
27th July 2010

From Blog: Bidar
7th July 2010
Princess Town Fort

nice place
hi i am glad to see princess town fort i see to visit there so that when my tourist client come i will take him there thanks
7th July 2010

u still in dhaka?
hi there- are u still in dhaka? i just moved in about 3 months back. you can contact me by mail.
From Blog: Dhaka: Take Two
6th July 2010

Good collection of art
It is amazing pictures
28th June 2010

Thanks Ravi, i will be sure to look for the Gurudwara next time, must have missed it on our last visit! Best wishes.
From Blog: Bidar
28th June 2010

Thanks, Naveen, for posting again. I'm very interested to see the changes in Bidar. I am sure it is still as charming and interesting as ever, also. Best wishes.
From Blog: Bidar
28th June 2010

thanks, dustyx. Can't wait to return to India.
28th June 2010

I have watched the place.. It's awesome and not only the fort, the city has one of the biggest Gurudwaras in the country Check out once!!!
From Blog: Bidar
21st June 2010

Bidar tourism
Hi Ma'am this is Naveen, i was your first commenter to your blog that you have visited Bidar, which i was writen comment in 2008. Now again I come back to comment something. Now bidar has became developed city with all the travelling mediium upgraded. Now bidar having wide roads. You can travell by train, and also by Air too. We have Good hotels too. Visted. happy to see you again. Naveen
From Blog: Bidar
14th June 2010
Bidar Fort

excellent photos nice seen
excellent photos nice seen
From Blog: Bidar
26th May 2010
A View From Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

Beautiful place on Earth
Beautiful place on Earth ever seen
24th May 2010

hey lu
hey i like the blog on the trip to wai...youll be here in june....not explored parts of waii even tho stayin 100kms away.all the luck for this summer trip.carry alot of sunscreen. dB sun.
23rd May 2010

Thanks Gemma, that's kind of you; glad you enjoyed the blog. I'm envious that you may be able to live out there, i think of Cameroon very fondly. Best wishes, cheers for reading my blog.
22nd May 2010

great blog!
This blog is excellent! I'm trying to work out whether Cameroon is somewhere I'd be okay living for work for a couple of years. Your great blog makes me feel positive about it - thanks!

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