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11th May 2015
Kpime Falls

I was wondering if I could use your photo
hi. I'm currently working an child book editor at a MIRAE-N ISEUM in South Korea, and my name is chaiwuk um. I am conducting a new project concerning world flag-card for chilren. There is a flag image on the front and a photo and introduction of culture on the back. but we couldn't get the any photos about kpime falls in Tunisia. I found your blog, while searching a porper images and I was wondering if I could use your photo. The photo will be used to make a the reverse side of card. The URL I want to use is I thank you in advance for your assistance in this comment and look forward to hear from you.
11th May 2015
Kpime Falls

kpime falls photo
hi, i'm happy for you to use my kpime falls photo, that is fine. it is in Togo though, not Tunisia! but you're welcome to use it if you still need it. Best wishes, Lu Barnham
20th February 2011

Adrianalna, thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read my Namibia/Botswana blog. Etosha National Park is so full of wildlife that even I can snap a few good pics! If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it, especially around August-time. Best wishes, -Lu-
17th February 2011
Shait Gumbad Masjid, Bagerhat

MY native area
i was born in this village ,named ronbijoypur,post,khanjahn ali darga ,ps. bagerhat.division ,khulna.bangladesh. i was in hare in my childhood and collage it is my very favorite area .
15th February 2011

Nice blog
I stumbled into your blog on the home page of TravelBlog. Your writing is engaging--not so common on this site--and your pictures of the animals were terrific. I wish you continued good travels.
10th February 2011
Bidar Fort

I think Bidar is the one of Historical place in india i love bidar such a good town
From Blog: Bidar
5th February 2011

Thanks for your response,
Hi Lu-san, thanks for your fast response though you'd be busy for your day life, I'm glad to see your kind answer. And still kind of cold here, but I'll leave soon or, may have to leave untill Aprill I think, and I hope I'll not fall down on the mountanous road of Kochi or anything as some cold meat no one'd find it untill the next year... haha. Yes, it is a joke, but actually, just recently an old pilgrimage master who had been devoting to put so many signs and coner-stones on the henro-road for more than 30 years, was very sadly to be found as a coarpse in the mountain, just after missing for a month, he may be slipped from the road and froze in this winter weather, truley sad and reported in here Shikoku newspapers. Then, I myself would be careful too, and also have some respect and pray for many people before down on the road. And then, also thank you for recommending to the Ritsun Park or Udon, etc, yes we love it here and proud of it. (But once you have to eat those Udons some Three Times a day in a hot summer day, you may start to hate the noodles....yes, it is just like rice or miso soup here, we'd die once we lack'em even once two days or something!) About blogs, I'm not making any about my journy still, but I have a facebook page and write some about Japanese Shrines and Temples I've traveled (but mostly I've written about historical knowledge, not so much about my own travell experience), then hope you'll check some day after I write about my 88 pilgrimage. OK, now I have to go, thank you so much for your response and help from your diary too, Arigatou-Gozaimasu. Shuji
5th February 2011

Thanks sk abu sabir, for your comment. Bagerhat was an amazing place to travel to. Best wishes to you, -Lu-
5th February 2011

Thanks Scott, for reading and for your kind comment. Best wishes to you, -Lu-
5th February 2011

haha, thanks Mark, your method does sound very different. I do like a good dangerous bush taxi from time to time though... Best wishes, -Lu-
5th February 2011

Shuji-san, thanks so much for your message and for reading my blog. It is wonderful that you will be going on your own pilgrimage - ganbatte kudasai! I am sure you will have an amazing experience. I hope you keep a blog, I would love to read about it. I hope one day to return to Takamatsu - the Ritsurin gardens were so beautiful, I would like to see them again. And then of course, there is the udon! Best of luck with your journey, -Lu-
3rd February 2011

Respect for your Henro diary
Hi Lu, Hajime-mashite from Japan, I feel very glad to find such a great diary about Shikoku 88 henro, especially from the view of forign people with a great interest and joy of travel. I am a Japanese male, native in Kagawa, Shikoku and O-Daishi-San and 88 henro have been very familar and respectful to me since my childfood, and my house religion is also of Shingon and belief in Daishi. Then, it'll be great that recently many people from abroad are also trying to have a nice experience and understanding of pilgrimage and buddhism. And actually, I am a Japanese and also native in Shikoku, but untill now, I've never tried this great pilgrimage before, and just recenlty I've succeeded to collect all the packings and clothes for it, and now ready to leave for Daishi soon. ( so, strangely I may have to learn a little from your diary about it, haha...and the reason I wrote my comment on this page, is because I'm still ready to leave, and not after Kechi-gan still, have NO right to commnet on your kechigan page....). Anyway, it was a great joy to read your diary and see pictures here, truely great. Hope I would have a wonderful experience too, and have some enlightment from gods and bodhisatvas on the road waiting for me. Shuji Minato (Kagawa, Takamatsu)
2nd February 2011

Beware of looking at a Gambian map!
Travelling up the Gambia river by road is bound to be a recipe for hot, tiring, dusty frustration. Compare your experience with that of sailing silently up-river on Africa's first solar-powered boat - the "Solar Queen", thus avoiding the hassles of public ferry crossings and clapped out, dangerous bush taxis. It's like chalk and cheese. One costs a little more, but tastes a good deal better! You already have the ingredients at your fingertips - a quick Google of "Hidden Gambia" will find you the method.
30th January 2011

Wonderful reading
Really enjoyed your trip reports, very captivating and inspiring. Best wishes on your future journeys!
28th January 2011
Shait Gumbad Masjid, Bagerhat

shait gombad masjid &khan jahan ali darga is my born place i was in the year1950.i was the student of village ronbijoypur ,p.o.khanjahan ali drga.bagerhat.this is world heritage place so like this and i can more share about this site.
3rd January 2011

Hi Liliram, thanks so much for reading my blogs and also for missing them :) I hope I do get a chance to write up China, all has been a little hectic recently! Even if I don't get a chance, I have a journey to Jerusalem planned for June and can't wait to get back on the travelblog scene :) very best wishes, -Lu-
3rd January 2011

Thanks for your comments Bhavesh, I will check out your blog. I love Wai, hope to go back one day :) best wishes, -Lu Barnham -
3rd January 2011

Thanks Ian for your kind message. I bet your trip from Cape Town to Sudan was incredible, I hope you get a chance to write about it on travelblog so I can read all about it! The Western route is tough, it's true, because you need to pass through many more countries, and sometimes the major complication can be aquiring the visas. However, it's an incredible journey. I would be very happy to give you any help/advice I can offer. Do message me with any questions. Very best wishes to you, and thanks for reading my blog. -Lu Barnham -
30th December 2010

an african alphabet
A great read and it was of great interest for me as i am planing to do that journey 2011, I traveled from Cape Town to Khartoum Sudan this year by public transport, solo, and stayed at backpackers, i am 75years of age, i completed the trip in 9 weeks, with out any any health or bad incidents, my research and reading your blog, it would be more difficult to travel down the west coast, i have been traveling for six years, and clocked up 53 countries, i wish you both well, and keep on traveling, With Kindest Regards Ian. PS if you have any time to spare to advise me if it would be to hard for me.
29th December 2010

You have published a really nice post. I have been to Wai a few months back. I had published photos of Dholya Ganpati [Wai] in my blog post Maybe you will like to see just to refresh your memories :) Good day Lu Barnham! All your posts are amazing!!
12th December 2010

Been waiting too.....
Hi there. Been missing your blogs. Still waiting for your China blogs. :) You write very well and we love reading about your adventures. Keep writing! Cheers...
27th November 2010

Thanks Abby, for taking the time to read my blog and your kind comment. I love Ghana! Hope I'm lucky enough to go back some day for more red red and club beer... all the best, -Lu-
22nd November 2010

I'm Ghanaian and haven't even visited half of the places you went to. I'm very impressed and yes that RED RED looks real
20th November 2010
Gagan Mahal, Bijapur

bijapur is decan rome and gagan mahel is an hanging garden
From Blog: Into the Deccan
10th November 2010

What an adventure! You are either incredibly courageous or else crazy! ;)

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