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4th January 2012

Yippy! You are on the front page of travel blog.
Excellent. Interesting collection of photos. Keep those blogs coming.
3rd January 2012

Featured blog
Congratulations, on your first Featured Blog, on the Front Page. :)
3rd January 2012

i want more...
photos and stories:) glad you're enjoying your holiday. i didn't see those food trucks when i were in tokyo in 2010 (it's not last year, hahaha, just reminding myself). could you find it anywhere or only around residential area? well, happy new year to you kathryn!
19th December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
20th December 2011

thank you so much!! ^_^
2nd December 2011

We are giving your an award!
Congratulations, you are the Blogger of the Week. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30435-1.html
2nd December 2011

You inspired a forum topic. :)
11th November 2011
it's complicated

Oh so true!
What a perfect title for this photo! As soon as I saw it I laughed - it is so true :-) One of those things you have to have lived to really understand ......... 勉強頑張ってね!
23rd October 2011
new friend

写真きれいにとれてますね☆ 別府は自然豊かでいいところだよね♪ でも…「ガ」が友達って(笑)
23rd August 2011

Thank you
Thank you for the support! I love comments ^_^
20th August 2011
among the red

Excellent photos!
I'm glad I discovered your work today. I will be following along on your travels.
20th August 2011

You've captured some beautiful shots.
Now that is one giant turnip. The stones shot is amazing. Looking forward to your next blog!
13th August 2011

Love it
It was a wonderful trip!
From Blog: Dubliners
24th March 2011

What a beautiful and fascinating custom! If ever I visit Japan, I will schedule around this event.
15th March 2011
Tendo, Japan

Different Tendo
Tendo looks different then it was 68 years ago. I was in the army and stationed 10 miles away in 1947 and 1948. I have many fond memories of Tendo and Yamagata Prefecture. Thanks for the picture.
16th February 2011

Enjoying ur blogs
Glad to discover your blogs. I've been to Tokyo and that's it. Meaning to go back, and visit some other places around Japan. Your blogs are just what I need. So glad to discover them. Thanks for sharing. I love your insights and adventures, as well as your photographs.
21st January 2011

thanks pls visit Malaysia again...
thanks pls visit Malaysia again...
1st April 2010

Kappa-ed Out
I went to Tono once and was pretty disappointed. I had a car and could drive around to the sites, but it was pretty boring. The folklore museum was closed for repairs which was a bummer since that was the main draw. I was expecting a big historic village like you would get in Canada, but it was just a whole lot of Kappa statues. I never want to see another kappa.
7th January 2010

all the intricate woodwork and bright paints really remind me of nepal. definitely beautiful!
6th January 2010

No ???
No Monkeys??? Glad you got to click another destination off.
11th December 2009

Hi Kathryn, I was looking up Sendai Amity's address (to send a holiday card), and your blog popped up in the Google search. I taught there from Sept 05 --Oct 06. Judging by your entry, you must have taken over for Heidi (who took over for me). I hope you are having/had an amazing time. ~Samara
From Blog: Sendai, Miyagi
9th November 2009

YEAH !!!
So glad to see a new LebdaWho blog!!!!! I have really enjoyed all the pictures I've seen from this trip. So glad that you both had a chance to do this. When do I get to read about Kikkoo. Did I spell that right?????
5th September 2009

hummm....i didn't see any when i was there, but i was also there on a sunday, so that might account for that. look around online and i bet you can find one somewhere!
4th September 2009

Live samurai?
My sister is coming to Japan and requested to see Samurai--are there any people dressed up as samurai? statues/models in a museum?
8th August 2009

Great story Kate love the way you spin everything. Glad your sister landed. Didn't know you had a statue of liberty.

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