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14th December 2013

A couple applicable thoughts...
never say never, you can return to Wales, but it won't be the same. With regards to the statue "They also serve who only watch and wait." This brings to mind a story that two old ladies who ran the Old Post House B&B in Kent told me about the beginnings of WWII. The Germans were patrolling the English Channel coastline, but the coastal watchers, who had been employed to raise a warning since Napoleon's time, were not raising the alarm. When questioned, they responded "We were hired to look out for the French." As for the three friends who made such an impact on your life, they are to be treasured forever...keep in touch as your paths will cross, and contrary to places, it will be like old times.
14th December 2013

Very true indeed!
Those are beautiful sentiments that I must keep in mind as I leave. I do hope to return one day to Wales. It was such a great place, I would love for my family to one day be able to experience it. Thank you for following my blog thus far, I love your advice, it is very encouraging to me :)
4th December 2013

I just ran across your blogs...
and read every one of them; they are that special. You write with such passion. My son is currently studying law at Bangor University in northwest Wales, and will be there for two years. He loves it there, just as you love Lampeter, although he hasn't expressed his feeling like you have. So I have had to imagine him going through the same situations as you. He also grew up in a similar environment as you...I worked for the Defense Department as a civilian and we spent most of my career moving between jobs, mostly overseas. My kids were born in Belgium and have traveled all over Europe and Asia. They caught the travel bug early and never lost it. I hope that you will continue to Wander and share your experiences exploring God's creation.
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6th December 2013

Thank you so much!!
Hello and thank you for reading my blog!! I am so blessed to have had this opportunity as is your son! I am sure that he loves his experience just as I do. I am only sad that it has to end so soon. I wish so much that I could just set off into these hills and walk them forever, but alas I will have to go home. There can be no worries about me losing that pesky travel bug, I plan on going places throughout my life and in providing my own future children with the opportunity to see diverse and beautiful things as well. My next adventure will be to Scotland and I could not be more excited!!! :)
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19th November 2013

Makes me homesick....
Hey, I stumbled upon this entry when searching for pictures of the Hill Fort to show some friends. I just graduated from Lampeter this summer and I just wanted to say that, having read your entire entry,you couldn't have summed up my own feelings on what makes Lampeter such a special place to me. I know it's cheesey, but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing it and wish you the best of luck with your studies. Best wishes, Craig
26th November 2013

To Craig!
Thank you for reading my blog, I am so glad that other people love Lampeter as much as I do...now that I will be leaving soon, I know that I will become homesick for a place that I have only called home for three months. <3
11th November 2013

A lovely blog
I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
11th November 2013

Finding yourself
It sounds like you've found Wales to be a lovely place and you have embraced it but you are also learning life is what you make it. The behaviors of others can be called into question no matter where you are. Some people are worth embracing and others worth walking away from. You decide how you react to their positive and or negative comments and behaviors. Sounds like you've found the perfect hills, farm lands and hiking trails you can sort all of that out. Life is short and meant to be shared so surround yourself with happy people who share your positive and kind attitude. As you say you are no longer a tourist in the UK. Enjoy Ireland.
26th November 2013

Thank you for reading and caring!
It has been so nice to see such kind reviews and thoughts placed to my blog! I had such a great time in Ireland and one of my friends here in Lampeter and I are planning a return trip in 2016. I cannot wait to return one day to this little sleepy town, because even though it is small it has taught me so much about life both in its present sense and through its cultural heritage. There is a certain element of a living celtic culture that I will miss so much about Wales. Bless you in all of your travels. I look forward to reading your blog as well! <3
25th September 2013

Go for it KJ
Kelsey Jane, I love reading your description of your travels and see you living life to the fullest!!!! It lightens my heart to see you taking great advantage of your journey. Continue to enjoy, live, love and breathe in all that is yours in your new environment. I will blog agian soon. Be safe!!!
25th September 2013

" Wherein I learned that I could have fun and learn life lessons at the same time"
Life's lessons can be learned in many different places. It sounds like your adventurous soul will have many experiences ahead. We look forward to reading your blogs.
5th October 2013

Thank you!! I am glad that others might enjoy my experiences. Your travels seem so exciting!! I plan to have many more for myself as well!!
3rd September 2013

Great news!
Hope you have a blast, Kelsey. Enjoy! (and learn, too!)
5th October 2013

Thank you!!! So far I am having the time of my life and learning even more than expected!!

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