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23rd May 2012

Just started "following" you and this is great! What an experience you had and I can't believe you visited all these places. Writing is great and pictures are perfect.
8th June 2011

What a wonderful story!
Bless them who rescued the turtle, nursed it back to health, and brought it back home. Bless them, indeed! thanks for sharing this. makes my day!
1st December 2010

Pete's finds
It always amazes me what you can find. WOW! Love ya, Brenda
1st December 2010

Good for you to stop by that place!
To prune, cut , snip here and there and to mold and shape must require a good dose of a virtue called PATIENCE. That's some admirable work! And hey, good photos here! Thanks for sharing this.
20th July 2010

Great pics. Kelly and a couple of her friends are touring Maine at this time.
18th July 2010

We were there in 1969. What the girls remember most about our Bar Harbor stay was that we lost the car keys.
18th July 2010

Great pictures mother. Why weren't you in any pictures?
28th May 2010

hi there
love these pictures. been to DC many times, but these photos beat any I've ever taken. Those cherry blossoms! Lovely, real lovely. Hope all's well with you guys. Cheers!
11th April 2010

my brand spankin' new
Nikon D5000. Just so you will know, when you see a photo that you like, click on it and it will state what camera was used (most of the time) Thanks for the compliment!
11th April 2010

Beautiful pictures!! What kind of camera did you use?
10th April 2010

I enjoyed your writings and photos. Thanks for sharing.
10th April 2010

Great pics! Wish I could go there again.
22nd November 2009

Been there!!
I just stumbled across this blog while doing some research from our June 2008 trip to Greece. Much to my surprise, I see that you stayed in the very same pension that we did! You have some very beautiful photos -- we did not make it to Epidauros, but our first ruins were at Tiryns, then we went on to Mycenae the next day. Spent an entire morning at Palamidi and got some beautiful sunset shots of Bourtzi and the harbor. I would love to find the time to put up my photos from our trip -- I took over 3000 photos! Enjoyed these very much - thanks for sharing and refreshing wonderful memories!
18th November 2009

you have a great eye for photography
28th October 2009

No halloween celebration!
I know that if you are an American, halloween is a time of masquerading. But remember that in Europe, November 1 and 2 are celebrated as All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day. These holidays are very reserved, family times set aside for remembering relatives, and not at all like Halloween in the states! I hope you will treat them as such when in this beautifully decorated church! You will be in a church, not at a party!
28th October 2009

I'm planning on heading to the Church of Bones for this upcoming Halloween. Have no idea if anything is planned but I can't wait to see this place.
28th September 2009

hi i need to take in happy new years in Poland so i need some in formation ,,,,, im stay in Ukraine
7th August 2009

Love this Stuff.
Hey, this is great history. My grandfather's family raised horses for these guys. I know that people do not get along,hence we must have a strong military. Great website. Hail to JanIII and the Polish Hussaria. hail to the brave Austrian and German defenders of Vienna. Tremendous topic I have read much of it.
15th July 2009

Thanks for sharing Peet. I was glad to get a blog from you again. You have become quite the writer. Katie looks great! Love you, Brenda
15th July 2009

HI! You are still on the go, I see. As usual, you have some great pictures. Hope your transition back to the States has been good. We just returned from a family reunion in southern IL - Hoyleton, where our German grandparents began - a truly remarkable event that we do every other summer during the Hofbrau. There were 52 of us this time, from coast to coast. Before that , CO Springs where our son and wife and Lou's Dad and sister reside. Next week, we meet up with our 4 kids and a spouse on Lake Michigan. And - I understand your comment about family time. Brenda
15th July 2009

Greetings from NYC
Hello Pete and Keith, It is always good to read about your trips and get inspired. We have just returned back from Maine (Monhegan) and we believe that it is the most beautiful island in America - check it out :) Take care and enjoy your summer time. Gosia
8th May 2009

Re-reading your blog again.....
Just browsed through your blogs again (they're such a joy to read) and noticed how often you post photos of windows. I like them. Maybe you should have a blog with all these window pictures from everywhere!
2nd May 2009

I can't wait!
Our only trip without the kids will be to Greece - and your photos (which are spectacular - LOVE the full moon!) have re-ignited my interest in going. I was in a mindset of just wanting to go home (2 months of sabbatical left), so thanks for curbing that... I also hope we have a moment where Jeff is on the floor with the locals! Maria
2nd May 2009

Another "I Wish"
This place will go on my list of things I wish we had seen... Great photos and I like the take on recycling!

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