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15th December 2008

Florian, thanks for reading and helping me with my german!
15th December 2008

Nice to read about my home in a blog entry from foreigners. It is always interesting to read other people's opinion about your home. You really took gorgeous pictures! And, by the way, the title would be "Bayern, ich danke Ihnen" or, less polite "Bayern, ich danke dir"! :) Bye!
12th December 2008

i like your writing style!
been enjoying your blogs, and your 'take' on some of the places i have been to. I missed Rothenburg in previous travels, but after reading this blog, I promise to save up for another trip to Europe and visit Rothenburg. However, I can't promise to do it in winter!
1st December 2008

Hi, Steph/Pete, Always enjoy your blogs! We, too, loved Paris, and we did not even see the chocolate side. Merry Christmas! Brenda
20th November 2008

My Two favorit things
Cats and Birds!!!
18th November 2008

great pictures!
Was wondering if you are a pro......those are truly great pictures. I a now embarassed to post my photos from our 2006 trip to Versailles!
16th November 2008

Wow, I love your photos, they are absolutely amazing. We were at Versailles in September 07, and our photos don't compare anything to what you've got. Kathie
16th November 2008

Ah! Versailles!
I was in Versailles in the winter of 2002. I was very pretty but I wish I could have seen it in the spring or summer. It's breathtaking! I love the pictures. Can't wait to go back.
14th November 2008

beautiful reminder
Hi! I just randomly came across your blog, and I have to say you take very beautiful pictures. Very artistic. I was at Versailles in April 2008, and these pictures were a great reminder of just how stunning the chateau is (even during the dreary days!)
9th November 2008

What is my Dad doing?!?!?!?!?! You guys are having too much fun
4th November 2008

Loved the video
Watching the donkeys was interesting I can imagine how much fun it would be in reality. A beautiful place.
3rd November 2008

Your travelogue is exceptional! We have enjoyed it immensely! Thanks, Lou and Brenda
3rd November 2008

I don't know if I've asked this before but specifically what camera and model are you using for these pix? You have memories now that will last a lifetime, I hate you won't get to see Heidelberg, perhaps it's too touristy! I don't know what I'll do when ya'll come back to the States for good. Do you think you'll make a pilgrimage back to the Old Country somewhere down the line? Where WILL you go?? Take care, Peter
3rd November 2008

I LOVE your pictures, they are great. Exellent!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31st October 2008

Nice historical place
This is nice historical place and building.. i think if go to this place, i can learnt a lot about the building, the place, the people there..
31st October 2008

We are so glad we found your blog!
"Dane and Kahni" here looking at your photos, reading your comments and watching the videos. Your blog is astounding. We were just going to take a quick peak, but ended up looking at all the blogs from Cinque Terre (Oh YES, your photos do it justice!) and also from Greece. The photos seem to leap out of the screen and some have a three dimensional quality about them so much that we feel we are IN the picture. I could take a thousand photos and never have one turn out like that. Are you a professional photographer? Please put us on your mailing list. We also loved hearing the voices on the videos, too. Keep talking. We just joined recently when we came back from our first trip to Thailand. Thank you for all your work; we have never seen anything like it. Dane and Kahni
29th October 2008

Another great entry, shots and description but obviously the highlight of the entire entry was Keith "dancing". He should have done that when he was performing with Single Tree! How much longer do ya'll have in Europe? Thanks for sharing your travels. Peter
25th October 2008

Great photos, again
Kali'mera from Germany 10/10 again - both the frescos and the landscape look stunning. I look forward to your next blog entry from Greece.
20th October 2008

Good times
Wow, looks like you are both having a great time! Lets catch up soon! Cheers, James C
17th October 2008

Beautiful Pictures
Loved the pictures - I would like to have some of them to enlarge and frame. We have been traveling and this is the first time lately I have had a chance to look at your blog. thanks for sharing. I plan to call Lib tonight and ask about her trip. BJ
5th October 2008

Wonderful Memories
Hello, I stumbled upon your webpage and pictures and wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. You got some fantastic shots. My husband and I were there second week of June and loved it. It was our second village visited. We figure will do one per trip! While I took tons of photos in Monterosso al Mare, you got some very different shots than I did and again, I enjoyed your pictures very much. Thank you for sharing!!!
15th September 2008

Verrrrrry Interesting
So glad to see ya'll(have I already told you that?)I remember some of this history of Europe, unfortunately most of my recollections were from History of WESTERN Europe. I sat in with Rawley Cain's bunch Saturday for a Sears Retirement Dinner. Even made 40 bucks(shocked the heck out of me)Getting PAID to play bluegrass, whoda ever thunk? Hope ya'll are well. See if you can make Heidelburg when they have the Illumination of the Castle(should be able to find out on the internet) They have parades and that sort of thing there, too. Also Fasching(I think that's spelled right)It's the same concept as Mardi Gras, same time of year, I think. Take care, Peter
8th July 2008

These pictures are beautiful! What a great place to visit. I am excited for Hank and I to be with you guys on your next Burgundy!!!!
23rd June 2008

Alane finally makes a comment!
Dear Pete and Keith, It was so great to talk to you yesterday! Your blog is checked each morning in our office. Cindy, Katy and Lynne are travelling with you as well. Now we have been to Rome and really loved the trip. When you visit Greece (Athens) you will also find that all the history is buried amoungst a very modern city. It shatters all the ideas that you get from travel brochures, but is well worth seeing. Talk to you soon, Alane

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