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I'm a keen traveller always saving for my next adventure! Take a look at my year abroad in Europe and my two-week road trip in the USA and I'll soon be updating with my latest trip.

North America » United States September 26th 2009

So, Our adventures in New York were complete (for now at least!), and we had an early start to pick up the hire car (which we named Billie-Jo) and start our epic drive to Chicago via the Niagara Falls. Rosie drove, I navigated, and Becky kept us entertained. We had brought a pile of CDs with us, so we put on the tunes and hit the road. Navigating was startling straightforward after we got out of the city, with interstates that just go on and on. although it meant it was difficult for Rosie to stay alert on the boredom-inducing drive. Still, we kept ourselves awake and entertained by singing loudly along to the songs, regular coffee boosts, and sticking our faces out of the windows as we whizzed along. By about 4p.m. we had reached ... read more
The rapids at Niagara
The falls
The horseshoe falls

North America » United States September 25th 2009

Three girls, two weeks, two cities, six states, a car and the open road. How about that for an American roadtrip? Part 1: New York City. Rosie, Becky and I arrived at our hostel in Brooklyn, pleased to put our feet on the ground after the taxi driver had taken us on a rather convoluted route through Queens, and then warned us that we were staying in a rough area, and that he wouldn't want to be walking round there. However, with bright murals decorating a lot of the brickwork, and student-types sitting on steps and smoking, the atmosphere was more bohemian than terrifying. The hostel itself was lovely, with huge rooms, simply but nicely furnished. It was about 6 p.m. and after dumping our luggage, we got directions to the nearby subway and headed into ... read more
We're here!
Me in Times Square
Becky and Rosie outside the UN building

North America » United States September 1st 2009

So, two months after the end of the year abroad, I'm off again, this time just for a girlie holiday to the States. But that doesn't mean it will be a doing-nothing beach holiday, oh no. We will be spending 5 days in the City that never sleeps, otherwise known as the Big Apple, being total tourists, seeing the sites, eating, drinking and being merry! Then we're spending two days on the road, driving first to Niagara Falls and then to Chicago. There, we will stay with friends and explore the city for a few days, before heading back to New York, by a different route to visit different places. We will be passing through Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania so there'll be plenty to keep us occupied! So watch this space as our adventures begin, starting ... read more

Europe June 25th 2009

Last blog entry... I've just finished my last exam, I'm nearly packed (which is quite an accomplishment - several months' worth of stuff either ruthelessly chucked or squeezed into my suitcase!) and I'm leaving tomorrow. What an insane, brilliant, topsy-turvy year this has been. I've lived in two countries, in two languages, in two beautiful places. I have had moments of intense, gut-wrenching homesickness, and moments of intense, gut-wrenching happiness and never wanting to leave. I've learnt that even within Western Europe, there is a huge diversity of cultures and ways of life. I have lived, breathed and loved the languages I study. I have made friendships for life. To all the natives who have ever walked past and asked: 'Erasmus?', I am. I have survived my year abroad. From the middle of Second year, where ... read more
Palais des Rois, Perpignan

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Oviedo June 20th 2009

I arrived back in Oviedo last week for the final 17 days of my year abroad, and somehow, 11 of them have already disappeared! Time has mainly been taken up with revision and exams, and Oviedo, in its inimitable style, has provided us with mostly grey days, although it is just proving me wrong at this moment by bringing out the sunshine. I have my three final exams next week, and then it is all over. There's a lot to do apart from revision, not least cleaning the flat and packing up or getting rid of all our possessions. It does feel a bit like deja-vu, as I was doing exactly that in Perpignan six months ago (Six months? already?!), but this time, there is nowhere else to go to, no new country to live in. ... read more
Rosy, erm, making ears with party hats
21 again! (but it's true!)
That candle-blowing-out moment

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Oviedo June 3rd 2009

I'm taking a break from packing from my birthday trip home to write this, excitable and surrounded by clothes and general disorder! Finally, we've had a week of glorious sunshine. It's been so hot, 30 degrees every day. So all in all, Fiona chose a pretty good weekend to visit Oviedo. Rosy and I met her from the bus station on Friday, still getting used to the novelty that was hot, sunny weather. After squeals of excitement and hugs all round, we went back and spent a couple of hours eating snacks and watching the Mighty Boosh before going out for dinner. We tried a new place; Tierra Astur, on Gascona - the sidra street. We chose a few plates of tapas - asturian cheeses, croquetas and salad, and took a risk and decided to try ... read more
Me with our 'Mr Erasmus'
Rosy with the horses
Academic with loyal student

Europe » Spain May 25th 2009

We had yet another damp week in Oviedo, but one lovely day of sunshine. Unfortunately, that was not the day we decided to go shopping. We started off at the market just inside the old town. I'd never been before, but Sarah, who lives opposite the market, was a trusty guide, and when I mentioned that I wanted a ring, she became a Woman on a Mission. we trawled all the jewellery stalls, before finally returning to, in her words, 'exhibit A', and I finally chose my Oviedo ring, to partner my Perpignan one. It's a simple design, which is what I wanted (and what a lot of the stalls did not provide; rather large, gaudy things), silver, which spirals into a shell shape. Ring Mission complete! And four very soggy girls. Still, refusing to be ... read more
On top of the World!
The Guggenheim
Overcoming my fear of Spiders

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias May 17th 2009

Well, they weren't wrong when they said it rained in Oviedo, and coming from Britain, you wouldn't think that would be too much of a problem. But what we don't get in Britain is the astounding unpredictability of weather. I know it's something I've mentioned before, but this week wins in the fickleness stakes hands down. Ever had all four seasons in one day? Brilliant sunshine, temperatures in the twenties, blue skies, turn in seconds to grey clouds and autumnal winds, which in turn give way to plummeting temperatures and rain. Oh the rain. It has been the most frequent and enduring of all the weathers over the past couple of weeks and it is annoying. And to think my first choice was Gran Canaria! But I wouldn't change now for the world. The rain hasn't ... read more
Pre-Romanesque church

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias May 12th 2009

With 7 weeks left to go of my year abroad, time is flying. The workload is piling on in preparation for the exams, and that's what this week has mostly been about. I worked fiendishly to get all my creative writing pieces done for my Lengua Espanola class, and now it's all ready to hand in! So that's one thing out the way, but I have a LOT of Portuguese to get going on before the exam, and tons of reading for my literature classes. I'll be heading down to the library as soon as I've bashed this out to get some books. One good thing is that I collected my certificate for the Erasmus language class I did at the start, so at least I have something to show for all those wasted evenings! And ... read more
the central tank
Our friend, the turtle
Caroline in one of the domes

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias May 3rd 2009

Sitting here now, bathed in moisturiser, drinking copious amounts of water, it's hard to believe how changeable the weather was at the start of the week. One minute, it was raining and blowing a gale, and the next it was sunny, we didn't know if we were coming or going. The umbrellas were up and down, coats were on and off, flip-flops were put on and immediately regretted... April is the month of unpredictable weather, I know, but this was taking it to extremes. And then May arrived, and along with it, a full day of glorious sunshine. So we headed to the beach at Gijon. The only problem was the wind - strong gusts kept whooshing sand around so that it ended up absolutely everywhere. Unable to eat our picnic, or even lay our towels ... read more
Looking out to sea
Gijon headland
Pulling faces in the cocktail bar

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