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8th July 2010

barcelona travel tips
Some tips to travel to Barcelona: Hire a car only if you are going to spend several days there, so you can visit also the surroundings and places like Montserrat, Port Aventura, Costa Brava, etc. Be careful with pickpockets in metro and city center. If you are going to travel with your family rent a centric apartment (here they have holiday apartments in barcelona city center and they give out a free pocket guide, which is always useful). If you are going with friends it's a good idea too, but then you may want to look for something cheaper (here they have cheap accommodation in barcelona, from 19 € per night or so). And enjoy!
2nd April 2010

I enjoyed your American road trip post. I am American and always wanted to do that. My blog is looking for travel photos and travel reviews. If you have time, check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun on on the road, Eric
8th March 2009

power loss
Re power loss, turns out I'd managed to fuse the flat - it now seems that when using the oven there's a plus one rule, if any more than one electrical appliance is being used at the same time as the oven, the flat fuses. We've become dab hands at finding the switch in the dark now though!
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22nd February 2009

have a great time!
oviedo seems to be a very nice place never really been to france before - only spend 2 days in paris many years ago. would definately pay a visit to oviedo when i get a chance. cheers! (http://hongkonger.today.com)
23rd November 2008

Jake is actually a girl!
Since publishing this blog, Jake's been to the vet's, and it turns out that 'he' is actually she! But as she's got used to her name, she might just be called Jakey!
19th October 2008

Travel Radio Interview
As a former graduate student at the London School of Economics and previous law student at East China University of Politics and Law, I'm always interested in other students study abroad experiences. We may be interested in having you on our syndicated travel radio program to discuss your experiences with our audience. Please visit www.traveln-on.com to learn more about our show and also arrange a time to chat with our producer.
14th October 2008

I had forgotten my adress, just in case .
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14th October 2008

Hello, j'étudie l'anglais à Perpignan moi aussi . Je suis en première année . J'espère que tu t'amuses bien ici . I would love to know how you live this experience . Do you regret sometimes or not ? Mél.
From Blog: The first week
21st September 2008

Katy this all sounds so exciting! I'm glad you're having a good time, i'm not at all jealous of the gorgeous beach...honest! The pictures are great too, you seem very happy! :) Anyway, keep us updated, good luck for the first week of lectures! Love Gary xxx
From Blog: The first week
20th September 2008

Good luck Katy!

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