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kathie kirts

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff September 28th 2016

Let me begin with a side bar: The Petrified National Park is in Arizona not New Mexico, occasionally it's hard to see state lines. continuing our kicks on Route 66... Colleen scheduled an all day trip with All Star Grand Canyon tours, and it was an all star day. We were picked up by Jason along with 4 other passenger's at 9:00 am. Jason was/ is a Wikipedia on Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, the flora and fauna, Indian names and culture. The drive to the South rim of the Canyon took 1 1/2 hr. After parking and gathering our gear we walked to the edge-ish of the rim. Jason set up his long range viewer thingy and we saw boats and rapids on the Colorado. (See attached photo, look for the Colorado River) OK I will say ... read more
Grand Canyon South Rim
Beautiful drive into Sedona
$10 bucks if you can find Snoopy and Woodstock.

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff September 27th 2016

Time to pack the wagon and follow the Santa Fe trail aka old Route 66 to Flagstaff AZ. Our bags which seem to be expanding by the day, were loaded, pushed and shoved into the SUV/wagon. Took a side trip to the Albuquerque airport ( I could never live in this city due to off beat spelling). We have been traveling on a bald back tire. Transferred to a another SUV and off we went on Interstate 40 (formally known as Route 66) "Get your kicks on Route 66." Collleen (our Chris Columbus) spotted the Petrified Forest National Park on "the map". We stopped, no we rode around Gallup New Mexico looking for a lunch spot. Found a cafe that met all of our criteria. The park is located in NE New Mexico in Apache and ... read more
Inside of petrified stump
Petrified Forest

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe September 25th 2016

A five hour drive from Carlsbad NM to Santa Fe. The terrain wasn't too different as the trip from SanAntonio to Carlsbad, except for one new elelment - deserted towns. Not just one but many. Fortunately none of these empty towns had dead bodies, skinny starving dogs, or bleeding cats. Sunday morning we met Arlene Ory from Historic Walks of Santa Fe at the Saint Frances Hotel. She joined us in our rental car and off we went to Brandelier National Monument. It is aprox one hour from downtown Santa Fe. Arlene gave us an overview of Santa Fe, the surrounding mountains and the secrecy of Los Alamos. We were able to park close to the start of the trail and museum. "Brandelier National Monument encompasses 33,000 acres of rugged but beautiful canyon and Mesa country. ... read more
Long house
Standing in the cliff dwellings

North America » United States » New Mexico » Carlsbad September 24th 2016

Day 2 at Carlsbad scheduled for a walk through a piece of the earth that 500 million years ago was under water. This is the magnificent main cavern in the national park. To enter we rode an elevator 750 feet underground. We met our guide Dave who led us through the caverns. Although we were told no photos, Dave gave us permission. Out came the cell phones to record the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. One small fact: it takes 80 years for these cave Structures to grow one inch... look at the photos and wonder how many thousands of years these stalactites etc have been growing. Onto Santa Fe, another 4 hour drive through the wild, Wild West.... read more
Carlsbad cavern
Photos from our 1 1/2 tour of the cave.

North America » United States » New Mexico » Carlsbad September 23rd 2016

Driving from San Antonio to Carlsbad New Mexico. Think Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Cisco Kid riding on their loyal horses in the bad lands looking for Bad Men. That was the landscape and terrain we rode through for 7 hours. Add a few oil wells, wind turbines, a cell tower or two and that completes the picture. IF THE MOVIE THE BIRDS MAKES YOU SHIVER DO NOT READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW, JUST SAYIN at dusk last night we saw the most spectacular work of art Mother Nature can produce at Carlsbad cave. We witnessed 450,000 Brazilian free tail bats leave their cave for their night work in the sky. Aprox 45 minutes of bats flying out in flocks from the cave entrance . The show begins right before dusk and by the time we ... read more
Carlbad caverns national park

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio September 22nd 2016

The Alamo is a piece of early Texas/ American History. A Catholic mission in the 1700's ended as a battleground defended by the Alamo company against the Mexicans in 1936. The Alamo company included men from the United States, Great Britain and Germany. (And you thought it was Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and a few mountain men). The starting point of our walk to the past was selecting the Audio tour. The Alamo campus has been restored and updated with pictorial timelines and a wonderful museum. On our tour we came across a "kiosk" with a historian giving us a glimpse into the 1800's life in the wilderness. No stopping at McDonalds for a burger and a coke. The rest off the day was spent meeting my grand nephew Jason and his Mom Kristie, for lunch. ... read more
A side view of the Alamo complex
River ride on the San Antonio (photo courtesy of Tim Maye)
Colleen, John And Tim at location 1 on Alamo tour

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio September 21st 2016

Up at oh dark thirty, get dressed, put final objects in suitcases, sit on suitcase for final closure. Headed for the Asheville airport. Pulling out of the neighborhood , last site of the docks with fog on the lake gracing the boats. Headed south on 107 then at the Crossroads of Cashiers take a left on 64, and off we go away from the mountains and a hour + drive to Asheville. it is such a nice experience to leave from the middle size airports. Atlanta airport is where we met up with our travel buddies Colleen and Tim Maye. They were flying from Ft Myers and we met at the gate assigned for San Antonio. Had lunch, got to our assigned "comfort level" seats on a delta 757 and once again off we went. side ... read more

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