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September 27th 2016
Published: September 28th 2016
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Time to pack the wagon and follow the Santa Fe trail aka old Route 66 to Flagstaff AZ. Our bags which seem to be expanding by the day, were loaded, pushed and shoved into the SUV/wagon. Took a side trip to the Albuquerque airport ( I could never live in this city due to off beat spelling). We have been traveling on a bald back tire. Transferred to a another SUV and off we went on Interstate 40 (formally known as Route 66) "Get your kicks on Route 66."

Collleen (our Chris Columbus) spotted the Petrified Forest National Park on "the map". We stopped, no we rode around Gallup New Mexico looking for a lunch spot. Found a cafe that met all of our criteria.

The park is located in NE New Mexico in Apache and Navaho territory. The park covers around 170 miles. Wikipedia has a detailed article describing the petrified wood, painted desert and the occupants of this beautiful area. We elected to take the 2 hour driving tour. Each stop was amazing with either Tepees, Petroglyphs, and Petrified wood. The vastness, beauty and quiet atmosphere was a new experience for our SE eyes and ears.
Inside of petrified stumpInside of petrified stumpInside of petrified stump

The photo does not capture the beauty of the stone.

Arrived in Flagstaff in time for their 5:00 traffic - reminders of Atlantic traffic. Settled into our motel and f course went on the hunt for dinner.

Tomorrow The Grand Canyon.


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Petrified ForestPetrified Forest
Petrified Forest

Big tree stump is petrified, the inside has become rock. The wood began its petrified journey 250 million years past.

28th September 2016

Looks beautiful
The pictures are wonderful. Looks like you are having a ball. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
29th September 2016

Honey I have been reading your stories I sent a e mail back on Mon day so glad you get off the beaten path some time. There is so much to see thanks for the pictures. I am glad the rain has not caught up with you hsve fun Collen and Tim both look the same as when the last time I saw them ! Love Mom

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