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Melody Cheung

KaSiBreeeeezing by...Europe 2006

Made possible by: A coin thrown with my right hand over my right shoulder into the Trevi Fountain 3 years ago...

Trekking Schedule:
May 4-5 **Amsterdam
May 6 **Paris
May 7-8 **Madrid
May 9-10 **Barcelona
May 11-12 **Rome / Vatican
May 13 **Stromboli (Hiking the Volcanic Mtn)
May 14-15 **Sicily
May 16-18 **Greece
May 19 **Milan
May 20 **Venice
May 21 **Eisreisenwelt Ice Caves
May 22 **Vienna
May 23-24 **Prague
May 25 **Berlin
May 27 **DisneyWorld Orlando, FL =P
May 29 **Back to Surf City USA =D

Oceania » Tonga » Vava'u November 19th 2009

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 6th 2006

Gare du Nord, The Louvre, Notre Dame, Latin Quarters, Gare du Austerlitz I can’t put my finger on that ‘one’ thing I don’t like about Paris…perhaps my expectation of it was too high the last time I visited since I took French in high school and have always heard what a marvelous city Paris was…so maybe my over expectation led to a diminished return of enjoyment of the city last time. But since I disliked the city so much last time (or so my memory remembers), I had very low expectation of our half day in Paris this trip around. I can’t say I wasn’t prejudice in giving Paris less time when I planned this trip…but I guess only half a day was doing it quite a bit of injustice. But anyhow, I don’t think my ... read more
Trapped in the glass pyramid
Winged Glory
The Notre Dame

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 6th 2006

Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Red Light District, 'Museum', the Flying Pig, Vondelpark, Van Gogh Museum, Heneiken Brewery, Anne Franks House, Memorial Day weekend, GLBT festivities, Leidensplein, Spui Sam and I have had two TREMENDOUS days in Amsterdam. I can hardly believe we're moving on already tomorrow. We got off the plane early Wed morning and spent about 2 hrs sorting out train reservations for the following days, getting to the hostels, etc. We were very glad to be have been able to share rooms with other 'Piggies' from the Flying Pig Hostel =D. Let me just say...this place is CRAZY. The entrance area has a plush lounge area for the potheads, a bar for the alcoholics, FREE internet (for the geeks like myself, just kidding, I already enjoyed the other two amenities earlier =P). We were hanging ... read more
Pink Tulips
What do they do with all these tulips!?
An arch.  but not just any arch, it's an arch that I pranced thru =P

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