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19th June 2006

These are some award winning photos!
18th May 2006

So fun! I'm off this entire week. I shouldve planned ahead so at least I couldve joined you guys for part of it.... Are you going to visit Kimmy and Doris end of May? I declined my job offer so I wont have a month off. But I'm free to come visit and play any time in June / July / Aug. What's the best time for you meeper?
10th May 2006

Waiting for more!
Wow, am I the first to comment? :) You should post your itinerary here so we know where you're next in case you don't have internet for a while hehe. Anne Frank's house is really cool, isn't it? Well, not cool, but the tour was one of the most memorable for me. I'm looking forward to the photos! I thought I remember reading about another sex museum opening up somewhere, but I don't remember now. Hopefully your next train rides will be less disturbing!

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