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May 6th 2006
Published: May 6th 2006
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1st Pictures in Europe1st Pictures in Europe1st Pictures in Europe

Outside Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Red Light District, 'Museum', the Flying Pig, Vondelpark, Van Gogh Museum, Heneiken Brewery, Anne Franks House, Memorial Day weekend, GLBT festivities, Leidensplein, Spui

Sam and I have had two TREMENDOUS days in Amsterdam. I can hardly believe we're moving on already tomorrow. We got off the plane early Wed morning and spent about 2 hrs sorting out train reservations for the following days, getting to the hostels, etc. We were very glad to be have been able to share rooms with other 'Piggies' from the Flying Pig Hostel =D. Let me just say...this place is CRAZY. The entrance area has a plush lounge area for the potheads, a bar for the alcoholics, FREE internet (for the geeks like myself, just kidding, I already enjoyed the other two amenities earlier =P). We were hanging out down here last night and met a buncha of people who were almost went out to the Red Light District with. There were some room complications when we went off to drop off our bags right before everyone left, so we ddin't end up making it to the bars wtih them. And of course, two hot asian girls like us got 'hit'on
Pink TulipsPink TulipsPink Tulips

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
while sitting there, by Canadians. Sigh, they were funny. One could chug a 16 oz beer in 4 gulps, and the other was half asian with hazels eyes. Sigh, too bad they were only 22. =P

So anyways, I was just kinda kidding about that, they didn't really hit on us. I wish I could post some pics, but since this is free service, they won't let me upload pics. But we strated off the day by going to Keukenhof, where the largest tulip garden in the world is in full bloom this time of the year. We shared a lovely afternoon with about 30000 other senior citizens. None the less, I LOVED it. Can't beat seeing my favorite flowers in all kinds of variations and colors. I took so many pictures, Sam already put a clause into our backpacking agreement - I now have a limit on the number of pics she will take for me, hehe. We returend to Amsterdam after that and headed straight for the Red Light District. I won't go into details about our train ride back, but we had a nasty old man hitting on us, i had NO FREAKING idea what kinda
What do they do with all these tulips!?What do they do with all these tulips!?What do they do with all these tulips!?

Tulips Fields - Train ride on the way to Keukenhof
Dutch he was speaking, but he followed us on the train, and I was running from train cart to train cart dodging him, but somehow, we still ended up within two rows of each other. He stared at us the whole ride back, I felt violated, Sam was laughing. !!! Anyways, Red Light District - we were there a total of 3 times last night. We went too early and no one was out yet cause we didn't know it was Amsterdam's national Memorial Day. So we went to the Sex Museum, and then went back (it was an itneresting museum, there's definitely lots of historical stuff to see that I know would NEVER be displayed anywhere else...) . anyways, our second trip to the REd Light was interesting. I took my camera out, and was just TESTING the lighting condiions, with absolutely no intention of focusing on any subject matter...and the next thing I knew, I had a 'girl' screaming 'f**** camera or I will f** beeep beep beep bepp something something" at me and Sam! I guess she thought I was taking pictures of her and should be paying for her services. OOPS. Sam and I darted out, it was funny, considering the fact that she was across the streets, upstairs in her window, AND across a canal.

Our Day 2 started out with no free breakfast, cause we woke up too late. We visited the Van Gogh museum, definitely worth visiting, totally recommend it. Our next destiantion was the Heneiken Brewery, even though it was 2 streets away, it took us 1.5 hrs to get there. We wanted to get some lunch first, and we saw all these √Āmerican hot dog stands everywhere we walked around, and we decided we wer NOT going just eat a hot dog for lunch. But after like 5 miles of walking, and running into glitzy areas like Leidensplein (Rodeo Drive shopping area) with nothing that fits out budget, we began heading back to hot dog stands. Just when we were thinking we'd settle for a hot dog, we ran into what seemed liek another Memorial Day weekend festival. It was in hedonistic Vondelpark (famous park in Amsterdam), full with bands (cool American sounding ones), people with their dogs, ladies in their bras, children with eyes bigger than Christina Ricci's, and big big posters advertising the gay community. Sam and I
yes, i'm like 5 in this pictureyes, i'm like 5 in this pictureyes, i'm like 5 in this picture

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
decided to pretend we're part of that community by taking a picture with our arms around each other in front of one of the big posters. =) (we later ran into ANOTHER gay party on our way to Anne Franks'House, we were seriously was just gonna walk thru, but then they had aBelgium Waffles cart in the festivities, so we HAD to go into and try out the food! I caught a few pics of some couples in some smooching action, hehe). Anyways, back to Vondelpark, Sam and I ended up getting some very cultural Turkist Pizza for lunch, drank tap water, and smoked a joint. Sam smoked the joint, I just had lots of second hand smoke =P . Ya, I forgot to mention, we went to the Grey Area to take a look at the Cannabis menu yesterday. Woody Nelson (i tiknk that's his name..) among other famous people i didin't know have frequented that place, pretty neat, lots of 420 bumper stickesr all over the wall. So Sam had a joint that she couldn't finish, which she is still finishing in the cool plush lounge area hanging out with other sharers of the joint while i'm being
Yellow TulipsYellow TulipsYellow Tulips

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
a geek. =P Oh my goodness...soo much to write still!!!! Our days have been so fun-filled...without being over tiring. My personal favorite was the Heneiken Brewery, if any one ever wants to go, I will bring you. That place was a giant amusement park for Sam and I. It was so much fun, I would bet you it beats any brewery you've been or would ever go to. they gave us beer before the tour even started!!!!! There were these cool interactive things to do, look for a cool video from us, when i figure out how to put a video on the net. Maybe i'll just email it. We ended the day at Anne Franks House and a good traditional Dutch dinner with Pate for appetizer, eel mustard leek soup, and hotchpotch stampot as the main entree. The Anne Franks House was a touching visit, the whole place looks just like it did in the 1940s, canal, neighborhood, streets, everything. I think my time is almost running out on the Internet. I think I will go join Sam now on the plush lounge, and we will be off to Paris tomorrow morning, following int he foosteps of Robert Langdon
Orange TulipsOrange TulipsOrange Tulips

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
at the Louvre. Hopefully I will be able to post pics on the web, get a phone card and call some of you, and write more after we party it up in sleepless Madrid. Dank U for reading! =D

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Red TulipsRed Tulips
Red Tulips

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
bright pink?bright pink?
bright pink?

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
and some purple ones...and some purple ones...
and some purple ones...

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
Quaint little house by the gardensQuaint little house by the gardens
Quaint little house by the gardens

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
a bike parking lota bike parking lot
a bike parking lot

outside Amsterdam Central Train Station

The Grey Area
We became PiggiesWe became Piggies
We became Piggies

Flying Pig Hostel

10th May 2006

Waiting for more!
Wow, am I the first to comment? :) You should post your itinerary here so we know where you're next in case you don't have internet for a while hehe. Anne Frank's house is really cool, isn't it? Well, not cool, but the tour was one of the most memorable for me. I'm looking forward to the photos! I thought I remember reading about another sex museum opening up somewhere, but I don't remember now. Hopefully your next train rides will be less disturbing!
18th May 2006

So fun! I'm off this entire week. I shouldve planned ahead so at least I couldve joined you guys for part of it.... Are you going to visit Kimmy and Doris end of May? I declined my job offer so I wont have a month off. But I'm free to come visit and play any time in June / July / Aug. What's the best time for you meeper?
19th June 2006

These are some award winning photos!

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