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19th November 2012

I did this exact trip a few weeks ago! How cool to see your photos and hear your stories!
22nd November 2012

Thank you...wasn't it amazing....I would so do it all again....feel so lucky to have been able to do it.
7th November 2012

Dead Sea... Was In Awe Reading and Seeing Your Photos
Your stay at the Dead Sea looked so serene and peaceful. I bet it was well worth the stop and so fabulous to unwind and relax. What an amazing place to be... The pictures of you and Sian floating with arms and legs above water just made me smile!! Mother and daughter memories made for sure!!!
8th November 2012

Dead Sea
Thanks Glynnis, it was an incredible place and experiece. You just couldn't sink if you tried. The resort was incredible. Jordan is incredible. I am so glad you have enjoyed the blogs.
30th October 2012

Loving Your Blog... Better Than A Novel!
Kathy... I am sure enjoying all your blog posts. Especially when I see the places my kids saw this summer like the Acropolis... :)
8th October 2012

I Feel Like I am Right There Too!
Kathy! Your descriptions and photos of your trip are simply fantastic! I feel like I am on this journey with you! I went to my inlaws for Thanksgiving Dinner last night and told them that Iceland needs to be on their list. I was a bit too late... They have booked Argentina in the Spring and Baltic Cruise in the Fall... They said maybe 2014 :) Safe Journeys...
3rd October 2012

Iceland, How Stunning!
Your recent blog about Iceland and how three generations in your family were able to experience your heritage together was simply touching. From your photos andpassionate narrative it sounds as though you will be returning one day to spend even more time there.
28th September 2012

Hey Kathy, Your way with words brings the images alive and I can almost breathe the fresh and wonderful air! It must be so amazing for you all to explore your roots, an opportunity which alludes many. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and allowing us to tag along with you on this fantastic journey of adventure and discovery.
From Blog: I Love Iceland
28th September 2012

wonderful journey
What gorgeous pictures! It sounds like you're having a blast. You'll have to impress us with a couple of words in icelandic. I love reading your entries so keep them coming. And say a big hi to the rest of the family
From Blog: I Love Iceland
28th September 2012

When's the next flight?
Wait for me! I'll be there overnight. You go girl! What a wonderful narrator. ~M~
From Blog: I Love Iceland
28th September 2012

When's the next flight?
Wait for me! I'll be there overnight. You go girl! What a wonderful narrator. ~M~
From Blog: I Love Iceland
28th September 2012

Kathy, what an amazing trip and fantastic photos...thanks for sharing. You must be so excited with much anticipation about the rest of your wonderful journey!
From Blog: I Love Iceland
26th August 2012

Beyond Excited For You!
As you prepare and research for your amazing trip I will be following you and your blog of adventures! This truly will be a trip of a lifetime and to share this those who are so special in your life makes it more special! Your hubby is amazing for staying home taking care of the Shelties and the house... :)
24th August 2012

kathy, have a wonderful trip. See you when you you get back. Lots of love Xox
25th June 2012

A great trip commentary Kathy - thankyou for sharing your trip and pics with those of us who travel with you over the 'net.
20th June 2012

Hey Girl
Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time! Sounds fantastic and the weather can be spectacular at this time of year. I hope the fun cintinues!
From Blog: Cruising Alaska
19th June 2012

Travel comments
Its so nice that you are able to travel. You must have a wonderful stay at home family who are really missing you at this time, although treats seem to make the wait more bearable.
2nd June 2012

I am jealous!!
Hi Kathy, Sounds like you have an amazing trip ahead of you all right! I bet you will have a great time going to the quilt places. I hope you take photos of the quilts and post them on your blog, can't wait to see them.

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