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I am a student at Western Washington University in Washington state traveling to Kenya for a service learning project and interning in India for 3 months assisting with micro-finance loans.

Since I last wrote many things have changed 1) The House of Representatives has a new majority with the GOP. Whether this will bring increased cooperation between the two parties as historically shown or become a self-fulfilling prophecy of stagnated decisions, only time will tell. Being in the nation’s capital where all these changes will take place is such a strange feeling as I know so many things will change in DC. 2) My halloween costume from two years ago became an embodiment of a little less known Christine O'Donnell event. I wore the costume proudly. http://gawker.com/5674353/i-had-a-one+night-stand-with-christine-odonnell 2) I have a new place to live. I am still in Chinatown but about four blocks close to the heart of the action. I have two great roommates, Jeff and Lynne, and I occupy the sunroom. The room ... read more

Right? It’s always funny how much time goes by between writing blog posts. It’s the classic phenomena of feeling like it was a short yet long amount of time between events. So since I last wrote, it has felt like months and hours. The main things I’ve been focused on are my internships, working at the hostel, looking for other jobs and places to live, and making friends. My internship has also been paradoxical, busy and yet not. We accomplish a lot of work but it feels very slow and I don’t necessarily feel like I’m doing a good job. I have two main projects. One is working on researching and writing a proposal about the role of religious groups on post-conflict development/reconstruction and their interaction with political parties. Apparently this issue hasn’t been studied very ... read more

Antarctica September 20th 2010

I am going to try and post two links to my facebook page. With my super exciting night life (working) I have had a lot of time to go through my pictures and choose my favorites. I also have an album of my pictures thus far in DC. Let me know if the links aren't working and enjoy! Favorite Pictures http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2277380&id=25915056&l=aec997ce18 DC http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2269939&id=25915056&l=1372bf85b3 ... read more

I have been learning so much during my 2 weeks here. It’s election time which has been very enlightening on the political situation of DC. Apparently there are no representatives with voting power in the House or Senate which creates a unique situation for our government capital. Other things I’ve learnt about DC are the different neighborhoods and people inhabiting the district. Although normally not a runner, I have been really into running around the magnificent places in DC. I recently expanded my run from Union Station, the Capitol Building and Washington Monument to include the Whitehouse, Lincoln, WWII, and Korean War memorials. Running has become a metaphor for my transition in DC- a completely different mental and physical state than I’m used to. I’ve realized that each of us has hidden capacity to accomplish things ... read more

Whoa whoa whoa whatta week! I can’t believe that only seven days ago I was in Seattle with my family saying goodbye. It has felt like I have been living in DC for year. Maybe it is because my first week in DC has been really enjoyable or that a vast amount of learning about DC, my internship and my new job has occurred. Or maybe it’s because a week ago I had no internship or job and not even a place to live. How much has changed. I started my journey at 8:30 am on Saturday the 4th. My parents dropped me off at the airport and after waving goodbye to them at security I waited for my plane to come. The ride was very bumpy and upset my delicate stomach reactors that hate motion ... read more

Hello all, It's been awhile since I have written and I decided as this is a new adventure I should start again. Hopefully this blog won't only help you keep up on my life but also help me deconstruct everything going on. So many things are new and I have so much to get used to that everyday feels overwhelmingly difficult. As this is my first week things are still very hectic and I will write soon about how I arrived in DC, my first week and my observations. Thanks for your interest in my life! Please keep me up to date on what is happening in your lives as well. Julie... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra October 29th 2009

I may be taking a short hiatus from posting blogs. It's not that I don't want to post, but I am so unbelievably busy at work that it may be difficult to have time to write the blogs. I am working on a training manual that consists of 13 one hour trainings. I have two weeks to finish writing and researching the trainings then I'm doing a test implementation over two days and reviewing and making changes. If you do the math, that means all of my time is taken up in the next few weeks until I leave. I will try my hardest because I love hearing all of your responses and it is really helpful for me to reflect through blogging; however, I ask for your patience and just remember the information will come. ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra October 21st 2009

A couple things I feel I haven’t talked about: People are very proud to be Indian and being from the same country is a uniting factor just like in the US; however, each state has its own identity that might even override their patriotism. More people turn out for local level elections than national elections and an Indian person will always identify where they are from. Each state has its own dishes and traditions that people follow and make it very hard to generalize India. People in Maharashtra, the state I live in, especially are proud of where they are from. So the food I’m eating, the culture I’m experience, is Maharashtran. If I was in the South, where Hindi is abhorred and things are more liberal, or up north where the very poor live and ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra October 6th 2009

10/5-10/6 Today I went on my first field visit in rural Maharasthra, the state that Rajgurunagar and Mumbai are in. I went with a field officer Sanjay who was going to be conducting a training in a nearby town, approximately 25km away. We took the bus early in the morning and arrived to the town 1 ½ hours later (it takes awhile to travel small distances here because the roads are so bad). When we arrived it was pouring rain. We both forgot our umbrellas and became completely soaked in the minutes it took to get from the bus stop to the Chaitanya office we were going to. We waited at the office for two hours for the group to arrive. Unlike in Mumbai, the group must travel to the nearest Chaitanya office for trainings which ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra October 6th 2009

On Tuesday the 29th of September Sandhya, the coordinator of my program, came to take me to Chaitanya. I was unsure if Chaitanya was a town or the name of the organization I was going to work with and basically unsure of anything where I was going. We went by a car and drove through the most beautiful scenery. We kept rising in the mountains and went through a beautiful mountain pass. The sparse houses and green hills surrounding us in contrast to the buildings of Mumbai created so much excitement for what was to come. I arrived in Rajgurunagar or Khed (same town) mid-afternoon and went to Chaitanya, which turns out to be an organization. Rajgurunagar has two names because it was renamed after India’s independence from England for a famous freedom, Rajguru, who was ... read more

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