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FROM ZERO TO HERO Since leaving Panama City I met up with Kayce in her voluntary home for the last two months of La Paz, Bolivia. While there she was volunteering in various medical facilities, all of which were based around her interest in pediatrics. In addition to her volunteer work, she was also getting one-on-one Spanish lessons 5 days a week and has jumped wayyy past me in her ability to converse, debate and of course barter. And for an explanation for the title of this blog, I went from the shores of Panama City at sea level to a whopping 12,000’ in a matter of hours. La Paz is perched near the peaks of the Andes and owns the title of highest capital city in the world. Game on. After a couple nights catching ... read more
Locas Banderas
Love it or hate it, Bolivian politics
Salty Building Blocks

After leaving the desert in the north of Chile (San Pedro de Atacama) Kayce and I boarded a 24-hour bus down the coast to the beautifully eccentric port town of Valparaiso. Before you cringe at the thought of 24 hours on a bus, I should mention that the buses in Chile and Argentina are downright luxurious. There are only 3 seats across (two and one) which lay almost completely flat. Service includes hot meals, snacks, wine, coffee, etc. In addition, there is no hostel to pay for during these trips. So…as crazy as it seems, I actually look forward to our bus rides. A far cry from the sweaty chicken buses of Central America or the dingy, druggy Greyhounds of the USA. Valparaiso, at least for the first day, was a delight. My best analogy for ... read more
Steep Streets of Valpo
Bohemian street art of Valpo
Ascensor tracks

I'm writing to you today from a breathtaking location in the Andes Mountains. I left Panama on June 29th and have been eager to get my Panama story up for you since leaving but have had a difficult time getting proper internet and I quite literally have been trying to catch my breath. Since leaving Nicaragua Devon and I continued on to a very brief stay in Costa Rica en route to our destination country of Panama (we had both been to Costa Rica before and know our Pura Vida). In getting to Panama, we stayed a couple nights in the rastafarian Caribbean town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Our time spent there went well enough but the weather and first hand accounts of machete laden banditos put a bit of a damper on our time ... read more
Swimmin with starfish
P. City by day

Hello from Central America! In case you didn't know, I have begun traveling again and have been on the road now for two weeks. I began my trip in Nicaragua traveling with two friends from high school, Devon and Steve. Steve has been working with the Peace Corps in Tola, Nicaragua for the past ten months and I had been wanting to make it down to visit him during his stay. I started my trip there and will continue down through South America until August. I am writing today from Panama City, Panama but I first wanted to get a blog up about my travels in Nicaragua. The amazing time that I have had in Costa Rica and Panama will have to wait a few days. We began our travels in the capital, Managua, on June ... read more
La Laguna in the crater of the volcano

Hello Arizona!! Hi there loyal patrons of my amateur travel-blog. I recently spent my spring break backpacking Havasu Canyon and canoeing the Colorado River in the Black Canyon below Hoover Dam and have had some requests for pictures and a story (apologies for the delay, been super busy). The first leg of the trip was a 12 hour ride from Santa Barbara to the rim of Havasu Canyon, part of Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. We camped there for the night before backpacking in approximately ten miles early the next morning. The hike began with an extremely steep one and a half miles of switchbacks bringing us to the canyon floor which was followed by a slow descent down the canyon to Havasupai Village and two miles later the infamous Havasu Falls. Havasupai Village ... read more
Beginning the descent
In the canyon
First break on the trail

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 23rd 2007

Buenos Aires y Iguazu Falls I have finally made it home, and California has never seemed so good. Upon arrival home I have traveled roughly 15,555 miles, and am ready for some Cali´ in my life. Spent the day today on the beach in SB. Our time spent in Argentina was great. We began with touring the city for a few days and enjoying a traditional tango show. We found Buenos Aires to be a very cosmopolitan city in comparison to the rest of South America. The Porteños (locals) go as far as to consider it the Paris of South America. The food was a very welcome change from the likes of Peru and Bolivia. Of our 12 nights here, we probably had steak 6 or 7 times. The best part is, it´s still South America ... read more
Snow Capped Andes
Cabrera on Cabrera

Hi everybody, Just wanted to say I really appreciate the texts and emails concerning the Peru earthquake and my whereabouts in South America. My friends and I are already over in Argentina and missed the quake by about 5 days. We actually spent some time last week where the epicenter of the quake was, and are feeling grateful to have already left. The sand dunes on my previous blog are very near the center and the picture of the sunset on the water is where around 450 people perished in the quake. We fly back to Lima on Tuesday for 1 day before leaving for the states, hoping to not have any problems. Argentina blog coming soon. Hope all is well back home. ------------Johaan... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina August 12th 2007

A Desert Oasis Amazingly we made it out of Bolivia in one piece. Public transportation has been shady at times in Peru, but Bolivia is a whole differrent world. We caught a 24hr bus ride a couple days ago from La Paz, Bolivia to Huacachina, Peru. AFTER getting out of Bolivia we had a very pleasant ride up through the desert of western Peru, more specifically to the oasis town found on the back of the Peruvian 50 sole bill, Huacachina. The town is made up solely of backpackers looking for some sandboarding and working on their tan. We figured it would be a perfect detour for us before heading up to the capital of Lima. The sandboarding is one of the cooler things any of us had ever done. It started with hopping in a ... read more
Shreddin Sand

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Yungas Road August 10th 2007

School´s Out! Well we finished school on August 3rd. We had a final dinner as a class out at one of the nicer restaurants in Cuzco. Some very interesting meats were served (kidney, heart, etc.) but very good none the less. After a late night of drinking and saying our goodbyes seven of us set off for a 22 hr bus ride to La Paz, Bolivia. Along with an absolutely insane border crossing, a flat tire on the bus and chasing down buses in a city without a bus station, we made it to the capital of Bolivia where we stayed for 3 nights. Included in our stay was our third independence day in just over a month (USA, Peru and Bolivia). Honestly it ended up causing us more problems than anything, but that´s life in ... read more
Bound for La Paz.
Bye bye Peru...

South America » Peru » Madre de Dios » Puerto Maldonado July 27th 2007

Well, I´ll start by saying that I am extremely dissapointed about this website crashing. For those of you that had been following the blogs, you know how much info was lost. Life goes on though right. Well I have three little adventures ready to be ¨blogged¨, the narrative may be a bit short though, my apologies. I am now on the road, and internet access is kinda rare. Anyways... the Mighty Jungle From the 27th to the 29th of July we made it out to the Amazon Basin, more specifically Puerto Maldonado. It was a short 45min flight down out of the Andes into the depths of the jungle. Upon arrival in the small town of Puerto Maldonado we took hour and a half boat ride down the river to our lodge, Eco-Amazonia. Eco-Amazonia is a ... read more
Motorcycle Diaries
Airport Shuttle

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