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Johaan Ryberg

Teacher from Santa Cruz, CA who enjoys spending summers traveling. Sometimes just a backpack, other times with a group of 20 fired up middle schoolers.
Regions of the world explored include various parts of the Americas, Europe, and SE Asia. Sights are set on east Africa in the near future.
I created the blog a while back to communicate with other travelers as well as give friends and family back home something to keep up to date with. Any questions or commentary on the blogs is much appreciated. Please subscribe to follow along.

*Please note that the Brazil blogs were done very belatedly and have little narrative.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 24th 2012

Bustling Bangkok. Where to begin? I spent six nights here following my stay in Cambodia, and it served as a transition in my trip from sort of roughing it with my adventure travel group, to a more comfortable journey with the long awaited arrival of Kayce! I’ve got to say, if you get bored in this city of 7.7 million in central Thailand, you may want to check your pulse. There is a mountainscape of skycrapers, neon lights galore, and a rich cultural history tucked into it all. I thought it interesting too that Thailand is the only country in the region that has never been colonized. After pulling into town from Cambodia, we found our way to Khao San Rd to start things off. From what I had heard, and now would have to agree, ... read more
Munchies on Khao San Rd.
Romantic little long boat tour through the canals at sunset
Just another traffic circle in Bangkok

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 22nd 2012

As my guide would say, Angkor What! To begin, I want to say that my writing and photography will not do this site justice. It is my pleasure to give a try though. Angkor Wat. The largest religious building in the world, complimented by miles and miles of similarly jaw-dropping structures of Buddhist-Hindu blends of stonework that have survived over 1,000 years of wars, torrential rains and an ever growing jungle forest. My stay in Siem Reap/Angkor was two and a half days. However, the amateur theologian, historian or just hardy traveler could easily spend a week tuk-tuk'ing from one sacred site to the next. It truly is mind boggling how extensive the ruins are here, and I've got to say that it makes a place like Machu Picchu seem sort of small in comparison. Some ... read more
Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 19th 2012

My travels have taken me into the lands of the Khmer people, Cambodia. I instinctively have begun to compare it to the only other Asia that I know, Vietnam. There have been many eye catching differences, some positive and others not so much. Our first stop was in the capital of Phnom Pen (puh nom pen). I originally thought that beyond the world famous Angkor Wat, the whole of Cambodia would be a wild west of sorts. Along the river walk of the capital though, I couldn't have been farther from the truth. The banks of the Tonle Sap are lined with Irish pubs, French bakeries and English breakfast joints. Each one filled with expats from all over the world. Even now I'm not sure what they're all doing here. UN? NGO's? Old white men in ... read more
Chambok Waterfalls
World Famous Kampot Green Peppercorn Crab
Cambodian hand-powered gas pump

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City July 10th 2012

Since last writing I have been on a whirlwind tour south down the coast of Vietnam and am now in a rainy cafe in south Cambodia. I'll try and give a brief synopsis of each stop, the travels between (my birthday!) and a finish with the city formerly known as Saigon. After leaving Hanoi, we caught an overnight train to the "homeland" of my guide Ky, the city of Hue. Hue is the old imperial capital of the region, and boasts a massive citadel as the crown jewel of the town, which was used up into the 20th century. The stories of its eccentric kings, concubines and eunuchs had us all in awe (one of the kings was supposedly A-sexual and preferred to cuddle with the eunuchs instead of his concubines or queen). The real highlights ... read more
Po Nagar Cham Towers (Nha Trang)
Welcome to Hoi An
Sunset cruise to cooking class in Hoi An

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi June 24th 2012

Greetings from Vietnam! I have arrived safely and am having an incredible time in this land of distinct tastes, smells, people and landscape. I arrived about a week ago and have been dodging motorbikes ever since. My first stop was in Hanoi, where I was able to combat some pretty formidable jet lag (24hrs travel, 14hr time zone change) at the "westerner" Sheraton for a couple of nights thanks to my gracious sister's employment :) My first day out I had big aspirations of walking the town but became entranced by the Vietnam Military History Museum where I spent a good 3-4 hours. This outdoor/indoor exhibit was a blast from the past, literally. The centerpiece of the museum was two large lots that were filled with what I would call a trophy case of American helicopters, ... read more
Typical family trip on the motorbike
phở bò!
Hoan Kiem Lake

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Ipanema August 2nd 2010

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! Kayce and I spent our last four days of our trip in this vibrant, cultural, and exhilirating city. Also known as the Marvelous City, Rio is known for its lush green mountains, white sand beaches, samba, and of course its very good looking residents. Our time was spent checking out Christ the Redeemer, street dancing in Lapa, cheering on the local futbol teams and of course soaking up the sun on Rio'sworld famous beachers.... read more
Stunning view from Corcavado Mountain
Ipanema Beach

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande July 28th 2010

Ihla Grande, Brazil. This small island is just southwest of Rio. Unlike Rio though, the island of Ihla Grande doesn't have any cars, banks, or all the other things associated with normal life. Instead, Ihla Grande offers amazing white sand secluded beaches and lush forests. Along with Kayce and I, our two British friends Andrew and Charlie and two Danish friends Cathrine and Pernille joined us for the trip. Our lodging is usually not worth mentioning, but this experienc is worth noting. Our "studio" had six beds, our own bathroom, dining room and kitchen. On top of the room, the owner delightful owner, George, coooked the best dinners we had eaten all trip. For a small fee we had smorgasboard dinners and free breakfasts (with fresh baked cakes!). We all wanted to stay and live here! ... read more
Andrew and Charlie making up some refreshments
The dessert carts were the things of dreams
"Studio" Life

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo July 22nd 2010

After three days in Montevideo, Kayce and I took a cheap flight up to the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where we met up with Sam and Derek, our friends from college who teach at a language school in Sao Paulo. During our two days there, we relaxed in the park, got introduced to the Afro-Brazilian dish feijoada, explored the massive urban market, and learned how to make Brazil's infamous caipirinhas.... read more
Helicopter Travels
The Park

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 16th 2010

Chic B.A. Before I get to reminiscing about an amazing city by the name of Buenos Aires, I first wanted to say how pleasant my return home has been. Aside from taking showers that I actually feel clean after exiting and eating lots and lots of fresh vegetables, it has been so rewarding talking to some of you loyal readers who have expressed your enjoyment in reading the blog. Numerous times now I've spoken to people who I haven't seen in months who offhandedly mention some of my crazy stories from down south ("coffee with legs" came up a lot, hmmm). So cool. It really makes this worthwhile. One other noteworthy bit of news and a great welcome home, I've been offered a job teaching 7th grade in Santa Cruz and will be accepting the position ... read more
La Bombonera (the Chocolate Box)
Blinding Buenos
The Final Product

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza July 9th 2010

After leaving Santiago a couple weeks ago Kayce and I continued our journey with a trip over the top of the Andes Mountains from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina. As is evident from the pictures, the drive was absolutely stunning. In addition to the glacial rivers and snowy slopes that we passed through, we also cruised right through a couple of ski resorts with the chair-lifts passing right over the top of the bus. Mendoza is known as the capital of internationally renowned Argentine wine. For many of us Californians when we think wine country we think of the low rolling green hills of Napa or Santa Barbara. Mendoza is different. Set at the base of the Andes Mountains, the vineyards of Mendoza are adored with a picturesque snowy backdrop, and the cold winter temperatures that ... read more
Andean Powder
Andean Border Crossing
Achaval Ferrer

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