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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton September 19th 2018

Brisbane - Rockhampton- Townsville Walked down by the river front and down to the Queens Mall area and did some shopping on my day off the bike. Brisbane is a beautiful city but I'm ready for the hinterlands. I'm going to get everything packed up tonight so I can get an early start and try to beat some of the traffic in the morning. Logically, I'll be going against the grain but I would have thought the same about coming into town yesterday afternoon... Not. I've been told once you get north of Brisbane you leave behind the last of the southern urban areas and start to see more wildlife. I've got 847 miles to cover over the next two days. Tomorrow I'll do half the distance and make it to Rockhampton then on to Townsville. ... read more
River Bridge day time
Queen street Mall Brisbane
River Brisbane

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 19th 2018

JUST A COUPLE OF IMPORTANT REMINDERS, First, when I send a lot of pictures you have to click below the text to see the rest of the pictures beyond what is embedded in the text ! ALSO and OF MORE IMPORTANCE - If you haven't made your way over to the website, please don't put it off. 100 percent of your donations are going directly to Cureduchenne and will be used to find a Cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I've been bragging to the Aussie's about how generous people from the fastener and industrial distribution industries are in the US/Europe/ and Asia so please help me keep face :) We've got a long way to go to reach this years goal. I've got a lot of comments on the ride T-Shirts - Don't forget a ... read more
Drover JIm

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 18th 2018

Coff's Harbour and The Road to Brisbane Thanks to my wife’s suggestion to leave Sydney a day early, I had a short 2 1/2 hour ride up to Coff’s Harbour from Port Macquiere. Coff’s H is a getaway spot with both marinas and beaches. I wanted a hotel along the beach-however that’s not exactly what I got. That said: what I got was actually pretty cool. I reserved Brodie’s Beach House Bungalow (BBHB) Which turned out to be more of a Air BnB in a residential area. I drove right past it on my first pass thinking I was looking for a resort (see the little sign). Brodie’s consist of a 4 bedroom house with a little 1 room bungalow behind the house. No one was around so I called and got the owner and told ... read more
Brodies sign I missed the first pass by
Brodies other half bungalow view
Brodies Bungalow

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Macquarie September 16th 2018

Day 4-5-6 Day four was bike prep day. I had to replace a screw in my windshield which came in after I shipped the bike back in July, remove the garmin from my bike and put in the Australia chip, and finally get gas once the chip was installed. I had 11 miles of fuel in my bike so I couldn't afford to get lost (easy to do in Sydney). I made it to the gas station no problem and was able to hit Harry's meat pies and some of the Aussie naval fleet (see pics). Harry's is a local favorite and was pointed out to me by Alan who is the concierge at the Marriott Harbour hotel (also a fellow rider). Side note for those planning to travel to Australia the Marriott Harbour at Circular ... read more
Harrys hut
Harrys tiger pie
jim Harry pic

Oceania » Australia September 11th 2018

And He's off ..... or is he? I started planning the trip to Australia shortly after I got back from the Gaelic Turas ride in Ireland & Scotland last August . I thought I had checked on Visa requirements back then but maybe ........not. The day before departure, I tried to check in on line with the American air AP for my flights to LAX then on to Sydney. I wasn’t shocked when it said “need more info see agent to check in”. This happens often when I try to check in for an international flight. When I got to the AA counter the agent said you need a visa.....I said “since when” she said “since last December” I responded with “oh Sh#€ “ ! There are always glitches that crop up on these trips but ... read more
IMG_MB sunset
IMG_Harbour bride
IMG_harbour view

Oceania September 4th 2018

T minus 1 After nearly 11 months of planning coupled with a heck of a lot support, I'm finally down to my last item checklist. Packing for a trip of this magnitude is a challenge, particularly knowing what ever I take basically needs to fit into the two waterproof duffel bags sitting on my passenger seat. The weather will vary a little but it should be 40-50's at night in Sydney and 60-70's during the day when I arrive. The further North I go the warmer the days will get (nights will be about the same). I chose this time of year because it is one of the drier times through out the areas I'm going to ride. Here are some fun facts about the trip: Approximate planned Miles - about 5,000 ( doesn't include side ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour August 5th 2018

Final Prep Hello readers, My bike has started its journey of approximately 9,300 miles to Sydney, Australia. Did you know that if you want to ship your vehicle to a foreign country you need to get a "carnet" to ship it? This document is akin to a passport for your vehicle and requires a boat load of paperwork (in fact much more work than a visa would be for a person). Crane Worldwide is assisting me with both the carnet and getting my bike shipped to Australia and back. Crane knows a thing or two about shipping motorcycles around the world, they were responsible for shipping Harley Davidson's bikes all over the world for their last big anniversary celebration. The bike will go by boat to Australia instead of by plane. If you ship by plane ... read more
OZ route 18

Oceania » Australia May 16th 2018

Pre-Blog #1 Hello Folks, It has been about 10 months since the last posting of the 'Gaelic Turas ride 17' through Ireland & Scotland. Those of you who are first timers on the blog can still go into and read excerpts and view pictures from last year’s motorcycle ride through Ireland and Scotland. If you've been around following the blogs over the years, you know that I dedicate my rides to Cureduchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Over the years many of my local friends and relatives, along with my extensive fastener industry family here in the US, Asia and Europe have donated over $30,000 to the Cureduchenne cause. I'm looking for sponsors this year to help move the donation dial -100% of donations go right to Cureduchenne and are used to help find a cure. You can ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 20th 2017

The "Gaelic Turas Ride" was awesome. I want to thank all the well wishers, supporters, and teammates that made the trip possible. Taking on a trip of this size and duration takes a lot of support from many people. Starting with my lovely wife- Karen who I know worries about me on the trips but gives me her support anyway. My team mates at work who all chip in to keep the company steaming ahead. The hundreds of people who follow the blogs, comment, and donate to cureduchenne. The Cureduchenne team, particularly, Alicia who helped me along the way. Lastly, all those that I met during the ride that made my trip so pleasant and memorable. Thanks to all for their help, guidance, and support. Over the last 8 years, I've completed 4 rides dedicated to ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 15th 2017

The ride down from Belfast to Dublin was pretty clear -once again just enough rain to be a nuisance but not enough to require a change of gear. My plan was to go straight to the Radisson Blu Airport in Dublin -unload my gear and check in then take the bike back to Kill from the airport. The bike is a lot more comfortable to ride with out my 80+ pounds of gear on the back. It took me about 35 minutes to make it down to Kill. Louise, who had checked me in back when I arrived and handled my green fuel issue on day one -was on duty. Louise was just finishing up with a new rental to a young guy from Russia that was heading over for a 5 day trip to Killarney ... read more

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