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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oak Creek May 29th 2019

It's that time of year again!The snow has melted (for the most part) - and its time to starting clicking off miles on the road. After two consecutive years of International trips on the bike - I've decided to bring it down a notch or two and stay in the good Ol' USA. I've managed to visit all 50 states by car or plane, but there are nine in which I've not ridden a bike. This trip will help me check off 6 of them: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, and Georgia & (The District of Columbia). Leaving North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island, yet to conquer via the bike. (rode a bike to the top of Haleakala in Hawaii with some friends and my wife and kids a few years back). As length ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lizard Island October 24th 2018

Supplemental Blog Hello Readers I’ve gotten some requests to give an update on my post ride sightseeing with Karen and to share some of our photos. The pictures will be in a similar chronology that Karen and I visited the cities and sights: We started in Sydney, then flew to Alice Springs, then drove to Uluru (Ayers Rock), then drove back to Alice Springs, flew to Darwin, flew to Cairns, flew to Lizard Island, flew back to Cairns and on to Melbourne, then flew to Sydney, and then back to the states. Karen is a much better tourism director then I am so we did a lot more sightseeing together than I did on my ride. We did the obligatory visit to the Sydney opera house and the full hop on hop off bus tour of ... read more
Lunch with Karen on her first day in Syndey on our 36th wedding anniversary
Opera House view from our room in Sydney
Water Taxi ride to see Book of Mormon in Sydney

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Harbourside October 9th 2018

The Last Leg & (1/2) The Return to Sydney and Karen's arrival. Left Canberra around 9:00- I intentionally didn’t gas up because I need to turn my bike in with just a small amount of fuel for the transport back home. Rain was threatening and it did indeed spit on me a little but not enough to make me don my rain gear. Note: Of my eight major rides this trip was my longest (# days), yet is the only trip that I didn’t have to don my rain gear at anytime during the entire trip! While a little chilly it wasn’t very windy on the trip up to Sydney. The terrain was hilly with lots of sheep and cattle farms. I had to stop for gas about 100 miles from Sydney and had to guesstimate ... read more
Another Colm from Cork _ Second Colm I've met from Cork Ireland both are nice fellas
My Osaka based Teppanyaki Chef in Sydney
Karen and I having lunch with the Harbor bridge in the background_ when we return we will climb to the top

The A.C.T (Australian Capital Territory) After a quick breakfast and settling up with the RSI Club Motel ( by the way a very nice hotel if you venture through Wagga Wagga- Don't forget to bring your lawn bowling equipment!) For most of the trip over to the ACT, I was on a 4 lane divided Highway which was fantastic since I wouldn't have to deal with many Road Trains. The scenery was much different from anything I've seen in Australia thus far. Rolling hills with lots of green - I thought at one point I was back in Scotland on last years trip. Lots of grazing sheep and cattle. Side Bar: Where as the U.S. spends the largest portion of its budget on Defense then I'd say the Aussies spend the largest portion of their budget ... read more
Sheep grazing
rolling hills reminded me of Ireland Scotland
About King O'Malley

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wagga Wagga October 5th 2018

Was off and running at 9:00 A.M. after a quick Petro stop and a Brekkie break ( Aussie’s term for Breakfast). While just as chilly as yesterday -there was no wind. I learned my lesson and dressed appropriately from the get go today! I made 185 miles on my first sitting, I’m gaining confidence in my ability to fuel up with in 50 miles of empty, so I’m not stopping as often as I did in the outback. Did 165 miles on the second sitting after fueling up and having a terrific lunch. I’ve found that Shell gas stations often have a good brekkie or lunch/diner restaurant tied to them. Refueled in Hay, NSW and had a bacon, egg, cheese burger with everything. Their everything includes Beets on the burger - wow another Winner Winner Chicken ... read more
View of NSW (New South Wales) from the drivers seat.
Infamous Road Train- There is another trailer that you can't see yet.  53 Meters long
Selfie with the Lawn bowling and race tracks grounds in the background

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Sunraysia October 4th 2018

After one last stop at Finn McCool’s for a couple pints and to cash in my gift certificate. I decided on a later start since I only had about 250 miles to deal with in route to Mildura. About 75 miles from Mildura I entered my 5th state/territory “Victoria”. I only have one remaining - The A.C.T. Australian Capital Territory which is pretty much made up entirely of the area encompassing the nations Capital (Canberra). Sort of like our District of Columbia. Canberra will be my final stop before returning to Sydney to greet my lovely bride and to hand off my bike. When I arrived in Adelaide you might recall it was 95 F. Two days later (this morning) at departure it was 55 F. I figured it would heat up before I hit the ... read more
Palm trees in Victoria
Mildura Brew House
lucky at Mildura Brew House

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide October 2nd 2018

After loading up the bike I stopped at the Roadhouse just outside of town to fill up with gas they didn’t have premium so I had to put 1/2 a tank of regular in my tank. After a quick egg sandwich I was off and running. The Trip down Adelaide would be around 300 miles (how many Kilometers?) Answer at the end of the blog. The first hour or so was bleak nothingness - flat as far as the eye can see and the temp quickly built up to a simmering 95 degrees F. However it was the first 10 miles of the trips start which caught my attention. There were 30 Roo roadkill’s over the first 10 Miles out of Woomera. That’s a total 52,780 feet with an expired Roo every 1,760 ft. What I ... read more
Salt flats
Salt Flats pic 2
Downtown Adelaide

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Woomera October 1st 2018

Lot of wind today up on the Lookout Cave Hotel. I grabbed an egg sandwich at the gas station restaurant. As I started out I had rain for the first time on the trip but just as I left town on the Stuart Highway both the rain and the wind faded away. It turned out to be a pleasant ride. The scenery went from absolutely nothingness - no trees, no bushes, just clumps of grass and sandstone to what I call the Serengeti Savannah lands with an occasional big tree and scattered smaller trees. My first opportunity to fuel up was 155 miles down the road. I met another rider named John at the gas stop. He was rigged for off road riding. He said on his last run of 300 Km (180 miles) he saw ... read more
Nothingness as far as the eye can see East
The Serengeti outback lands
Woomera Missle exhibits

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy September 30th 2018

Coober Pedy (Aboriginal for "White man burrows") Due to the winds I delayed my departure about an hour from the Ayers Rock resort. It was cooler but windy for the first hour or so of my ride out of Uluru back to the main road (152 miles). Once I hit the Stuart highway, I had a 304 mile trek down to Coober Pedy. Note: the Stuart highway runs from the top of the country starting in Darwin in the North to Adelaide in the south. I caught Stuart Highway at Tennant Creek and will ride about 2/3 of the length of the road by the time I reach Adelaide. The winds died down and the last leg of the ride was relaxing. About a 100 miles from Coober Pedy I entered the state of South Australia. ... read more
Opal mine shafts outside of town
Winner of the most unusual looking hotel entrance  Lookout Cave Coober Pedy
Entrance to Lookout Cave Hotel Coober Pedy

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 28th 2018

THE ROCK! Mostly pic's today folks. During the ride out to Uluru I officially hit the 3,000 mile mark on the Rideabout Oz 2018 trip. The Rock is about 8 miles from the Resort. There are a host of ways to tour the rock: You can drive around it on your own, drive around in a tour bus, do a bicycle ride around it, take a segway ride around it, Certain areas you can walk around it, take a helicopter ride over it, and sometimes you can walk over it, The walking over is the most controversial - you will see some of the signs put up by the aboriginal tribes asking that you respect their spiritual land and not walk up the roped path to the top. The rock itself is pretty Amazing in that ... read more
The Steps
Don't Climb
Sandstone Lines

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