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19th August 2009

You got the point!
I'm going to Barreirinhas next week and dove into your text just to find some tips and even to get a foreigner point of view regarding the region, but reading your comments I can say you’ve got the point. You’re correct in your analysis; the concept of races in Brazil really mix the skin color (more than blood) with the socioeconomics status and depending on the region of the country one of those two components is stronger. All of your comparisons between Brazil and US made by you lead us to understand how unrealistic this “imaginary concept” of race is. Good text. I hope you have enjoyed your trip.
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25th July 2009

hey man I am so jealous of you right now. Northern Europe simply cannot compare to what you are seeing and experiencing. I am happy that you are savoring every moment of it. Quando voltemos, vamos falar muito Portuguese juntos! Eu tenho mais de quasi dois anos de nao falar portuguese. Eu estou esquecendo tudo!
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13th July 2009

Travel Blog
Way to go jess. Glad you are finally having a good time, will be excited to see you come home though. Save some of your money. The front tire on your bike is flat again.
8th July 2009

Don't cancel on my account
This is my first trip out of the country and have only been to Brasil... the poorest regions of Brasil might I add... I can only speak of what I have seen and not even for the rest of Brasil itself. I would not discourage you from coming, but a good travel partner would be a wise decision. And of course just be safe and ask lots of questions about everything, the more you know the more ready you are. The lady on the bus told us, "If you do not react or give them a reason to hurt you they won't," and I have no reason to believe otherwise. Be smart and be safe and if you don't feel comfortable with something don't do it. Only trust cabs with uniforms with a name and a logo on the car, don't take the buses between cities at night, stay in well populated areas when the sun goes down, you know things of this nature. If a hotel seems a little strange get another one you feel more secure at.
8th July 2009

I wanted to come to South America as my birth father was south American, but after reading that, I'm re-thinking my lone venture to it all this bad here?
5th July 2009

I'm almost crying with all the things that u say.I'm really lovin'. =D Josh
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18th June 2009

cultural ignorance
You should be aware that there has been a relationship between the Catholic religion and the African religions such as candomble since the slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa and forced to take the Catholic religion of their masters. They 'combined' the two (syncretism), so the African (Yoruba) orixas have a Catholic 'equivalent' and many people of African descent practice both religions side by side. So you don't often find Brazilian Catholics who "talk poorly" of candomble. I find your attitude to be very culturally insensitive and invasive, especially filming a private religious ceremony as if it were some sort of show or spectacle put on for your benefit.
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