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So my first night in in Costa Rica was a long layover in San Jose. My luggage was checked until Liberia, but they pushed me through customs and out onto the streets of san jose at about 21:00 or 22:00. I was unsure what to do, becauase i had no money for a hotel and I do not speak spanish, oh yeah and the airport was closed... Plus I had to figure out where to catch my next plane since they informed me that my flight leaves from a different building altogether. As I enetered the street into a mob of taxi drivers one of them spoke english and offered to take me to the next airport that was 30 min driving to the next location. I just wandered around with my bags for a few ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém July 25th 2009

Legend has it that Macaco Da Noite (Monkey of the Night) will run up and bite the feet of people walking in the woods at night. Ok so it is not a legend, it happens, but it did not happen to us. -------------------------- Ok, so I am alive. quick run down we stayed with a family in a sustainable community within the Tapajos FLONA section of the Amazon Rainforest. They were awesome. We saw how the Natural Latex is extracted from the forest as well as many of the natural remedies the community uses to cure this and that. We also saw how the Fair Trade products are fabricated and spoke with some people who will help us to set up trade with them when I get that far in my plans (I want to start ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém July 17th 2009

I can't sleep again. And the internet is working a little better than it has been. So... We met an artisan here that makes goods for tourists. He trades with the indigenous peoples of the area for animal skeletons, hides, woods, etc. and then he makes stuff out of it. Knife handles and stuff for blow dart guns, keychains, necklaces, etc. He took us to the zoo and fed us lunch at his place. We bought some things from him. The zoo here is awesome. Dirt roads in the middle of a preserve. Only part of the preserve is the zoo, the rest is... well its preserved, noone goes there. It is owned by a University. We pet a tiny Jaguar, tortured some monkeys with a latex glove (they are afraid of white gloves), saw some ... read more
brazil belem boat and santarem 262
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém July 14th 2009

The title: That is something that Kelly (the little girl on the bus from Maraba to Belem) said to us at one point. I don't know what it means, but it makes me happy. ---------- quick tour of nastiness I have stepped in on the trip while not paying attention 1: Sick Dog (hopefully) Poo 2: Filthy Flood Sludge- Ok, this one needs some explanation... the gutters here have nastiness flowing through them 24 hours a day. The water is white, with a sort of brown film that builds up in places. It has white hairy stuff growing in it as well as lots of algae. The sludge underneath this beautiful cascade is slimy and I sank ankle deep into it after going shin deep in the water. 3: Kicked a dead rotting thing 4: A ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém July 13th 2009

I am in Santarem after 3 days on a boat. We got here two days ago and the ground still feels like its moving when I walk. This place is incredible and way flooded. They have 15 meters more river than they are supposed to, we went in a canoe today and entire trees were underwater... we paddled the canoe to a restaurant we were not supposed to be able to paddle to. And from the water stains on some of the buildings here it looks as though they probably had about one more meter in the past. I will give detailed accounts of things later, but this is probably this nicest place we have visited thus far and one of the most comfortable (and cheapest) hotel we have stayed in thus far. Below is a ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém July 10th 2009

While I was in Belem and we were getting ready to leave on the boat I was thinking that I might like to work on the docks here. It looks like good hard work and its a pleasant place. I would get to go up and down the river on a boat and see different places. Housing and food is covered by working on a boat. I would get stronger, more agile, and probably gain some serious climbing and knot tying skills. I would have plenty of time for martial arts and such and leisure. My portuguese would improve and I would get to spend time in some of the best cities we have visited thus far. I could really enjoy that. The reality is that I would become restless though. Too much of a good ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém July 7th 2009

So today we went to a butterfly and bird garden and to an old fort. Pretty sweet action. We also cooked for about 20 people; black bean burgers and Macoroni and Cheese again, because it was easy and cheap. Belem is a beautiful city and in the future I would like to maybe come back here and spend some more time. We were checking boat prices and found out that the only two boats to Santarem this week are tomorrow and friday. And seeing as how Josh has to be back in Sao Luis by the 15th we are heading out tomorrow. The ticket prices for the boats we hear are usually $R90 but because we are in the middle of July, a vacation month, the current price is $R160 per person! So we paid $R ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém July 6th 2009

The title means, "voyage without assault" Well, whether or not the shifty eyed creepy people had anything to do with it, listening to this bad feeling was absolutely the right decision. On the bus today we spoke to a woman who has been robbed 4 times on the buses between Maraba and Belem. She said that out of every 5 buses traveling the roads at night only 1 will make it safely and that these robberies happen every night. We were having this conversation as the sun was setting on our 9.5 hour journey and we still had 2 more hours until Belem. This was quite the funtastic event. All the lights were out in the bus except for the headlights so as not to attract attention and being that we were in the middle of ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Maraba July 5th 2009

Alright well, about the title. I did not feel comfortable with the way things had been going and we talked it over and decided to switch our bus tickets for tomorrow morning at 10am and we switched hotels. It is probably just paranoia, but considering our location it is better to be safe and not take the risk. Besides, I just had a bad feeling about things and I have a tendency, especially when traveling, to listen to these sorts of things when I feel them. The internet is still not good, but this hotel is much much much better. It is right next door (literally, they share a wall), but much safer I feel. I will get into more detail on these things later and if I get a chance I will post some pictures ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Maraba July 5th 2009

OK... so internet isn't so good here this will be short wanted to let everyone know we stayed the night in Maraba and will be taking a bus at 3pm to Belem. The Bus will take 8 hours so I should be there around 11pm some time (10pm florida, 9pm texas) and will try to update things then if I have internet. ... read more

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