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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 16th 2014

We woke up early today and hopped on the subway to get to the train station. We ended up spending an extra hour in the station because the auto ticket machine wouldn't accept our cards so we had to wait in line to buy tickets from a real person, causing us to miss our train by one minute. When we finally got to Stonehenge, we were in awe. The stones are debated by archaeologists to date back to somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 BC. There was a 'sample' stone lying on some logs by the visitor's center and a sign that said it would take 99 people to pull it. We took dozens of pictures along the path that encircles the site. It was truly an amazing experience to view. After we left Stonehenge, the tour ... read more
Stonehenge I
Tiny Stonehenge
Stonehenge II

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 15th 2014

Today started off nice & leisurely, with a walk down to the nearest market. There are no stores like Cub or Target here, you just go into these little stores reminiscent of gas station convenience stores - on steroids. After we dumped our goods off at the apartment, we went to a restaurant we'd passed advertising brunch. Without looking at the menu, we walked right in to Cock & Bull and asked for a table for two. This place was really cool, but clearly didn't cater to vegetarians. The main attraction, poised high on a pedestal in the center of the warehouse-esque place, was…an actual cow inside a gigantic glass tub of bluish liquid (likely a formaldehyde cocktail) with a rooster sitting on top of its back. Hence the name - Cock & Bull. I couldn't ... read more
Tower of London
Memorial at the Tower
Thousands of red flowers

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 15th 2014

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. Jason almost didn’t make the connection in Chicago. He ended up cutting in line at security (you have to go through again when you change from the domestic to the international terminal at ORD), and actually running to the gate even hearing his name announced on the loudspeakers. It was right out of the movies. He made it with mere minutes to spare. Thursday was pouring rain in Dublin, but we still walked around town - determined to visit Dublin Castle. Because of the rain, I chose to leave my camera in the car, and Jason left his camera cord at home - so, the few pictures we have are from our phones. :( It was pretty neat though. We got to see a few sections ... read more
O'Flaherty's at the Old Storehouse
Live Music
At the Airport

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Malahide November 12th 2014

Today I'm back in Dublin again, well, actually I'm in a suburb called Malahide just to the north near the airport. I got in around noon and went straight to Malahide Castle. This one was pretty cool, who am I kidding…they all have been. Also a museum like the Kilkenny Castle, but they let you take pictures inside as long as you don't use flash. The story behind this castle was that it had been in the Talbot family for over 800 years until the last descendant was forced out in the 1970s because she could no longer afford the taxes. The property went to the government and is now obviously open to the public. There are 2 trees several hundred years old on site, those were quite a sight. After the castle tour, I wandered ... read more
The Great Hall
Jester's Door
400 Year Old Oak

Europe » Ireland » County Kilkenny » Kilkenny November 11th 2014

I had the easiest drive of my entire trip today, less than an hour from Waterford to Kilkenny. This town is pretty cool. I went to the Kilkenny Castle, and was a little bummed they don’t let you take pictures inside. It's very much a museum though, so I do understand. I've become a bit of a nerd being on this trip and have become quite fond of guided tours. It makes me want to do more of them when I get back home. The castle was right in the center of town, so it was a perfect location to walk around. After I sent off some postcards, I went to my first ever brewery tour. If you know me, you know I’m not a beer drinker, but Smithwick's just looked neat, so I went in. ... read more
Smithwick's Brewery
The Perfect Pint
Quaint town photo

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford November 10th 2014

The place I stayed at last night in Blarney had dogs, and it made me miss my kitties back home. When I checked in to my new place in Waterford, I was super excited to learn there are kitties here! They aren't allowed in the guest sections of the house, but the owner let me snuggle with them for a few minutes near the doorway. It warmed my heart. The drive to Waterford was uneventful. Once I got into town I dropped off my laundry (they don't have laundromats where you do your own out laundry here, you have to drop it off and pay someone else to do it) then went to the House of Waterford Crystal. This place has been on my must-see list for months, ever since I watched a Rick Steves episode ... read more
Giant Crystal Vase
Crystal Chandelier
Molten Glass

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney November 9th 2014

This morning, my hostess recommended I drive the Ring of Beara instead of go straight to Blarney. So I did, but with the recommended shorter version cutting across the middle instead of doing the entire coast. It was beautiful of course, but still didn't quite match my drive through the mountains yesterday. Once I made it to town, I headed straight for the Blarney Castle. I had no idea it was such an attraction! I expected just a castle, but there were acres of land turned into gardens and walking paths and so much to see. I climbed up to the top of the castle right away and was so scared out of my mind I was shaking all the way down. Those stairs. Holy crap. Being afraid of heights, I wanted to just cower in ... read more
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Stairs to the Blarney Stone

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare November 8th 2014

Let me start by saying today was a very long day. Along with that, today was the best day I've had yet on this trip. I began my drive of the Ring of Kerry this morning without a real itinerary, just a list of potential landmarks I could stop at if I felt like it. url= of Dunloe wasn't on the list, but I turned off the highway when I saw the sign anyway, and made my way into the most beautiful and majestic place in the world, the Purple Mountains, MacGillyduccy's Reeks, and the Black Valley. After I stopped to photograph the Gap, my GPS said it was barely over an hour to the next city if I wanted to continue on the route I was currently on. So, instead of turning back the way ... read more
Gap of Dunloe
Selfie at the Gap

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney November 7th 2014

Today started off with another splendid breakfast. Eggs and tomahtoes. That reminds me, I expected nobody to know what tofu was (I'm not sure why, I guess my idea of "Bed and Breakfast" brings to mind lace and musty smelling houses with old people who are behind the times. To be fair, lace, must and old people have been present now at 2/3 of my B&Bs…so I don't feel I'm too off-base here) which is why I wasn't ready to make the transition to veganism until after the trip. I did see a health store in Limerick last night and stopped in to see what kind of things they'd have. It was super tiny, 2 aisles, with all kinds of fun things - types of things you'd find at Whole Foods, and it even had a ... read more
No justice
Driving to Killarney, pulled over to let someone pass.
Spogler's Continental Bakery & Coffee Shop

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick November 6th 2014

This morning started off with a splendid breakfast in Galway, then I headed over to the Medtronic in town. There were several buildings (just like home), and after I managed to find the right one - the Customer Innovation Center - I was told I should've called ahead as there was nobody available to show me around. Apparently there was a guided group of doctors from China in town and all the helpers were tending to them. Oh well. The receptionist was very nice and offered to take a picture of me. After that, I headed to the Cliffs of Moher. This had been on my must-see list since I started planning this trip. It was rainy and foggy, and visibility was very poor. I snapped a few photos, but really missed the magnificence of the ... read more
Dunguaire Castle
Selfie at Dunguaire Castle (forgot my selfie stick in the car)
100 kmh

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