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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway November 5th 2014

Last night after my short 90 minute nap, I went to seek out some dinner. (And a 3-prong converter, which I obtained immediately - wahoo!) I knew I'd be having breakfast at the hotel restaurant, so I didn't want to have dinner there too. After wandering around, I stopped at a pub/restaurant on a corner and took a peek at the menu posted in the window. After I noticed at least one meat free option, I popped in right behind 2 guys that had also been checking out the menu. They picked a table by the door and I chose one closer to the bar - the only 2 empties in the whole place. I waited a while, trying to look inconspicuous. As I scanned the place I noticed those 2 guys were wearing nametags around ... read more
My new Swiss friends, Andreas and Christoph
Live music at Fitzsimons
Tyrrelspass Castle Restaurant

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 4th 2014

I hope my coworkers appreciate the name of this one. We never have failures or mistakes at work, only opportunities for improvement...Let's just say, I'll do better next time. It's 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon (9:00am at home). I've been awake (with a few short uncomfortable naps on the overnight flight) for over 24 hours. I've learned several lessons in my menial 7 hours spent in Dublin so far: Pre-order vegetarian meals for long flights. I didn't know this was a thing. Being a vegetarian for 7 years now, I should know better. I've never heard "Chicken or Beef" more t... read more
Ha-Penny Bridge
Temple Bar opposite the river from my hotel
Inside the Leprechaun Museum

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico February 7th 2012

I spent the last week in Puerto Rico. Traveled almost the entire island, saw beautiful sights, and experienced things I never thought I would. Arriving in San Juan very late Wednesday night, the GPS I had so ingeniously programmed the hotels and other destinations into failed to recognize where we were and got us seriously lost in a derelict and scary neighborhood in a San Juan suburb. Bars on every home’s doors and windows, no lights on, no people walking around, graffiti everywhere; almost deserted. Cars parked wherever they felt like it. Huge potholes in the roads and big dips out of every turn and parking lot, caused the car to bottom out almost each time. After driving around for nearly an hour, I finally check in to the hotel at close to 2am. The Coqui ... read more

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