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13th February 2018

Dont forget mine please
10th January 2017

You got pooped on by a bird and lived to tell the story. I could not stop laughing.
From Blog: Back in Sydney
6th July 2015

This is great - thanks Jess!!
oh how fun to hear details of your trip. I could NEVER get that from my son. :-) Glad you are having a great time... Looking for more details :-)
11th November 2014

Hi Jess, I bet the waterford crystal place was cool.We got nailed by a storm 9 inches towards you and more north but we only got an inch now the freezing cold is coming. Im glad you are having a good trip but you should of brought my rubber boots. Love mom
11th November 2014

Love that u r staying so busy. So much to see! Can't wait for your next adventure. ..hopefully it will be a bit dryer.
9th November 2014

Its so pretty. I wish I woulda gone with it looks like fun. love the pics Love mom
8th November 2014
Driving to Killarney, pulled over to let someone pass.

County Kerry
Absolutely beautiful.
From Blog: Castle #2
8th November 2014

We spent March in Ireland. We loved every minute of it. Thanks for the memories.
From Blog: Castle #2
6th November 2014

Loving your stories!
6th November 2014

Yay for arrival day adventures!
6th November 2014

Im glad you are having a good trip. Have fun today love the sweet shop. love mom
6th November 2014

strangers abroad
Talk about giving me a heart attack! My worry level for you just increased 70%. Glad you are having fun! Hope the b&b is super cozy!
5th November 2014

thank god for the brownie!
I am so glad you made it safely. ...I am on edge waiting for your next blog. :)
5th November 2014

I wouldn't have thought of the food issue either. Hows the thumb? I'm glad you arrived and have a great time. Love mom
3rd November 2014

I hope you have an amazing trip. wish I was going with you. Love you and be safe. love mom

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