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4th February 2018
Rooftop tent at Tirool Guest Farm campsite

Very cool photo
Love this adventure.
31st January 2018

That hire car....
Hi Jennifer, enjoying your current blogs. We're a year way from a lengthy trip and Namibia certainly appeals. To that end, how much did it actually cost to hire your fine vehicle for the month? Or, how much would you recommend spending on the rental for a month? Car hire aside, has it proved to be a costly trip? Many thanks for the info. Andy n Ali.
29th January 2018

I've been enjoying your Namibian blogs, it's been a walk down memory lane for me, I was there in 2014. I enjoyed Kolmanskop before the big German tours came too, and looked for shiny luck. It was so cool to wander amongst all the old buildings being swallowed up by sand.
27th January 2018

Photo moment
Very creative
27th January 2018
This roadsign says "SAND"

No kidding
The sign didn't lie. Great shot
26th January 2018

Tyre karma
I had to laugh at this one. I had some of that in Scotland. If we ever meet for drinks I'll share the story. I'm glad Sam was able to keep you away from the car guy. He seems to be a wise man. Travel snobbery is hard to avoid because we all have a preferred method.... which in our case... we can tell you has changed over time and age. Great adventure.
26th January 2018
Flat Tyre

Priceless photo
The joys of travel
26th January 2018

Welcome Back!!
We do hope you will continue to blog as we've missed you. Do not give up on getting those blogs published. This location is on our short list and have really enjoyed reading along.
24th January 2018

Given your close calls with death in a desert...
I think I would also opt for the overland trucks.
25th January 2018

Ah well, if such things didn't happen I would have nothing to blog about!
23rd January 2018

We've missed you over the last four years, so welcome back!
We expect more blogs about Namibia.
23rd January 2018

Thank you!! I've missed blogging. I have a month's worth of notes written on my phone, I just need to edit it and add photos. Hopefully I won't give up half way through this time!
28th December 2017

What a blog entry, congratulations xx
4th January 2015

Fantastic blog for the ages
This is one of those stories you will repeat for decades. Glad it turned out well and you were assisted by a nice person. So many more wonderful people in the world than bad people.
3rd January 2015

Even before I read your caption, my first thought was 'worms!' :)
14th November 2014
Ready for his closeup...

Amazing picture. I'm researching my trip to Uganda, do you mind me asking who you booked with?
7th July 2014

These are the moments in life when you have to smile to yourself and pinch yourself because you were wise enough to make the decision to travel! What a life. What an experience. Life is good and we are eager to read more of your blogs.
6th July 2014

excellent blog
Excellent , detailed blog with extraordinary pictures.
5th July 2014

Yep..I wouldve licked the glacier too.
Sometimes, being difficult is absolutely the best course of action..often not, but sometimes. I found the road signs in NZ also to be pretty high on the not a guide but NTBF with list. Keep the blogs coming :)
5th July 2014

Sorry we missed you.
I was the Social Worker at Wyong hospital when it first opened in 1980. Worked there for ten years (with the occasional sojourn at Gosford, Long Jetty and Woy Woy) and then moved into IT for the money. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Oz. Come back soon.
5th July 2014

The quote...
I read it in one of those typical photos with motivational phrases people upload. This one was spot on. I guess it's anonimous, as it doesn't have a name attached. In t future I'll just say it's mine and claim copyrights

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