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18th December 2010

Thanks for blogging! :-) Loved reading your post as always.
From Blog: Deja Vu
28th June 2010

Proud Parent
Hey Jackie, I'm so glad that you were able to be a part of the help that this old world needs. You go girl!! :-) Love you, miss you and am looking forward to seeing you very soon! Mom
From Blog: 2 Week Detail
21st April 2010

And I love my Jackie!!
Hey Kiddo, I could tell from your phone call how over the top excited you were, but you conveyed it just as well (as always) in your blog. So happy for you that this is turning out to be another excellent adventure in your life. Good for you!! :-) Love you to pieces!!
15th April 2010

New Living Quarters
Hey there! Doesn't sound too bad after all. Yeah!! It IS a bummer that you have to commute and don't have a common living room type area, but the kitchen sounds very nice and having wireless internet is a plus so guess all in all it's a good trade off. As you mentioned, hopefully they'll finish the bunkhouse at YOUR site sooner than expected. You've got a great attitude Jackie. Hang onto it!! Love you!
From Blog: Unexpected Move
27th March 2010

Go, Jackie!
You rock, my seester :-) If Alice is still playing when I visit - and we have time? - I will see it with you. I don't have much need to see it otherwise ;-)
18th March 2010

let's go!
Let's go there when I visit! :-D
9th March 2010

great blog
enjoyed the blog! refuge looks beautiful! be safe mj
1st March 2010

What's the job?
Hey, Jackie! Your mom forwarded your blog to me. I enjoyed reading it and seeing all the photos. What I don't really know is what the actual job is you will be doing there. I understand from your blog that it is an internship. Is there a possibility that it could turn into a long-term job? And how long will you be there as an intern? That's enough questions. Holly's husband, Chad, is from Mississippi and still has lots and lots of family there. I'll have to find out what towns they all live in and see if any are near you. Enjoy!! Love you, Pam
28th February 2010

Hooray! Glad everything is going well, and thanks for blogging! :-D Love, Vigi
25th September 2009

Jackie, I have enjoyed your blogs so much and will miss them. Thanks so much for sharing them. It will be nice to have you back in NJ. Enjoy your trip back to NJ
25th September 2009

Yay, Jackie!! :::THUNDEROUS applause:::
18th September 2009

Thanks again for keeping up this blog - and of course it's also great when I get to talk to you on the phone, too :-) Have a wonderful time at Bryce Canyon!
21st June 2009

Desert Adventures
Hi Jackie, Loved your most recent e-mail. Especially the photos. :-) Also, glad to see you wearing your hat. It's kinda cute! :-) Keep the entries coming!
7th June 2009

Welcome to Nevada
Hey girl. You are still on Eastern time, sooo... you actually woke up at 10 am. very good since you have to be up at 4a tomorrow..think of it as 7a. Told ya the slots were waiting. Have fun on your first turtle day!! Love, AC
From Blog: Arrival
7th June 2009

Thanks for reviving this blog! It's good to hear from you - and learn about your adventures. Perhaps one day I will do a little blogging...
From Blog: Arrival
4th April 2008

Hey Jackie, great pics. And a crocodile to boot! Sounds so wonderful. love you! AC
From Blog: Daintree
18th March 2008

That wallaby is saying take me home Jackie, I want to meet and play with your amazing friends...
From Blog: Granite Gorge
4th March 2008

Microbat is so cute! Aah! I'm glad you're having a good time in Australia!
26th February 2008

That all sounds great, Jackie - especially the tea part :-) Thanks for telling us all about your week, and hope you're having a great time on your extended field trip! I love you!
From Blog: Amazing week
21st February 2008

Your pictures are wonderful, Jackie! And I really enjoyed your entry. Thanks for sharing so much with us! :-)
From Blog: Waterfalls etc
15th February 2008

Yay, Jackie! Thanks for the update and the photos - you got your hair cut! When did that happen? It looks cute :-) Glad to hear they've got good tea and the good sense to set aside a time during the day for it ;-) I love you! -your seester
10th February 2008

Re: starting classes
Wow, Jackie! What an adventure! Your blogs are great and I can visualize what you are doing and the sites you must be enjoying. And a Cassawarie (wow spelled that way wrong) is a what??? LOL Good luck with classes and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest. Love, AC

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