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We've been dreaming for this day for quite some time, and it's finally here! Let the games begin!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai April 28th 2011

After leaving the beautiful island of Koh Phan-gnan we had a long couple of days of travel ahead of us: taxi, boat, bus to the train station, 12 hour sleeper train (my first train ride ever!) to Bangkok, 2 hour lay over, 12 hour day train to Chiang Mai, the northern hub of Thailand. The ride was beautiful and we passed stunning hilly regions and muddy rivers to arrive in the cultural city of Chiang Mai. Our hotel, SK House II, was fairly cheap and central, with a swimming pool and the most helpful and friendly staff. Our first day in the city we shopped until we dropped - literally - with one break for some tastey noodle bowl dinner pronounced Cow Soy. It was really a strain on the will power not to buy every ... read more
Our elephant!
Hill and the Baby
me and the baby

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan April 21st 2011

After a short flight from Bali to Phuket, southern thailand, we soon found out how long it actually takes to get from point A to B in south east asia. Promised a 3pm arrival on the Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan we arrived at 8pm in the dark - most of the people traveling with us on the bus/boat were really frustrated but Hillary and I couldn't help but laugh at how long it took. On the ferry over we witnessed a stunning sunset over the islands of southern Thailand and the rise of the orange full moon. We took a taxi shared by 4 other strangers and headed up the dark hilly roads to reach JB Hut bungalows on the far side of the Island. The taxi's here are pretty entertaining: the driver ... read more
Sunset on the Ferry
Rising of the Full Moon
Koh Phangan Full Moon beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 16th 2011

So after a failed attempt and partial electrocution at the beginning of our Asian adventure I've finally found a (semi) trustworthy computer to do some updates on! Our first few days landing in Bali we spent just outside of the hectic tourist centre near Kuta Beach, in a slightly more quiet town called Seminyak. Chelsea and Angus found us within a day and we spent most of our time touring the ally ways, walking along the beach and watching sunset in a rooftop patio restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised by the cheap and delicious foods, and soon realized how important eating is to the indonesian culture. Hill, Chels and I all shared a room for a couple nights with our own bathroom (even a flush toilet!), but we were quickly tired of the tourist oriented town ... read more
Practicing my Meditation
Hindu Offerings
Sunset over Kuta Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 31st 2011

After a deathly exhausting 12 hour bus ride from Byron Bay we arrived, 10 am, in the midst of a busy city. After walking around barefoot for 3 weeks in a town that doesn't even have a starbucks or a mcdonalds - this was a shock. Sydney is a gorgeous city (strikingly similar to Vancouver) but it definitely took us by surprise on the first day. We spent the day awestruck lying in the botanical garden park that overlooks the Sydney Opera house, reading and writing. Yesterday we took a ferry over to Manly, a nearly town that Hill's sister Meaghan lived in for 3 months, and spent the day lazily. It started to thunder when we were on the beach so headed to a cafe to avoid getting wet. Our plan was kayaking but since ... read more
Sydney Opera House
Edge of the Coast
Cross Walk

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 28th 2011

The lazy days in paradise are finally coming to a close as we prepare for our 12 hour bus ride to the big city - Sydney. In the past week we've met some amazing girls and guys and had a few more adventures around Byron. A couple of days ago we rented free bikes from the hostel and headed down the highway to the old quarry. When we found our way through the bushes we came upon a huge fresh water hole that resembled a crocodile breeding area - luckily it wasn't. Here we proceeded to plunge off the surrounding cliffs into the dark, warm inviting water. Hillary and I both jumped off the smallest ledge on the first day, though we did watch someone run off the highest jump - no thank you! The next ... read more
Byron Sunrise
Lighthouse Sunrise
The pass

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay March 21st 2011

Greetings from Byron Bay! So after our long day of travel flying from Cairns to Brisbane followed by a bus to Byron Bay we checked in late at the Backpackers Inn - the only hostel on the beach, which was recommended to us by another traveller we met in New Zealand - we've landed in paradise. As soon as we stepped off the bus we were greeted with a free chai tea and pancake convention taking place in a park - they even had maple syrup. Byron Bay is a tiny town just south of Surfer's Paradise that is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and inhabited by the most relaxed crowd. When you walk down the street at night you're bound to hear at least 3 different live musicians playing anywhere from street corners, benches, parks, to ... read more
shell mosaic
Hill and Me
The Wreck

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 8th 2011

We're back! And after 12 days of work, we're glad to be. By the end of the trip we couldn't wait to get back to travelling, meeting new people and seeing new sights. WWOOFing was definitely an experience we'll never forget, but let's just say we're glad it's over. We did manage to see some sunshine out in the bush though, the weather cleared up for a few days and the heat was a nice change. On the second last night in five star camping we were awakened by Amy around 4am, "wanna see a snake!?" groggy eyed in disbelief we stumbled out of our bunks to see Amy holding a 3 meter python by the neck. She'd heard the animals going crazy, chickens screaming, cats hissing, dogs barking, and a parrot yelling "SHUT UP!" and ... read more
Red Ted

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 28th 2011

WWOOF! (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) So Hillary and I have officially left civilization - we're in the bush. We arrived at Port Douglas, population less than 300, in the early AM on wednesday the 23rd. It was hot, humid, and sticky. We were picked up by Suzie and her girls and taken up a winding road through beautiful, lush, tropical mountainside to their farm, the Black Mountain Hideaway. As Suzie says, it's "five star camping" up here. We live with 26 horses, 4 cows, 9 going on 40 cats (they breed constantly), 7 dogs (Blue Dog, Red Ted, Max, Tiki, Dot, Pearl, Mini, potentially more..), a million chooks (chickens), occasional bats, free flying parrots (Carlos the green one has taken a liking to Hillary), plenty of spiders, and butterflies the size of birds.. oh yeah ... read more
The bunk room
The kitchen

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth February 21st 2011

So we've arrived in Perth after a long weekend and very tiresome flight from Melbourne to stunning sunshine and borderline bearable heat. We managed to book a hostel for 3 days, 24$ a night, and to our complete surprise and utter happiness - it has a pool. This pool saved our lives numerous times, as even at 10am in Perth it's over 30 degrees. The city itself is pretty great - it's really compact and easy to get around with free transit within the city centre, tons of cheap shopping, surrounded a a gorgeous river. I'm jealous that Alex and Elise actualyl get to live here for a few months! (They've told us that their University Campus is to die for as well) So since being in Perth we've spent most of the time wandering around, ... read more
Perth Graffiti

Oceania » Australia » Victoria February 8th 2011

Greetings from the land down unda! So things have been a little hectic since we've left the city, we're spending our first night of the past 4 indoors. Day one we took a short road trip from Melbourne to a surf town called Warnambol on the Great Ocean Road. We camped near the beach and went to the only local bar open - everyone we met asked us why we bothered coming to Warnambol - very small town. After a good night out with some local Aussies we hit the road again heading inland in attempts to do some hikes and tours. However, half way to the middle of no where we noticed the station wagon was on empty. Great. The last town was nearly 50km back, and the next closest was over 70. We managed ... read more
Domaine Chandon
Alex, Hillary, Elise
Alex and Hill

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