Back in January this year I decided that I needed a New Years resolution, I have never set myself one or if I have it's something like, lose weight, which lasts about a week because I love eating! However, this year 2015, I am ready and set to accomplish this: to visit somewhere in the world I have never been before, every month! So here is my first blog to document my travels throughout the year. I'm excited to get started and hope you enjoy my journey with me.

Europe » Austria » Vienna December 19th 2015

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.... Where to go at Christmas..... How about the Christmas markets in Vienna, Austria! The last trip of my 2015 New Years resolution, to visit a different place I have never been before every month. What an exciting and adventurous year it has been and certainly what a city to end with! Every market that we went to had a backdrop of the most beautiful buildings. The Rathaus in Vienna is stunning and what better way to start the trip but to drink gluhwein under the twinkling Christmas tree lights, eat apple strudel and shop! That's exactly what we did. The Christkindlmarkt in front off the City hall is amazing! I did wonder if the stalls would be full of tat but they were not, there are a few, but not many. Mostly they ... read more
Rathaus with market
Empty fountain

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 10th 2015

Travelling to Amsterdam was seriously easy. The flight from Bristol was 50minutes and the transfer to the hotel was simple by train and tram. My first impression of Amsterdam was my god it's so busy! But once your in the city there are loads of places to visit and see that are quiet and relaxing. I did not know, as dim as it is, that Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. After speaking to friends who had visited before they told us to pre book tickets to the major sites as it gets very busy. We did this for the Van Gogh museum but Ann Franks house was booked out till the end of January, so book way in advance to avoid the que. Our hotel was very near the the Van Gogh museum, on ... read more
The bulb market
I Amsterdam sign
St Nick and Black Peter

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 5th 2015

Berlin is a huge city with so many interesting places to visit and see. We opted for Berlin for its history and to find out what it is like. I throughly enjoyed my short time we had here. From the airport the public transport is easy to navigate, if you can read and follow a London tube map you won't have any trouble in Berlin. We decided on purchasing a welcome card. It gave us a 4 day travel card for all public transport and discount on lots of museums, sightseeing tours and restaurants. The U-bahn and S-Bahn can get you pretty much everywhere in the city, I downloaded a handy app before I left which works offline and tells you easy routes via the train system, it's called Berlin subway. Our hotel, Golden Inn Angleterre, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 10th 2015

Good beer, good food! Menorca..... Done!... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno August 29th 2015

August is the time when you need to enjoy some sort of sun, unfortunately the UK does not provide enough of this so Crete it is! This holiday was found by my sissy, Jess, and we were set to go with a mother, aka Granny, and baby Arthur, in tow. Travelling with children is hard, however, we get to push in all the time which makes it better! Before going we were worried about the euro money troubles. On arrival the Island seemed to be functioning well with shops still open, people working, buses running, and money being spent. Crete is the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is Greeces biggest. It's located in the Aegean Sea and has brilliant mountain landscapes as well as clean beaches and hot sunshine. We stayed in ... read more
In a giant chimney
Standing in an arch... Just because

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 3rd 2015

#wearerebelx #jointherebellion If you haven't heard of secret cinema.... Google it.... Buy tickets and have the best night ever! If you like starwars you will love this experience, I can't tell you anymore, hence the secret bit!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Snowdonia August 3rd 2015

Snowdonia national park is home to some beautiful scenery, rolling green hills and the tallest mountain in Wales. Driving the winding roads through valleys and mountains led us to Bala a small town situated on the edge of the park. Here we found our campsite for the weekend. A lush green empty field soon became our base camp. Putting up the tents is always fun especially when the wind is blowing! After pitching three tents and a gazebo it was time for a cup of warming tea. The weather wasn't freezing cold but it certainly wasn't the warmest, that evening we headed to the bar for food and drink... Maybe a bit too much drink! For an activity while being away we were all in hope that the wind would drop and Zip World would be ... read more
Dog on snowdoina

North America » Canada July 11th 2015

June/July 2015 – East Canada Road Trip After travelling through west Canada, Ryan and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the east coast! Our friends Alicia and Tim were getting hitched and after the party we were heading on to Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Algonquin National Park and back to Toronto. Excited, yes we were! Throughout this trip we did so much that I better stick to the best bits otherwise you will be snoozing! Toronto: We arrived in Toronto around 13:00 local time. This was fine apart from needing to be ready for evening fun on board the HMS Alicia and Tim! Once on board the boat the party was ace! We were so pleased to be around old and new friends and have a great time. The weather was chilly ... read more
Toronto city
jelly fish spotting

Belfast in my eyes is an up and coming city, there is so much to do in the city and has a great atmosphere and really interesting history. I never knew a lot about Belfast like it used to be a top producer of linen, or that the Titanic was built here (I know I should know that but I didn’t!) The history of the troubles in Belfast is complicated so wont go into that. As you travel around the city you will see glimpses of the turbulent past. With the peace wall still erected and areas of the city shut at night to stop any violence. The city itself now is safe, clean and the people are incredibly friendly, welcoming and keen to point out any points of interest. The first day we arrived we ... read more
Titanic museum
Outside of D wing

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 18th 2015

Prague is like a sea of red roofs and towering buildings with golden spires. With a huge history and beautiful architecture with-standing very little natural disaster or war, Prague is stunning. I'm not sure what I expected when I knew I would be travelling here and I was impressed. The streets are clean and you feel so safe wherever you go. The people are friendly, welcoming and very hospitable. For this trip I was accompanied by my mum. She deserves a weekend away and was really pleased she agreed to come away with me. One thing about my mum is she likes to look up... a lot... Especially when walking in crowds! We are walking along and she will just stop, never mind the hundreds of people behind her, she will just stop and start pointing ... read more
Inside cathedral at Prague castle
Changing of the guard

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