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Kim Matthews

We are a family of four. Our daughters names are Payton and Parker, and our names are Kim and Brian.

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City March 30th 2012

Parker Today we went to the olympic stadium (birds nest). We went in and saw where they have seremoies. It was very cool to see everything. On the way out we saw the olympic tower and the torch. After we went to a lake, in Beijing, by the Bell tower, walked around and had lunch. Next we went to a shopping area we bought a few things and we had our last dinner in china, it was another hot pot. We all said I can't believe it. That trip went so fast we said what we liked about the the trip my mom my dad and myself said Mr. Chang.My mom and dad said that because it was just very cool to see him. I said because he said he went for a walk to hope ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City March 29th 2012

This was one of our last full days in Beijing, China! We went to the Temple Of Heaven. We took the public bus to the temple. The Temple Of Heaven wasn't really a temple was almost like a huge park!!! Parker and I both got a hackie sack except it wasn't a bean sack, it also had feathers. It was really neat. When we bought them we started to play with them. We weren't too good at it, but it was very fun! We also saw a man who had his legs up behind his ears and a pole that went across his shoulders and between his feet. He also had 2 stools to balance on. It was amazing to see what he could do. There was a work out area that Parker and I played ... read more
Temple Of Heaven
Smaller Temple Of Heaven
The Center Of The Earth

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China March 28th 2012

Hey everyone!!! =) Today we went to to Great Wall Of China!!!! :D :D :D :D The wall was HUGE!!!!! It was over 6 000 kilometers long! We all went to the highest point of the Great Wall. It was really neat to be on the wall. Dad, Parker and I walked the furthest along the wall. It was a long hike back up to where Mom was, but it was totaly worth it!!! =) We took a gondola up and down to the Great Wall. Then going down we saw a camel. Parker and I got our picuters taken on top of the camel. He was very fuzzy =) The pictures turned out great and Mom was very happy! We also saw people making cloisonne too. It was very cool to see. There was a ... read more
Us Enjoing The Wall
The Camel

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City March 27th 2012

parker Today we went to Forbidden city,it was very big. We took lots of pictues, it was very interesting to see really different buildings and we got to see inside of some of them. After we finished at the city we went to the silk market to go shopping we bought lots of things the thing I liked the most were the magic tricks, I got 5. At the silk market we had another hot pot lunch. After supper we went to another pedestrian street and it was very busy. We looked around a bit and then returned to the hotel... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Forbidden City March 26th 2012

Hey everyone. This is our last stop, Beijing. Havn't been able to blog recently because of the train rides and no wi-fi. Yesterday we went to see the Terra-Cotta Warriors. When people come back and say that the room was the size of a football field, you're like 'Yeah, a football field. That's big'. But when you see it, it's just like 'Wow! This IS the size of a football field!!!' The warriors stood between 5 and 6 feet. The tallest warriors were the generals, they were 6 feet. They were all lined up in rows at the front of the building. Near the back workers had blocked off an area where they were still finding some. Then There were warriors standing up in a hospital like area. They still neaeed some maintence. This was all ... read more
The Man And Horse
The 4 Men And Horses

Asia » China » Chongqing March 23rd 2012

Hey everyone, hope that all is well at home. Today we went to the Fuling Orphanage. That's where I spent the first 13 months of my life. We went to the new orphanage. They built a new one and moved into it. The old one became a kindergarden school. The director at the orphanage that was there when I was there had already retired and was now living in Beijing. Madam Young was the new director of the new orphanage. She was very nice. We also got to see the gate keeper. His name was Mr.Chang. Mr.Chang was the only person that when I left him, I cried. He was also the man that saved my life. Another girl and I got sick and Mr.Chang took care of us. I could of died if Mr.Chang hadn't ... read more
A Child At The Orphanage
A Little Girl At The Orphanage
Parker And Payton Having Fun

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 23rd 2012

parker It was our second day in Chongqing today. Today we went to visit Fuling, where Payton spent her first 13 months. It was a long car ride. When we got there we asked if we could see the gate keeper because Payton really liked him when she was a baby. He remembered her, and seemed very glad to see her. After that the director took us to the old orphanage.Now it is a kindergarden school. We then took the director back to the new orphanage and when we were leaving we saw the gatekeeper again. We asked him some questions about Payton but I will let Payton tell that part of the story. He said he went for a walk in hopes that he would see Payton again. We then headed back to Chongqing and ... read more

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 22nd 2012

Parker Today we got up and went for breakfast. We are in Chongqing today. It was time for us to leave the cruise. When we walked off the boat there was a band playing. Our guide Jerry then took us to an old home where people used to live. We took lots of pictures. After that we went to the Chongqing zoo. There were lots of animals there and the ones I liked the most were the sharks, the alligator, the black panther and the panda. The mother panda accidentally pushed her baby off the platform. We saw two pandas eating bamboo. There were lots of other animals. We then went for a hotpot lunch. Me and Payton had lots of tofu. After lunch we bought icecream. We then went to People's Square. There were lots ... read more
Our Cruise Ship

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 22nd 2012

Hey everyone it's me(again)!! I read all of the comments, I really liked the =) Can't wait to see everyone when I get back and all of my pets :) Today was our first day in Chongqing. We left the Victoria Katarina and we went to learn a litttle bit of the history of Chongqing. The Quin(Chin) dinesty was around in the 17 centery(I think). Quin was the king. He didn't rule all of China, but a small part of China. An empror ruled all of China. There is a difference. We saw some figures on how the people lived. The rich people made medicine and gave free education to the kids. They also helped them with life, they gave them money too. Also during world war 2 people had burried porcelain and other precious belongings ... read more
Cherry Blossoms

Asia » China » Chongqing March 22nd 2012

This is our first day in Chongqing and I just thought I would recap our cruise and our arrival in Chongqing. The cruise was absolutely fabulous. The scenary was breathtaking. We even had some sunshine at the end of our cruise. The Yangtze has always been special to us as at the end of the Yangtze was where we first met Payton. The cities that we passed were unbelievable. They were so big and modern. Many people were relocated when they flooded the Yangtze. We did a tour of the 3 Gorges Dam, a mini gorges trip(we went in a sampan on that trip), and then to the Fengdu city ghost tour. China is very tourist savy and the guides are excellent, well versed in English and very knowledgeable. We passed Fuling where Payton spent the ... read more
On the Sampan

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