Cath and Alex


Cath and Alex

We are a couple from Manchester who both love to travel. We want to see what the world has to offer and make lots of memories along the way.

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin October 28th 2016

Our time in Chiang Mai was up and it was time to head to the bottom of mainland Thailand to see another part of the country and to visit an old uni friend! We had many hours before we were going to catch our night bus to Hua Hin so decided upon one last Thai Massage, it always seems such a good idea at the time but never feels that way. Jeez she was a harsh one, never had some many parts of my body crack at once. We walked out like we had had accidents and off we hobbled to collect our bags, grab a songthaew and head to the bus station for our overnight bus. There are two different types of buses you can get from Chiang Mai, one a bit more posh than ... read more
Hua Hin
Getting his rugby fix
Our first tuk tuk ride!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 25th 2016

So whilst we were in Chiang Mai we noticed there were plenty of opportunities to get out of this city and do some new activities. We agreed we would pick one activity each and the other had to do it. So i browsed around and found a Thai Farm cookery school, Alex wasn't exactly enthused by the idea but we made a deal and he had to agree. So Alex presents his activity, jungle trekking. . . a nice walk through the jungle, staying in a bamboo hut... he was winning me over and I agreed. I mean after all, it is just a long hike . . . we hike a lot at home... how hard could it be? It was a rainy day in Chiang Mai but do not let the rain fool you ... read more
loving it!
Alex and Surat
The "bridge"

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 22nd 2016

We didn’t quite like our accommodation in Chiang Mai but really liked the location, it was pretty central for everything and we managed to find a room two buildings down, it was incredibly small (the double bed touched one wall and there was less than a foot on the other side) but it was clean. A big tip from us, if you are ever moving on but want to stay in an area, go and check out the accommodation first, sometimes it isn’t as it looks in pictures as we all know from previous holidays abroad plus in places such as Thailand they will actually do you a better deal than the online price as it is booking direct with them/discount for staying more than three nights. So for a tidy 500 baht (approx. 11 English ... read more
Elephant Nature Park
Elephant Nature Park
Elephant Nature Park

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 19th 2016

We left Phuket relieved in a way and on to Chiang Mai for some sun and to see more of Thailand. We had a short flight of just under two hours with Air Asia to land in Chiang Mai. The flight was short but interesting, we flew with Air Asia who charge extra for everything (bit like an Asian version of Ryanair) so Alex and I were sat behind each other, both with a window seat. Alex had to ask a lady and a gentleman to move so he could sit in his seat, this lady was rather plus size and as we were told to buckle up, Alex text me to say her seatbelt wouldn't fasten :-/. They got her an extension and all seemed fine but she seemed to be taking up her seat ... read more
Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Pan On
Happy 1 month travelling Anniversary!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket October 14th 2016

So our time in Koh Samui was up and it was time to head on to another island. Alex had an old friend from his rugby club whom he wanted to visit so Phuket it was. We decided to fly from Koh Samui and what a surprising treat it was. The airport had a tropical feel to it and unlimited free food, drink and WIFI! Being on a budget, another meal was sorted for practically free. We sat there for some time in our small tropical hut with the runway being metres away watching the tv with the funeral procession of the King who had recently passed. Many Thai's were travelling to Bangkok to pay their respects and there was a somewhat sombre mood in our tropical hut. We spoke to a girl from Israel whose ... read more
bit warm Alex?
A flight with a view
Kata Bai D

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui October 6th 2016

We said some sad goodbyes and with a heavy heart we left Cape Town for our first trip to Asia. Three flights later and we arrived in Koh Samui. We picked Koh Samui based on a travel program we had watched earlier that year as it looked so beautiful. Koh Samui is Thailand's second largest island. We had been so busy that we were very much looking forward to relaxing and lying on a beach soaking up some sun. As an anniversary/birthday present to Alex we stayed for four nights in a lovely place called "Palm Cocoa Mantra". We had a spectacular view and it was probably the best view i've ever had from a hotel room. If you want a few days to unwind, we would certainly recommend it. The staff are so helpful, polite ... read more
Gorgeous views from our balcony
Travelling life...
Lamai food market

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town October 4th 2016

Today was our last full day in South Africa and we were off to visit Robben Island. Last year when I came, unfortunately I didn't get to visit Robben Island so we were looking forward to visiting somewhere that was new for us both. Robben Island departs from the V&A Waterfront and must be booked well in advance, we had spoken to so many visitors who had left it until the last minute of their trips and couldn't get tickets to visit. Whilst waiting to board our ferry there were vast amounts of people from Joburg that had been group booked so do book in plenty of time. The ferry takes approximately 50 minutes to transfer to Robben Island where you follow the crowd to the buses. Once aboard the bus, we had a lovely tour ... read more
Robben Island
Robben Island

Africa October 3rd 2016

It was our last weekend in South Africa and we had started it full of animals so what better way than to finish it full of animals! We left our beloved place at little Orchard, with Graeme offering to take us to the pick up point for the mini bus. As usual, we were running late, so our heavy backpacks went in the car, we got in, Graeme started his BMW and the windowscreen wipers went back and forth rapidly...normally in the UK this would not be a problem however today the sun was finally shining and it was boiling. So he began pressing lots of buttons in panic and the wipers just got faster and faster and all i could see was Alex looking at his watch thinking we are going to miss this minibus. ... read more
Hard work this travelling lark!
The scariest but most amazing moment!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hout Bay October 2nd 2016

It was our last weekend in South African and it was certainly one full of animals. Megan and Byron were visiting family for the weekend but luckily were able to make time for to visit Boulders Beach in Simons Town. Somewhere Alex was going to love. It is about 30-40 minutes drive from Constantia, with the most stunning coastal views along the way. Boulders beach is a fantastic area surrounded by African penguins. You can pay to visit Boulders beach and get on the beach but there is a perfectly free walkway allowing you to get just as close to the Penguins. Megan and Byron set off on their long drive and we set off to World of Birds in Hout Bay. It cost us 95 rand each, (just over £5) and what a fabulous little ... read more
Alex's penguin walk
Ppppppppick up a penguin
Boulders beach

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Constantia September 30th 2016

This week we moved into our own place for 6 nights and we stayed in the lovely guest house I stayed in last year - Little Orchard. It is in a very "posh" suburb of Cape Town called Constantia. Little Orchard is run by Graeme, an old gentleman who will help you as much as he possibly can. He even gave us a few free lifts. Unlimited breakfast every morning and 2 streets away from a small shopping centre with a good selection of restaurants. If you want to book you need to do so directly through him. We used Uber to navigate our way around but if you were staying here and wanted to travel distance then I recommend hiring a car. We were fortunate enough that we had friends who would take us to ... read more
Camps Bay
Mugg and Bean yum

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