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1st May 2017
The oldest children serve the youngest children their school dinner.

Food looks yummy
It's so interesting to see these schools and the size of the classes! both schools look spotless and the food so healthy.
1st May 2017
Our first tuk tuk ride!

Bet you took that photo Cath!
2nd May 2017
Our first tuk tuk ride!

Of course I took it . . . Still can't take a selfie x
1st May 2017

Your face !!!
Absolutely love the first photo hahaha! Great hearing the jungle stories, Sounds like a nightmare tbh... you're brave! Well done both of you, good to experience something like that! X
23rd January 2017
Bathing time

Love this photo
Looks like you both had a really amazing time here. So lucky xxx
23rd January 2017
Happy elephant!

Really does look like its smiling ... cute :)
23rd January 2017
Elephant Nature Park

Cath I love it that you have elephant pants on at the elephant nature park :)
21st December 2016

'Really Interesting'
I've been following you from the start, where we going next !!!!!
9th December 2016

Enjoyed the read
Good to see you've been blogging again :)
2nd December 2016
Making friends!

This looks like Jessicat so much :)
10th December 2016
Making friends!

We said the exact same!
1st November 2016

Love reading about the safari...sounds like an amazing experience! Xxx
10th October 2016

Great start guys!
Great start to your travels! and good blogging ha ha.... Cape Town looks beautiful! So many more adventures to come, can't wait to read about them xxxx

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