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12th March 2010

Hi Talita & ferdi, Mmmm, altyd interessant om kos te sien! Hoe smaak daardie NZ worse? Moet sê daar's niks wat naby SA se boerewors kom nie. Gelukkig het ek 'n kilo boerewors (van 'n SA winkel) vir my verjaarsdag persent gekry hier in Engeland... en dis sooo lekker! Moet sê julle NZ foto's lyk al te pragtig, maar ek weet darem nie van daardie temperature nie, veral in die winter. Geniet julle avontuur! Beste wense.
12th March 2010

Hey, ons het ook nog plakkie tans wat ons laas week in die Kaap opgedoen het. Dis amper soos 'n foto wat jou laat onthou jy het onlangs vakansie gehou.
9th March 2010

just missed you
Hi to you both,I have been following your travel blog from way backwhen you first started out on your bid adventure.What a great couple you both sound and that you trust yor lives to god in all things. I was down in Reefton 2 weeks ago to see one of my sisters who has a real bad cancer and will no be with us in this world for much longer,it was a sad tirp but thier faith is so strong we had a lovely time and said our goodbyes with the knowledge that we will meet again. I went to Karamea to see a niece of mine who is a share milker with her husband not to far from the camp ground where you have been staying,so thourght I would call in to meet you both,what a shame it was to find I had missed you by a couple of days,poor Margaret was so sad that you had gone and she had to wipe away a tear when she spoke of you.Iam now back at home in the north island and am catching up on your tavels.keep safe and god bless.
7th March 2010

Selfde Camp site
Hi daar, ek wil julle net laat weet dat ek in daai selfde campsite gebly het en op daai selfde paadjie wat julle draf geloop het net so bietjie meer as 'n jaar terug. Dit bring baie memories terug! Het julle my mail van die 19de gekry oor die diplomas en dinge? Goedgaan daar en enjoy!
3rd March 2010

Ons verlang
Ek bly op datum met julle blogs. Dankie, dit hou julle naby aan ons al is julle ver. Moet sê ons verlang darem nou al baie na julle twee! Baie geluk met die voltooiing van die kano. Dit lyk pragtig. Gaan julle Birdsy op die Boeing se dak vasmaak as julle terugkom? (Flou grappie!) Ek dink julle sal swaar afskeid neem. Dis nou te sê as julle terugkom. Ferdi, die herstel wat ek bespeur in jou menseverhoudings, is absoluut merkwaardig. Is dit darem nie baaie lekkerder as om kwaad te wees vir die mensdom nie? Ek wonder of jy nog kan onthou dat ek eendag vir jou gesê het dat die aggressiewe buitekant was nie werklik wie jy is nie, maar dat jy eintlik 'n sagte hart het? Ek hou van wat ek hoor! Ons vra saam met julle vir Vader se leiding in julle lewens. Groete Pa Franz.
27th February 2010

Geology and the art of canoeing against the wind
Hi Bob. Well, when you asked about the stone I wasn't entirely sure so I checked the web for info. They say it's limestone. As for canoeing on the ocean, Talita won't allow any paddling in the open ocean, only bays and flat water. We'll be careful though. Rather safe than sorry! Thanx for another comment! We really appreciate it!
26th February 2010

Limestone or granite
Are you sure Castle Hill has limestone boulders. My guess, being that they are boulders, is that they are granite. You will find a lot of igneous rock with all the volcanoes around. We live next to Pikes Peak in Colorado that has sedimentary rock as the plains meet the mountains, which was pushed up (forming the Garden of the Gods) by a batholith, and the west side of this uplift is bordered by volcanoes...a geologists paradise. Since you are in New Zealand, you should take advantage of its great geologic features and study up on it. Your canoe sure is nice. My experience with canoeing in northern Minnesota in the Boundary Waters, although my canoe was rounded on the bottom, was that a strong wind would blow me off course, and then trying to get back to shore against the wind was very, very difficult. Be careful taking it out to sea on a windy day. We wouldn't want to loose you!
22nd February 2010

My Dad's last message to me
My Dad passed away in 1988. I inherited his Bible. A few years later I ran across the only verse he had circled... Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Many times I have felt my plans falling apart..not knowing what I would do next...and I had to put my trust in the Lord that He would determine my steps, and He has never failed. He won't fail you either. Have a wonderful time with your cousin and family friend in Christchurch...with a name of a town like that how can you go wrong!
17th February 2010

I work with your mother and all your adventures are followed closely. It's wonderful to see her face light up when she speaks about you two. She really misses you and I think if it wasn't for the blog it would have been unbearable. I also love to see all the stuff you get up to, you are living a dream!!! All of the best and keep safe. Regards Esther
16th February 2010

Hey you two, We are also very impressed with the canoe. It looks great out on the water! ( we are also interested in how you get those panoramas looking so good!) Moving on after having such experiences and making great friends will be a hard thing to do, but we're looking forward to reading about your adventures round the rest of NZ in the Boesman and the box o' birds.
15th February 2010

I missed you up north, darn!
Ah gee, I just realise that I missed you guys when I was in the area. Now I remember that you are up in Karamea. Shame, completely slipped my mind :-( Great panorama shot - it is slowly becoming my new hobby. Which software are you using?
15th February 2010

Baie geluk!!
Baie geluk met jul kanoe-projek en uiteindelik is hy in die water! Kan julle maklik met die kanoe op die Boesman ry? In sterk wind en reen kan hy seker onderstebo le om nie vol te reen nie! Ons hoop ons is bevoorreg om self nog in hom te roei. Hoeveel kan inklim? Liefde. Ma
14th February 2010

Gongrats with your amazing canoe, well done! Next you will be ready to build an ark, like Noah's. Best of luck!
14th February 2010

I have been looking forward to seeing you both in the canoe. It looks great! Somehow I had the feeling that once the canoe was finished, you would see this as having reached a significant milestone, which would cause you to consider what was next. Change is always difficult, and having to leave such a wonderful community of new friends will be particularly difficult. I will continue to pray for the Lord's guidance as to what your next steps will be (Proverbs 3:5-6). When we visit NZ in the next couple of years, we will make a point of visiting Karamea, and the holiday park, and see the phone booth that you both worked so hard to refurbish. Hopefully, we will meet some of your friends, and maybe even you.
7th February 2010

hey, my name is harry and this year in school i want to build a canoe, but i cannot find plans anywere. i was wondering if you could please email me the plans and measurements for you canoe that you have built. thanks, harry
7th February 2010

Hi there. We've lost contact with Bruce of late. He doesn't respond to any emails to the address we have. To the best of our knowledge the tree house project has been cancelled. You can try Bruce on forestquill@gmail.com Cheers
6th February 2010

Bruce Log Homes NZ ?
Hi Enjoyed your web page and photos I have never met Bruce but helped him with the classes and Log Homes International site We emailed briefly a while back. Do you know how the treehouse is coming along or maybe a current email address for Bruce? Cheers ChuckBubba the Redneck Poodle
5th February 2010

The Launching
We'll drink the bubbly in the canoe instead of breaking it over the bow. More environmentally friendly that way ;-) We'll probably do a test launch in the next week to see where the seat should go. Official launch to be announced...
5th February 2010

Thanks for sharing your testimony about praying for healing for Paddy. Tell him that I am praying for him too, so he has friends all over the world. The canoe looks beautiful...I agree the natural wood is the way to go. Maybe later you can paint it. Are you going to break a bottle of bubbly on its bow for the launching? When do you anticipat that event. I look forward to pictures of both of you paddling the canoe.
5th February 2010

The last piece of the puzzle
Well, the Lord has yet to reveal this piece, so we're just waiting and making the most of the time here that He has given us. We have all the confidence that Ferdi will be better in the canoe. That thing will ship a few tons of water if she capsizes ;-)
4th February 2010

I sure hope Ferdi is better with a canoe than with the surf-ski! There are no coincidences...the immigration lawyer and his family camping net to you was meant to be. So what's the final peice to the puzzle?
4th February 2010

Baie geluk en vasbyt met julle oefen koppie! Dit werk beslis! Hoe lank neem dit julle op en af en hoe ver is dit ? Baie geluk Talita en Ferdi: Julle het vandag weer tannie en oom geword, want Brian en Lindy se dogtertjie is gebore en weeg 3.37kg en sy het baie swart haartjies ... baie pragtig !! Brian het vir ons n foto met sy foon gestuur. Ons gaan vanaand daar kuier in besoektyd 7-8nm.
1st February 2010

your kayak is looking beautiful! Sounds like you are having an awesome time still, love the log surfing!
29th January 2010

A miracle while on borrowed time
Hi Ferdi and Talitha, It gives me great pleasure to read your blog posts. Thank you for sharing. I happened to read about your concerns about being on borrowed time, hoping for a miracle. I am not that miracle, but I would like to introduce you to a web community of travelers called staynomad. There it is possible to create your profiles and submit a travel dream you (may) have in order to get sponsored to travel. I thought this concept might fit your lifestyles. Let me know if you like it. I look forward to reading more of your adventures, and perhaps meeting in real life when we get the chance. I traveled in NZ for about 6 months and just loved it! Cheers, marknomad Currently in Amsterdam.
28th January 2010

It's not over just yet
Hi Bob! We're not planning on leaving NZ just yet. We've got until the end of April on our visa, so you can count on more adventures till then. If things go our way, we'll be here even longer, but that's up to the Lord, we go where he directs (or at least try our best to). Thanx for your players and your interest! We dig it! God bless!

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