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18th May 2010

Your friend
Thank you for sharing your journey of faith with those who don't share your faith and especially those who do. Your journey has been an inspiration to me, and this blog that summarizes the lessons you have learned along the way was uplifting even though it comes at the end of what those without faith could see as unanswered prayer and failure. Our journey is not about getting everything we ask for, but about putting our trust in Him every step of the way until the final destination. May God continue to bless you and keep you.
From Blog: Pause
16th May 2010
We have no idea what this is, but if it was alive and any bigger it would be veeery scary

That Bug
Looks like a Weta.
15th May 2010

Hi Talita & Ferdi, Congratulations with your winning photo, well done! Hope you recover from your cold & flue soon, Talita. Best wishes to you both.
15th May 2010

dead weta
It looks a dead weta, its like a large cricket ,they can bite when they are alive, and get big, very primative looking.
9th May 2010

hi from another SA in Auck
Hey there! Just wanted to say that it looks like you're having loads of fun. I found your blog searching for the name Talita (to name our baby due in Aug) and was surprised to see you are from SA and travelling NZ. Hope you have a blast. I see you've already discovered the cost of living in NZ! We live out in Piha, so if you're in the area, stop by for a coffee! Liesl Kruger :)
7th May 2010

New Zealand
You definitely did have an interesting trip here. However, there are actually a lot more interesting places that you can visit here. Rangitoto Island is one such place that you would want to see here.
7th May 2010

Talita's meeting
Do I have to wait three days before I find out how it went? I'm praying that it goes well.
1st May 2010

Hi Talita and Ferdi, I love your encounters with the chickens and other animals, so up my street! The many homeless cats & kittens (and dogs) we've just come across in Egypt would have grabbed your attention too! It was so nice to feed two little kitties (secretly) when we were having lunch in a little restaurant in Cairo, as they came to beg when the food arrived on the table. Congrats with the henna treatment, Talita! I wonder how long it will last? Well done with your flax creations, that sounds very interesting and promising! Best wishes and take good care. xxx
28th April 2010

My wife and I are interested in a journey like this. I am just curious as to how you afford the trip. I have not read all of your entries, but plan to. This was the first travel blog I've ever clicked on.
27th April 2010

Will you ever leave?
I can't believe you guys are still in NZ! Great! And are you ever planning to leave? Any plans of seeing the world cup live back home for instance?
26th April 2010

Herfs is AWESOME!!
Hi Julle! Ek hoop julle geniet daai mooi groot geel en oranje blare orals! Ek LOVE herfs! Ek wens ek kan hier oral in die parke rondloop onder die rooi vlam blaar bome en op die goud geel crunchy blare hardloop! O wag ek kan!!!! Dis nog nat hier maar herfs is om die draai - dan sal ek op ons blog herfs pics vir julle sit va SA. Behalwe as julle dan al terug is dan kom hardloop julle saam. Ek weet nie of julle die 2005 Boven outing onthou nie (voor ek en Leon saam was) ek het die coolste fodies gekry van daai naweek en mis julle sommer baie! Dis so awesome! Mens kan daar al gesien het wie die happy uoples gaan wees...hiehiehie.
26th April 2010

Hey F&T, You are right about the Robin, it is vibrating the ground to get the insects to come up, we saw it a lot on Tiritiri Matangi. Do you plan to paddle from Wenderholm to Puhoi? Its a paddle we'd like to do, picking the right tide of course, stopping for lunch at the Puhoi pub before kayaking back down the river.
21st April 2010

Excellent job. WONDERFUL . . .
21st April 2010

Great weekend!
Hi Ferdi & Talita, It was great meeting you guys too - thanks again for the ride up to Whangarei! Great dolphin shots :-)
17th April 2010

How it all began
I thought you might find comfort in going back to your first blog to remind you of the hopes and dreams of the path before you. The quote from Kinkade was almost prophetic...two for the road, no matter where that road may lead. I just finished reading your honeymoon blog and look forward to Linda and my trip to Peru.
From Blog: Two for the Road
15th April 2010

Spectacular place, pics and just everything! Still miss you in edit though :( @ Postmasters this week .... Looks so wonderful and cannot believe 444 have come and gone. Liam is 7 can you believe it???? Sending LOL Sonia xxxx
8th April 2010

which photo won?
hey! wys bietjie die photo wat daai kompitisie gewen het! baie geluk! :)
5th April 2010

thank you for the inspiration
Ferdi and Talita Hi guys, im so happy to read that you are doing well. I know i havent responded ever, but i have been living vicariously through your entries, sometimes dreaming entire trips with my girlfriend. Your faith is astounding, and the fact that you are still out there, living life the way it should be lived...wow. We did another Survivor late last year, this time in Mozambique. It was pretty cool, as it was my first trip outside of the city for a long while. I started doing a lot of hiking, especially on the island, but it was tiny, nothing like the mountain you climbed in Malaysia Ferdi. :-) Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much for the inspiration. On a bad day in the concrete jungle i look forward to your blogg to remind me what it should all be about. Happy belated b-day Talita lots of love and blessings - you guys rock:-)
5th April 2010

Hey, if you make it any further north, please call in again, we'd love to catch up and check out birdsy and the boesman. If you're around over a weekend, maybe we can go kayaking or something. We're planning a Travelblog meet 17/18 April too if you're interested.
30th March 2010

Weetbix with condensed milk !?
Thats a special treat ONLY on your birthday !!! Not good for the hips !! We also have our weetbix with a banana, but there is enough sugar in already. Glad you enjoyed your birthday!! Lots of love, Mom xxx ooo
28th March 2010

Veelsgeluk liewe maatjie
Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag Talita, hoop jy het 'n fantastiese dag en al die oulike katjies van die omgewing kom kuier gelyk by julle. Liefde en groete. Leon & Melinda
27th March 2010

Happy Birthday Talita
Hello daar, Baie geluk Talita met jou verjaardag op 28 Maart 2010 ... dis nou al jou 2de verjaardag weg vd huis af. Jou pa het vandag julle kar laat was, die wiele gepomp en battery laat laai deur hom vir n spin te vat ... die kar is nog in n baie goeie kondisie en wag vir julle. Julle weet seker dat Laurike die Cape Epic in die Kaap ry saam met Oom Hentie en Hendrik. Dis altesaam 8 dae se ry en 722km in baie rowwe terrein ... enkel paadjies en tussen dennenaalde rof, rof!!! Laurike en Hannes , haar vriend was saam in n span en Hentie en Hendrik, die ander span. Laurike-hul was meer as n uur voor Hentie, maar toe word Hannes siek en Laurike moes toe alleen by Hendrik-hulle aansluit. Petra het laat weet dat sy party dae sat was, maar hulle 3 byt vas en sal dv more klaarmaak!!! Sy wil vlge jaar die Ysterman doen. Ek dink die Otter-roete het haar tuff gemaak. Bak maar vir jouself n lekker koek met 28 kersies op. Baaaaaaaaaaie liefde en drukke, Ma en Pa
21st March 2010

You are truly blessed with some fantasic friends. Not to mention the adventures, food and great pics!
21st March 2010

So glad you are here for longer! Let us know if you need a "home" address. Karen
17th March 2010

i had read your travel story from semporna to tawau. i'm tawau people and i would like to say that im sorry for all negative things or experienced you had in your journey.. visiting tawau actually not a good idea for people who love inviroment, natural lover. it's because of mentality for most of the people around there. even for me, i cannot accept behavior of my own people there. lack of education bring problems that you see. good luck to you and may god bless you.

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