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Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 19th 2009

Day 3: August 19, 2009 Woke up, talked to mom a lot, Chris a little bit. Went to the DK House welcome party; ate good curry. Talked with a lot of people, made some new friends. A bunch of us decided we were gonna go get cell phones and another group decided they wanted to go to Ikebukura so we all left together. The cell phone shop was closed (it’s Silver Week apparently) so we went to Ikebukura with everyone else to see if we would have better luck. Went to Ikebukura, and there was a cell phone shop there, but it turns out that you can only buy cell phones with a one year contract, and I’m only gonna be here for a little over 4 months. So I’m gonna go look for a prepaid ... read more
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Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 18th 2009

Day 2: August 18, 2009: I woke up around 5 local time, fooled around on the computer a little bit and got ready to go out. I went to go find the super market, got there at around 7:30 but it didn’t open until 8, so I went on my first 7-11 run. Even though you can find English most of the time on the labels, sometimes it’s really hard to find, and I probably looked really stupid staring at the labels so long, but I don’t care. I ended up getting some shampoo, body wash, cups and spoons, strawberry yogurt, and melon soda --because I think it’s the stuff Daniel was telling me about, so I had to try it. (I tried it later, and it turns out it wasn't the stuff Daniel warned me ... read more
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Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 18th 2009

Day 1: August 16-17, 2009: Left Memphis at around 9:30. It was a decent flight; took lots of pictures for Jessy because she mentioned it before I left. Arrived at O’Hare, found my gate, ate lunch, called mom, then got on the plane. I was on the end of a middle row with 5 adjacent seats, and the only other person on the row was an old man on the other end. However, this old man lifted up all the armrests on three seats, sprawled out on them, and then slept most of the trip, leaving me little more room than my own seat. So much for all the extra room… I was miserable the whole trip too, because, despite my efforts, I only slept for 30 minutes, even though I was exhausted the entire time. ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Gulf Coast September 7th 2009

So here are my conditions before I leave to go to Tokyo: * I've decided that I'm only going to bring one suitcase (it's really big) so that I can purchase another suitcase in which to bring back all of my goodies from Japan. It requires a lot of planning that, even one week prior to my departure, I have yet to do... * I still have to fix some of my issues with financial aid, but I can't get a hold of the guy who takes care of all of it... * I studied my Japanese for like a week in the middle of the summer, which means I get to cram for the placement tests on the plane and when I get to my dorm. Fun times... * When I get back from Japan, ... read more

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